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  1. Mac Client is now totally dead. Cannot start...

    Mac Client is now totally dead. Cannot start with the ddolauncher script workaround I finally found two or three weeks back. Client starts, then crashes with no error, no output.

    Very sad that a...
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    Thanks for actually helping!!!!

    THANK YOU for this!

    I just subscribed to VIP for a year, then the latest patch came out and BLAMMO I couldn't play any longer.
    I contacted support and they said "we don't support MAC" and pointed...
  3. FYI, This bug is still happening... I've tried...


    This bug is still happening... I've tried multiple times on different toons, and they all lock up in the same place: right after the 3d Soul Lock, with the Guardian having run away, the...
  4. Variant of this same issue

    I have been getting this for the past week or two. Anyone else experience a crash during the "patch update" where it tries 60 times then dies?

    Process: dndlauncher [12632]
    Path: ...
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    Launcher Failing to contact patch server

    Since the recent update, I can no longer launch the game! It gets to the point where it contacts the patch server, fails to do so, retries 60 times (about a minute of waiting) and then ABENDs out.
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