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  1. Bad idea

    Unless you plan on just celebrating reaching ten years followed by putting it on life support ala Everquest style, merging will be the worst thing you can do. Free transfers would solve the squeaky...
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    MMMMM no

    These issues should have been caught in house and has nothing to do with how many test out LAM. I hate to pile it on but I must agree with others. This was just a lack of effort and frankly caring....
  3. Actually it is true

    You have been playing or at least exposed to the game for 9 years. This person less than a month. A person just starting need not worry about running solo elite quests first life. What they need...
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    Dwarf It is good

    that class and race are separated and should stay that way. Choices and freedom to make them and flavor builds are what made this game stand out from any other MMO over the years.

    The more we...
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    Too funny

    I had a level 20 as well I switched to a warlock but I elected the free method and did a TR. You might want to consider this option next time. Spending 60 US Dollars just to LR a character is not...
  6. Thread: Start Over

    by laurawilder

    Me thinks

    It may also come down to play style. I can do first life versions of some rogue, bard even before last pass and ranger and divine caster builds easier than with a warlock. But warlock is certainly...
  7. So just that I understand your point of view....

    So just that I understand your point of view. making all(more) items unbound and allowing more trading and selling will create more traffic in quests? Was not the best system pretty much ever in the...
  8. Just curious

    What would be the purpose of making items bound to account, if everyone could unbind them as they saw fit and sell?
  9. Ha ha

    I have lost myself in your words but Boo thinks you're just ducky. Boo sees what you did there.
  10. This would continue the slide

    3. Reincarnation cache. The worst part of TRing is clearing reincarnation cache. It takes 3-4 hours for me everytime. There are boatloads of bound items in DDO and there is not enough bank space for...
  11. Well since the game is not about selling

    What they should do is make more things bound to character and rare. That is what made quests played more in the past. Back when the bloodstone was rare people ran the desert, and the shroud was...
  12. Where is the need?

    This would be a priority or need for the game why? What would the community gain? What purpose would it feel in your eyes?
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    Wayfinder not biggest but hands down the best.

    Wayfinder not biggest but hands down the best.
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    So let me guess

    You wish to complain as one of the reward options was too high for you to use at present. So you feel planning ahead is a bad thing. Since you will be level 3 for what all of waterworks run on...
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    I feel your pain. I had a similar issue and it...

    I feel your pain. I had a similar issue and it did not get resolved until I posted on these boards as well. Too bad it takes good customers posting in an unorthodox method to get something...
  16. Thread: Rumor?

    by laurawilder

    Actually your comment makes no sense

    It would all depend on the control Sev has with his responsibilities which then goes to accountability. Some changes under the time of Sev have not been exactly popular and the overall numbers of...
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    Me thinks

    they should roll back the code to what the game was like in 2006-2007ish. I think that would be fun for all ages.
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    Many with the -1

    Are very nice players but obviously not all. They did not have to leave another server but DDO had a server merge previously about 6 years ago maybe 7 I cannot recall.
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    To make crafting worth the time

    They should stop having loot drops with items that have a prefix and a suffix. Have name loot be rare and people need access to a crafter to get things made.
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    this is meant as a joke correct

    So you honestly think say content from level 1-14 is ran too much? You also think not enough people are running epic level quests? May I ask what server you are on? I would say your view of the...
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    the most trivial reason

    So you think posting on message boards that the game is dead and without a server merge is trivial?

    Odd I personally think these comments are more damaging than some "bugs" in the game. New...
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    Developing for these issues kill games. What...

    Developing for these issues kill games.

    What you want is new content for lower levels to invigorate old players at lower levels and they in turn pug with new players and teaching a new generation...
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    Thank you

    I shall consider the issue closed and I am sure we will get it fixed. Thanks.
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    If you knew about game balance

    That the Warlock class is not OP and I mean not even close. The only thing they have that is an advantage is the chain version of the EB is easier to kill mobs than traditional casters.

  25. You must be delusional

    At the very least I'd suggest the Devs give:
    VIPs 5 Free Server Transfers + 1 Free Guild Transfer usable only by Guild Leaders - A copy of Guild with same level, renown and ship to be created on...
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