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    My estimate for HCL2 is Aug 15, 2020 (annual) but...

    My estimate for HCL2 is Aug 15, 2020 (annual) but I hope I'm wrong and its sooner.
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    It's not an option for someone with 36...

    It's not an option for someone with 36 characters. Even if I only took my 4 main toons plus 5 or 6 bank mules (which would throw away a lot of crafted gear & such), how much dough is that, $300?
  3. I did the same thing; built a toon just to roll...

    I did the same thing; built a toon just to roll yesterday. Got a 98 on my gold & my silver. I got 10K xp & a stormhorns owl bear pet cert.
  4. Have Your Cake & Recall Too

    Well, that's a self defeating statement. If the premium players got left behind on the live servers, they were not ghosted. If they allow premiums in hardcore 2, then the live servers will be ghosted...
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    Grind them to dust

    Good idea, but first you must farm a Threnal dagger and fashion it into an enchanted mortal/pestle using a stone of change; then grind the gems into powders of different combinations.
  6. Transfers in January?

    Can it be confirmed that we'll be able to transfer again at a later date per the statement, ""There will still be a chance (although it'll be later) to transfer that character for free. "?

  7. Missing from the leaderboard

    My toon should be listed in 13th place on the favor list but is mysteriously missing. Will ther be any double checks to make sure the errors get fixed?
  8. No notice

    A five minute warning would be cool. I had only logged on about 15 minutes prior and got no warning. I thought it was a server crash or sumthin.
  9. Worlds Down???

    Yes, I also just froze in quest on Hardcore. I hope for the best.
  10. Reschedule

    That time doesn't work for my schedule. I can do either 3AM or 8AM on Sunday. Please let me know which of those works for SSG.

    Just kidding! Have at it. I'll survive. Any chance we could get a a...
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    Buffs delay

    In case the devs didn't see this, it literally loads each individual buff from the 'Get All Buffs' list about 1 per 3 seconds.
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    Worlds coming down for fix

    Just saw the following on Hardcore:

    (World Broadcast): World broadcast: 'Greetings. The worlds will be brought down for a restart in 30 minutes to address connection issues. Please log out now....
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    Thank You!

    Thanks very much! That is awesome!
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    Any Update On This Fix?

    We're halfway through the Hardcore League event and the leaderboard is still not working. Can someone not go in and take the dead people off the list? Our wonderful guild leader purges our dead...
  15. Epic Steam Tunnels

    I agree with Epic STK. Completion of Sacred Helm and STK would flag you for a new raid, 'Wayfinder Dael's Lost Fanny Pack'.
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    Combat Log?

    (Combat): You attempt to save against Taint of Strimtom. You roll a deuce (+49) Fail.
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    I See Dead People

    Another week has gone by and this is starting to really make the leaderboard worthless. Has it been mentioned other than a couple weeks ago by Cordovan that it's 'to be fixed'? I'd like to gauge my...
  18. I saw a mini gelatin cube pet leaving a trail of...

    I saw a mini gelatin cube pet leaving a trail of gold sparkles. Couldn't we just have some blood splashing around just as easily. I mean, leave the footprints client-side but add a secondary effect...
  19. TR Into Iconic

    I also think it's bogus (or lack of planning) that a level 20 cannot TR into an iconic and restart their life at level 15. I mean, I realize that the payoff would be small for a hardcore event, but...
  20. Fake Blood

    This is really good news! That this cosmetic reward is not, well, for lack of a better word, COSMETIC! This will save me the 60 hours to grind out the last 2K favor for this imaginary reward. Now...
  21. Hope on the horizon

    Yes, it def went down around 7EST. But my launcher just made it to the servers closed page, so I think maybe there's hope they are really in the office doing a restart and we'll see it online soon!
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    Haha. No, I figured it out. Someone found a back...

    Haha. No, I figured it out. Someone found a back door out of the Land of Lost Souls and it had to be patched STAT!
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    Worlds Down???

    Looks like. I logged Thelanis and apparently they are not doing 1 minute warnings (that would be convenient). 'Buff & quest' turned into 'Buff, Freeze, Lose Connection to Server'.

    This is either:...
  24. Brb

    I'm sorry, I'll be back as soon as hardcore is over OR I die again.
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    Hardcore Holocaust

    Murder your competition? You could play Hitler and wipe out the whole population of hardcore stormreach. This is too dangerous to leave for later.
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