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    I`m sure I have at least some of those look me up...

    I`m sure I have at least some of those look me up on amedeus shesha or runezz
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    note of intrest

    I still have 3 unbound caanith marks from when they would drop in chests... I just gave one to a guy who crafted me a few shards the other day. and yes the result is an unbound shard.

    ps I...
  3. sorry if i left anyone hanging

    i got pretty much all of my trading done for now but could offer say a +5 tome or some items or like 500 shards for the music box
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    i have a seal of avithoul kicking around

    Pm incoming
  5. oh yeah...

    still looking for heroic and epic toee mushrooms as well.
  6. ty now i have most of the bagged stuff i want

    back to looking for +3 cha stuff and tomes and a cross server trade with someone from orien. ty for the trade hermosa.
  7. still wanting +3 cha optics. actually prefer eh. also looking for some other stuff.

    might do a tp code or xp stone for optics. also looking for a broken music box and +2 tomes as well as various other tomes. pm me here or find me on amedeus or elapatra.

    thank`s for reading
  8. would you consider another offer?

    pm sent
  9. like the one with the slot

    pm sent
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    need stuff on orien have stuff on khyber.

    most of what i need on orien is +2 and 3 tomes and plat/ general trade materials. especially need tomes of +2 intx2 +2 conx2 +2 chax1 +2 dex X1 +2umdX2 will take what i can get though. have lots of...
  11. cross server trade i need things on orien have lotsa stuff on khyber

    most of what i need on orien is +2 and 3 tomes and plat/ general trade materials. especially need tomes of +2 intx2 +2 conx2 +2 chax1 +2 dex X1 +2 umdx2 will take what i can get though. have lots of...
  12. i have pretty much all i need for now

    ty very much folks.
  13. my game takes me elswhere

    Hi folks. I have made some changes in my game plan and will be retiring from the Seekers. There are many good friends there I will miss. Please address any recruitment questions to Kimche or any...
  14. one more trade of importance an a couple loose threads. panda bear cub needed.

    this one might mean a lot to a few of my favorite guildies. i`m sure i could figure out a way to make it worth your while. also wanting an epic toee combustion longsword, most +15 skill augs not...
  15. got most of the ingots i was looking for and then realized i will need more sds

    yes more shadow dragon scales would be good. this shouldn`t be as exhausting a project as the ingots though still looking for the optics/helm want an xp stone too but i guess that could wait a bit....
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    i have a guildy with card xii

    sorry. there was a misunderstanding and i jumped the gun on the post. to be fair the bag was not him at the time and i truly believe it was an honest mistake. umm how do you delete a thread?
  17. Hello again!

    We have had a few wonderful members added to our ranks as a result of this post. One returning member who went inactive, one new to the game member, and one returning player who remembers playing at...
  18. would love to see this happen on khyber.

    if you can get a few toons into the raid it can be be done. still lookin for my seven fingered gloves.
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    have had the same issue last month and today again.

    cost me arguably the best bracers in the game. not impressed turbine.
  20. ingots, any +3 cha helm or optics, xp stone. my most wanted list.

    have just aquired an object that i feel is worth at least as much as one xp stone. given that opinions may vary i won`t get too cocky about it. many strange and wonderful items available for trade....
  21. bravo

    i could donate an avithoul ring to the cause. feel free to hit me up.
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    pm sent

    will be up for a short while yet.
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    i have both of those things. do you happen to have an uber dwarven warpig? (joking)

    you will have to be able to spend 16 shards to trade for the optics though. will try to find you when i wake up. also you can reply or pm me here or find me on one of my toons. thanks.

    amedeus aka...
  24. wanted +3 cha blue helm or field optics and a heroic xp stone. could use more ingots.

    i have a wide selection of rare and/or expensive items and some shards and plat. i unfortunately can not do another tp code for a month. i prefer optics to the helm. eh or ee is fine. thanx for...
  25. The Seekers Of Justice are seeking to expand thier numbers.

    Good day Khyber!

    Whether you are new to the game or a triple completionist is not what we are most interested in. Your good attitude is what we are after. We were founded by a man who believed in...
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