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  1. Ok there is Improve Critical: Slashing and then...

    Ok there is Improve Critical: Slashing and then there is Power Critical. Im sorry. So which is better?
  2. Improved Critical Slashing or just Improved Critical???

    I just hit level 9 and want to take improved critical. When I looked there are 2 options to take. Improved Critical Slashing and then down aways is Improved critical. I am a 2HF and use Falchions....
  3. How do I find how much I dodge enemies in my character sheet.

    I have Dusk Heart that says enemies will miss me 10% due to concealment. I also just equipped a Ghost walking Cloak because it said enemies will miss 10% of the time due to being Incorporeal. I was...
  4. Have not played in 1 year--All new to me-Advice on making a Paladin!

    I have not played in about a year and I wanted to make anew paladin but all the old sites I check for how to do so are outdated with all the old info!

    I see there was a patch that lets classes now...
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