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  1. Lacking Epic Litany of the Dead - Memorium vs Epic Token of the Proven at end game.

    Just gathering opinions on what is preferred for end game - Memorium or Epic Token of the Proven?

    I'm in SD destiny most of the time so I don't know if Lesser displacement from the Epic TotP is...
  2. Windows 10 Client Not Launching Resolved...


    I installed the steam client to it's original location (prior to my windows 10 'refresh') in order to get my steam library up and running.

    When I launched a game (it was Path of...
  3. DDO Client breaks on Windows 10

    I had to perform a Windows 10 'refresh' because my start menu would not appear.
    Refresh basically re-installs windows 10 but retains user settings.
    Windows 10 is now working fine.

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    Thanks for clearing that up for me (thank-you Sir...

    Thanks for clearing that up for me (thank-you Sir Valentine as well).

    Both Word of Balance and Finger of Death are subject to Spell Resistance. I love WoB but have not used FoD. Are these 2...
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    Augment, Item and Feat stacking

    So the (Greater) Spell Focus augments stack with spell focus items. What is a spell focus item?
    Are you referring to spell penetration items?

    What about the (Greater) Spell Focus feats? Do they...
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    Druid casters - Quicken & Spell Penetration, thoughts

    I just tr'd into a druid. I'm new to this class. Currently at level 13. Seems everyone is talking about wolf builds.
    Glad there are a few posts talking about casters.

    Very nice analysis. So...
  7. max shadow charges

    This is my current Shadowdancer tree setup which gives me 7 charges:

    INT x 2
    Stealthy Rank 3
    Lithe Rank 2
    Shrouding Strike Rank 3
    Meld into Darkness Rank 3
    Grim Precision Rank 3
  8. Shadowdancer charges - yeah, it's bugged

    Only Shrouding strike adds to your max charge total. Shrouding strike, taken 3 times, will allow you to get 7 charges.
    All the other abilities don't increase max charge value.
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    Rogue Item choices for end game

    What about Pendant of the Stormreaver or the Epic Ring of the Stalker for end game. What are the views on these items?
    I like both of these.
  10. OC chain on assassin rogues

    I want to use the +20 heart of wood to fix up some of my (less than useful) feats and stats on my str rogue.
    I was thinking of going down the OC path as well.

    My question: Is the OC chain worth...
  11. Rogue paths - Dex? Int? Str? What's the new expansion pack revealing?

    For those of you that have tried the new expansion and have reached level 28, what are your thoughts?
    What's the best rogue path (dex/int/str) for end game?
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    Shadowdancer - Shadow Charges. Number does not look right

    I have the following on the Shadowdancer ED:

    Shrouding Strike - Max charges +2
    Cloak of Shadows - Max charges +1
    Shadow Manipulation - Max charges +1
    Consume - Max charges +1
    Shadow Form -...
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    Shadowdancer Executioner's Strike - opinions


    I see that you have 3 ranks of Executioner's Strike. What's your opinion on this ability?
    Are you a dex build?
  14. Rogue rogue weapons

    On the same note, I have not used the epic spy dagger or epic envenomed blade.
    Any comments on these two?
  15. Rogue rogue weapon choices

    Before having crafted my alchemical weapons, I used to favor the epic elemental rapier of air.
    I felt it was a good weapon. I used to use it in combination with an emg.

    BTW, is anyone using an...
  16. Rogue Executioner's Strike

    I just posted on the Epic Destinies forum regarding this skill. Basically ....

    I want to know the current status of this.
    I have yet to try it.

    Does it work? What's kind of DEX do you need...
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    Shadowdancer Executioner's Strike - Current Status and Opinions

    According to ddowiki, this has been fixed as of update 15 patch 1.
    Can someone please conform this.

    What is the success rate of this skill and what kind of DEX is required to get a...
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    Rogue It depends on whether or not Tendon Slice works...

    It depends on whether or not Tendon Slice works on Epic mobs/monsters and bosses.
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    Rogue Rogue End-Game Gear - Is To-Hit Important?

    How important is 'To-Hit'?

    It's easy to get a dex rogue to 42/44 base dex.
    Strength builds have a considerable lower base str value.
    (I said base, I know str can be boosted in a multitude of...
  20. Rogue Today's Patch

    Release notes state Consume has been fixed. Has anyone tried it? Any thoughts?
    Furthermore, is Executioner's Strike working?
  21. Rogue Shadowdancer skills - which ones are worth having?

    As the title says, which skills are worth having?
    Furthermore, which of the skills are currently broken?
    (Last I heard, Consume and Executioner's Strike were broken. True?)

    Meld into Darkness...
  22. Rogue Such as?

    Such as?
  23. Rogue Volcano's Edge

    Does anyone know if the Legendary Dreadnought's Volcano's Edge ability/skill works on short swords or rapiers?
    The ability looks awesome. If so, this is worth slotting as a twist of fate.
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    I was at examine programs for 1 hour. I just...

    I was at examine programs for 1 hour. I just restarted the client. Made no difference.
    I don't think computer or ISP affects the update. I'm on HS cable and my computer is very fast.
    And my game...
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    Rogue Elemental Rapier of Air - using it on my rogue.

    I have Min II and Radiance II rapiers from my previous lives.
    They're useful considering you only need level 12 to equip them.

    I just crafted an Epic Elemental Rapier of Air. It's at tier 2 now,...
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