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    Sorcerer epic destiny path

    On my 1st sorcerer, have maxed out the draconic and magister ED's. Am I correct that my only available path is the Bard/Spellsinger path, which will then unlock the martial karma tree (useless to me...
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    need EPIC destiny advice

    Just maxed out the Draconic ED on my Sorc. Is it worth it to start another path? I'm asking because in looking at what's available next (Magister and the Bard one) there don't really seem to be any...
  3. Ah...that's it's the Epic Normals that...

    Ah...that's it's the Epic Normals that aren't showing. Thanks!
  4. Quest run on EPIC, but quest log and favor still show Heroic completion

    Was reviewing my quest list and noticed that some that I've run on EPIC still show as completed on a Heroic difficulty. Not all, but some. Is this a bug or am I doing something that prevents it...
  5. Is Half-Elf viable for a Pale Master?

    Just curious. Locked into the race but interested in respec'ing to a PM.
  6. Left to right as you look at the door.

    Left to right as you look at the door.
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    Didn't know that. Even better. Thanks.

    Didn't know that. Even better. Thanks.
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    Delete Pet inventory ?

    Is it possible to delete pets from your inventory stable in order to make room for others?
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    Lvl 18 Sorc...what next?

    Just hit lvl 18 with my first Sorc. (Human, 32 point build.) Everything I've read says there's no benefit to going pure Sorc...that picking up a couple of levels of a different class is the way to...
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    Game error 201 ?

    I'm getting this message...first time I've ever seen it. The update downloaded. Now when I log in I get all the way to the server selection page...hit enter...then get the error 201. The script...
  11. The Church & the I missing something?

    Just went to run this quest inside the Temple of Vol. Have run it several times, though it's been a while. I enter, talk to the priest who scurries away, defeat the Guardian, defeat the additional...
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    Human. Standard casting. I normally run in a 2...

    Human. Standard casting. I normally run in a 2 person group or solo, usually with hirelings. This is my first Sorc so I still have a very basic build and do a lot of nuking. (currently level 9.) ...
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    Concentration ?

    Is concentration important enough to a Sorc to also equip an Inner Focus item or are skill points each level sufficient?
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    Are traps what make "Elite"....ELITE?

    I've generally done most quests at level on Normal, maybe Hard. I used Veteran status to experiment with a new class starting at level 7 and have been doing some of the lower level quests. For some...
  15. Also, Human vs HElf...any big distinction?

    Also, Human vs HElf...any big distinction?
  16. Why the 12 DEX? Just curious because I've seen...

    Why the 12 DEX? Just curious because I've seen reference to putting some additional points in INT for the additional skill points. Thanks.
  17. Also, any advice on wand/scroll usage would be...

    Also, any advice on wand/scroll usage would be very helpful.[/QUOTE]
    Personally, I don't like wands. I find them to be a big PITA. Scrolls on the other hand are great! I mostly use scrolls for...
  18. Equipment?

    Thanks for the guidance. Part 2 of the question: what kind of equipment should I be looking for? I've never paid attention to any type of spellcaster equipment so have no idea what boosts what. ...
  19. Please direct me towards a basic Sorcerer build

    I thought this would be simple but apparently my search-fu is lacking because I can't find a page of Sorc builds. Looking to try a spellcaster for the very first time so looking for something as...
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    Legendary Tactics/Stunning Fist

    Does the +6 to DC's for tactical feats granted by Legendary Tactics (from the Leg Dreadnought ED) apply to Stunning Fist?
  21. Key mapping resets every time I logout?

    Hoping for some technical advice. I loaded DDO on a new laptop so that I can play when I travel. For reasons I can't determine, all of my key mapping resets every single time I logout of the game....
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    Logged out then back in and all was well. My...

    Logged out then back in and all was well. My involuntary panic pucker could have formed an astral shard. Uncomfortable moment avoided.
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    My Epic Destiny is gone?

    As of last night I had maxed out Grandmaster of Flowers on my Monk. Had run a couple of quests on a secondary with no issues swapping back and forth, using my one Twist of Fate, etc... Just logged...
  24. EPIC destinies: why pursue a 2nd one?

    I just maxed out an EPIC destiny for the first time: Grandmaster of Flowers for my Monk. I see that I can make another destiny active and earn levels in it, however, I also see that by doing so I...
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    How important is Deathblock?

    I picked up a pretty useful outfit for my Monk, however, it doesn't provide Deathblock protection. Turns out DB is pretty much only available through armor. So how important is it? Are there any...
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