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  1. Thread: EE Tor Duo'd

    by Pharaun79

    EE Tor Duo'd

    So a guildie(Necromonk) and I decided to take a run at EE tor with just the two of us and see how we'd fair, not sure if its a big deal or anything now that we are level 28 but we did manage to kill...
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    I've got a lesser heart +1 if your still looking...

    I've got a lesser heart +1 if your still looking hit me up in game, Pharauni. Thanks.
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    Temporarily Outta Plat! Thanks Voraxen. Still...

    Temporarily Outta Plat! Thanks Voraxen. Still looking to trade though.
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    WTB or WTT for FGDS

    Hello everyone,

    I'm looking for Flawless Greens to make my Sorc a Docent, I'd also like to find an Insightful Cha +2 Aug if your looking to sell or trade away either of these things please look me...
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    Sorcerer SP gear stacking

    Hey all,

    I am trying to put together a new to get list after returning to playing recently after a year away and so much has changed... I am trying to determine what stacks with what as far as SP...
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    Paladin Looking for advice LRing

    Hello everyone, I've been away from DDO for about 12 months and lots appears to have changed with pally and I even apparently have a free LR so i'm looking to rebuild my farming toon.

    Here is the...
  7. I've been away from DDO for a year or so this...

    I've been away from DDO for a year or so this stone stuff is new to meh and sounds pretty sexy.... assuming you can only get these now from the otto's box, which has a nice lil price tag on it.......
  8. Favored Soul Thanks for all the input. I have my crafting...

    Thanks for all the input.

    I have my crafting levels in the 50's so I've made a bunch of gear to help with the meleeing aspect of low lvl... made it to lvl 5 yesterday basically playing like a...
  9. Favored Soul Lookin' for Evoker Spell selection help plz.

    Hello all,

    I am about to zerg through 3 Fvs past lives, I am currently a 1st life wizard and the evoker build appeals to my playstyle.

    The intention of my build is to TR again as soon as I hit...
  10. Sorcerer TRing soon looking for build advice plz 'n thx

    I'm going to TR just after u13 hits and the main focus for this build is to crush exp while questing as well as still being useful for DQ/Abbot/Reaver farming 20th's... Tod and Shroud if possible...
  11. Returning Player Looking for Sarlona Guild

    I'm looking for a fun social mature active guild that can run epic dungeons and such. PUGs are just killin my will to play DDO. I haven't played DDO for about 18 months so I'm a lil rusty but I'm...
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    Greater Wood Heart respec advice

    I created this character when I first started playing about 4 months ago and after finally getting around to reading a bunch of pally threads and having just unlocked 32pt build I'm feeling the need...
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