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    Ninja Spy Pass Short Sword Crits

    Any chance when the monk enhancement pass comes through that the bonuses to weapon crits can move to tier 5 instead of tier 0 lvl 20?
    I so very much want to have a ninjaspy/assassin but it's so hard...
  2. Have Cormyrean Knight Training work with Shields

    I was personally disappointed when I finally noticed that my CHA based PDK vanguard had a much lower to hit with her shield than her sword because the CHA to hit/damage does not apply to shields.
  3. 1. Return to guild ship clicky (like the portals...

    1. Return to guild ship clicky (like the portals but not consumable and just for user)
    2. TR cache search and ideally account wide search/sort features
    3. Epic Heart with auto True Heart (no need...
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    MRR For Monk

    When you get around to looking into Monks again can you add MRR to monk abilities that give PRR? Most other sources of PRR got a MRR component such as Fighter/Pali Stances, Augment crystal etc. but...
  5. Please can we get D-axes as a favored weapon?

    Can we give some love to Dwarves who aspire to be war-priests? I don't want my dwarf running around with a long sword or long bow, it's just silly.

  6. My 51 Cards on Wayfinder for your cards on Orien or Ghallanda

    I still have cards on:
    Wayfinder (51)

    I would like cards on:

    PM me if interested.
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    Updated to reflect recent trades.

    Updated to reflect recent trades.
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    Multiple server trades (cards 1-8)

    I have cards on:
    Wayfinder (51)

    I would like cards on:

    PM me if interested.
  9. 51 Cards on Wayfinder for x-server trade

    I have 51 Cards (1-8) on Wayfinder and am willing to trade them for equal numbers on Orien or Ghallanda. send me a PM if interested.

  10. This! I have yet to be in a full party that...


    I have yet to be in a full party that didn't lag wipe in Thunder Peak! You get 2 groups of skellies and a spawn of bats and we all lock up while they beat the snot out of us.

    I do really...
  11. Also will take cards on ghallanda

    I will also trade the Card X on Sarlona for Cards IX or X on Ghallanda.
  12. Card X to give on Sarlona for a Card X on Orien

    Trade completed thank you.
  13. flush dns

    I have windows 7 64x and was having this problem.
    I opened a cmd window as admin then typed "ipconfig /flushdns"
    restarted ddo and it worked fine.

    hope that helps some people.
  14. What is your DDO goal for 2014?

    My goal for 2014 is to psyche my self up to run more solo and pug quests, I have too many toons sitting around waiting for friends to be at the right level to quest at.
  15. Happy whatever! Give me Turbine Points!

    Happy whatever! Give me Turbine Points!
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    Things I'd like to see: 1)...

    Things I'd like to see:

    1) Inventory/character/mail management from the character selection screen, and maybe even over the internet. Not only would being able to search toons for items without...
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    Buff Timers stop while on Guild ship

    I would be very happy if my guild buff did not countdown while I was still on the guild ship. It would making waiting for people and groups much easier. I hate having to rebuff once the group is...
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    Fixed for me

    I had this problem and was able to have someone else share the quest with me.

    I think the problem was I had reincarnated before U19, never talked to Brother Malden until after U19 so there was...
  19. Please make an account inventory management system

    I'm sure its been suggested before, but once you have several toons, each with a bank and maybe a reincarnation bank it can be a real pain to find 1 item that you have somewhere. Plus trying to...
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    I mean how hard is it to test this ****!?

    I used to work in a Quality department for a software company in the New England area, we had a Code and a CG section and each section had a series of...
  21. Question about existing Cove items and possible BTC switch

    I know there is a possibility that in the future cove items will go to BTC, as I understand it is still under discussion.

    I just wanted to know if the developers decide to make the switch would...
  22. New Mail indicator on Toon selection screen

    It would be nice if toons with unopened mail had an indicator on the character selection screen so players with many toons would be sure not to loose mail do to not loggin a toon in for awhile. I...
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    Lesser Heat from DDO store is BTA

    Just making a post to state that a lesser heat or wood is bound to account and not charecter (BTA not BTC) because I could not find a post that said for sure about the purchased hearts. So while...
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