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  1. Half-elf That was it! I picked up a +1 strength Tome and...

    That was it! I picked up a +1 strength Tome and the fighter option was available!

    Thank you!!
  2. Half-elf Base Strength is 12. I guess i have my...

    Base Strength is 12. I guess i have my answer..........

  3. Half-elf Were changes made to Dilettante choices in Update14?

    I am wanting to swap out my Half-elf dilettante feat to a Fighter to obtain martial weapon proficiency and it is not an option with Fred? What is going on?? Is there something else in my build...
  4. Sorcerer Do melee effects on weapons/items enhance spells?

    Tried to search and could not find the topic covered in the Spell Casters forum.

    For example: If I have a quarterstaff with the Ghost Touch or Pure Good enhancement, do these enhancements affect...
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    I get the "force" description, I was asking about...

    I get the "force" description, I was asking about "energy", which doesn't have a specific enhancement category such as "Flame Manipulation", "Storm Manipulation" etc. hence I was asking if "energy"...
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    Do the positive/negative energy spells (i.e....

    Do the positive/negative energy spells (i.e. disrupt undead/enervation) also fall into the "untyped" category and thus benefit from the force line enhancements as well?
  7. Filter setting..........

    Thanks, I suspect that is my issue.

    From memory I want to say I am roughly level 20 crafter, and I believe the +3 enhancement shard was around Level 40 so that explains why a "level+10" would not...
  8. NewB ??: What happened to the Crafting Hall??

    Sorry for the relatively newbie question, but when I first started crafting I was able to "see" the recipes for shards I could not yet produce, but could see what level I needed to be at when I was...
  9. Thanks for this reply

    If I hadn't stumbled across your reply to this thread, I too would have lost an item which I won. Mail? Who'da thunk. I understand the reasons provided by Lithic, but even a popup in the AH, a sticky...
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    Report Bug link not working

    Bad enough that I got hosed on a buyout auction, but I can't even report the bug: the link doesn't work . What BS.
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    no prize

    I paid the Buyout three days ago, the $7500 in funds disappeared instantly from my account and three days later no armor. ***!!??
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