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    Correct; show Sir Rohine your perma-sigil and...

    Correct; show Sir Rohine your perma-sigil and he'll let you into Litany of the Dead, but in my experience that's about it - if you want to flag for Ascension Chamber, it seems you need to destroy the...
  2. Can I say I already ran this build years ago?

    I remember when archmage first came out (old enhancements) I TR'd my first life human sorcerer into a drow archmage enchanter/evoker.

    Ran around and cast 1 sp hypnotism on a room (back when...
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    These characters weren't iconic & I haven't...

    These characters weren't iconic & I haven't purchased the hall of heroes pass, so that wasn't an option for me.

    Good news though, after a computer restart, BOOM! the gremlins have been...
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    The Marketplace is a Black Hole...

    I've now got at least 3 characters on two different accounts (on Cannith) that are locked in perma-load screens.

    Tried sending two different characters through the portable hole teleport-chute...
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    I've always been a fan of Enthrallment, especially in the old-school Virtuoso tree (where you could also insta-dance enemies - from fairly far away - using Song of Capering).

    While it...
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    FVS HP Bug

    I know I sent in a bug report about this a few weeks ago, but I have found a workaround:

    The HP boost seems to be treated like a stance (except we don't have a toggle to reactivate it) similar...
  7. Try Passive Mode?

    In my most recent Artificer life, I found that leaving the pup on passive proved most useful (and saved a lot of resurrection scrolls).

    Still got the passive Arcanotechnician boosts (as well as...
  8. Funny, She Doesn't Look Druish

    I wouldn’t call this a thread necro but something more akin to poking a hibernating bear with a long stick.

    A really long stick.


    Anyhow, I came across this thread primarily because of...
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    Riftborn Air Elementals...

    ...must have the dumbest AI in the world. An air elemental (you know, those annoying creatures known for constantly slowing you and knocking you prone) seem strangely earthen-bound in epic variants...
  10. Magical Traps: Glitterdust!

    As a mechanic, your skills are probably through the roof and with your T2 Improved Traps ability (you do have this don't you? If not, get it fast!), you'll effectively have trap DCs that are...
  11. Right, so regarding this error: Relogging does...

    Right, so regarding this error:

    Relogging does correct this but the bigger issue seems to be that the game doesn't immediately realize when you've advanced a level.

    Try running the Tangleroot...
  12. In answer to the original post, yes, I've seen...

    In answer to the original post, yes, I've seen both of these.

    In two completions of the Stormhorns arc, 1-3 heroic Wheloon items and guild renown were available.

    Completed two runs of EE VoN...
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    Your mileage may vary but... Waaaay back when,...

    Your mileage may vary but...

    Waaaay back when, I used to play human archmage wizards because I:

    1.) Hated that warforged looked like linebackers

    2.) Wanted a character that had hair

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    Let's be clear - reaper is an entirely different...

    Let's be clear - reaper is an entirely different beast. Your *self* heals will heal much less (but healing others is largely unimpeded), you deal significantly less damage to enemies on the highest...
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    I for one am VERY happy when a competent tank...

    I for one am VERY happy when a competent tank joins my healer in a reaper quest - I'm glad reaper mode has forced people to *shockingly* play together.
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    (PROBLEM SOLVED) Thank You Turbine Customer Service!

    I suppose good forum etiquette dictates I post some sort of follow-up, so here goes.

    A few days after I posted this I ended up contacting Turbine Customer Service – their advice corrected my...
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    Good, I'm not crazy - same problem.

    Good, I'm not crazy - same problem.
  18. Regarding Umber Hulks

    Great to see Umber Hulks introduced in DDO. I remember playing Icewind Dale for the first time and freaking out when my characters were constantly getting confused (and killed) by those...
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    Cyclical Latency Issues

    I’ve noticed some new, strange behavior in DDO over the past few days. Basically, I’ll experience (normal for me) latency of 50-80ms and then without explanation, DDO latency will pop up to...
  20. Noticed this today w/ an Astute 14 Helm of Spell...

    Noticed this today w/ an Astute 14 Helm of Spell Focus 4; I was excited to wear it to boost my artificer's tactical detonation DC and disappointed it seemed to work with all but the spell school I...
  21. Unfortunately, more of the same...

    Several different instances today, all the same - the entire party disconnects during a 'loading screen' that hangs (for all of us). Relogging (or waiting for the eventual disconnect) seem to be the...
  22. Huzzah!

    Is this a dead thread? Maybe

    Is this really my first post? Probably - in that case, prepare for a wall of text.

    Right, so I wrote this rambling post and thought better of it. This one is much...
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