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    The hound tale:P

    Mazlin- I think i woke up my entire building here lmao at 1 in the morning, people think i am one crazy mo fo lol
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    To the Monk Developers and Devs. and other monk enthusiasts..:P

    To all the monks out there across the nation here is some advice!!! *ATTENTION* Do not take the name kung fu panda i dont have character slots lets - JK :LMHO :P

    Monks who are on top of there...
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    Ok you think this is a bunch of bull as well- let...

    Ok you think this is a bunch of bull as well- let me put it to you plain and simple like- I had 2 main clerics on kyber after beta, i was so broke all the time- fortunately we created a guild:P
  4. ok arkat, Yes the monks fist are supposed to do...

    ok arkat, Yes the monks fist are supposed to do 2d10

    But Monk fists are doing 3d6===the idea the devs and developers is simple..

    The developers and devs most likely said ok what is the Average...
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    Monks DPS.

    Hello everyone here is the reply i have for the comments made by the damage per second of monks

    my monk has a 28 str in windtance and a 31 str in firestance tier 3 stances. pure monk of course now...
  6. Monk builds

    I created 5 monk builds on Risa-and i came up with a human monk build you would enjoy! The idea came to me that trying to get everything is not the key to build a great monk-you must be purely...
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    What i believe are the monk facts

    There are two types of monks Dex Monks and Balanced Monks. Remember its one choiced to put ones energy and time into building a dex monk or multiclass monk.

    *if you do not do this build exactly...
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