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    Quick Combustion Problem

    If one doesnt have access to shadowfell and cant get sage's spectacles where else do you recommend getting combustion from? would it hurt melee really badly to make the tier 1 of your off hand...
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    Was also thinking this way

    Quick Question Zoda, why 15/3 monk/ 2 pally. what does 3 monk give you that 2 wont. Or is it because 16 fvs wont give much either? Been gathering mats to tr my Paladin into a longsowrd crusader so im...
  3. Very Interesting.

    I currently have a pure First life pally lv 28 as my main toon. able to tank most things end game. TO tank in fall of truth and what not. However i've seen being a tank 100% of the time is pretty...
  4. thank you so much for this. Now I don't have to...

    thank you so much for this. Now I don't have to play a monkcher ever again the twf dps was pretty insane. Could you set like a leveling thing to see how the progression goes I don't seem to see one...
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    You sir are an absolute beast

    Played with him today it's forreal guys. Tanked the mummy hound just fine.
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