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  1. Two things come to mind


    2. Ladders

    It took five years to fix the splash screen misspelling of the word PERMANANTLY and the ladders are still unpredictable.
  2. No developer wants to maintain TWO or more...

    No developer wants to maintain TWO or more versions of software.

    Would you want the bugs fixed in the old school version?
    When you have a problem in game, do you want customer support?
    Would you...
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    Four months

    I was in a complete fog for quite sometime.

    My first character, built completely wrong at today's standards, is still a 28 point cleric that does end game raids.

    Put spells on the short cut...
  4. Pytian Ayrienne

    I had one drop there.

    That is the cave guy that might have the beholder in front of it, or the beholder could be down below the cliff by the tree.
  5. Just do Free silver rolls

    Hope you get more astral shards.

    Spend the astral shards on an item that youy can select from on the ASAH.
  6. Most of you don't remember the Offer Wall

    Your Game account is ALREADY tied to the forum account. It has been that way since you created a forum account and it has been that way since I created a forum account in 2007.

    Back in the day,...
  7. /signed


    YourDDO worked better than MyDDO. Although, I rarely used either of them.

    I like user applications because they tend to be updated and fixed in a timely manner or else the...
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    Happens around every ten minutes

    You can watch in the sky how the dragon zooms in and down.
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    Back in 2008 or so

    I was leveling a WIZARD and in House P and in a rush.

    If you remember, the wizard trainer and the sorceror trainer were RIGHT next to each other. Since I was in a hurry, I did not read the text...
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    Press F1 first

    So focus window is on you.

    This has occurred since day one of radiant servant being out.

    All part of the quality of life project.

    Please remember the definition of insanity. Doing the same...
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    I agree with Gremmlynn

    I just hope the astral shard implementation is as good(:rolleyes:) as all other Turbine implementations the past four years.

    Turbine is a business. Their job is to get our money in their pockets....
  12. Gianthold is my vote

    Since it is the latest and greatest many players will be there and you will be able to find and trade for somethings possibly since everyone else will be looking for that stuff.

    I consider all...
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    I did not receive on two accounts

    I am low in the alphabetical order though.

    I checked my accounts after noticing this thread.

    I was wondering if people are VIP that are getting them? Or are people Premium? Were you on...
  14. There has to be an expansion

    DDO was sort of perceived as dying and that is why DDO went F2P, no new content.

    The vocal VIP player base(everyone was VIP then, not all players were vocal and on the forums) was clamoring for...
  15. I can play today, oops, I can't

    Fernando just made an impromptu update yesterday. So, he is on the payroll and is the Executive Producer.

    Someone else noticed the Thirsty One text, that made me laugh, At least they fixed...
  16. Has he tried doing it through the game?

    I know when you click on the forum icon while in game and you do not have an account it asks you to make one. Click on the MyDDo icon on the game options tool bar. It should say

    Welcome to the...
  17. ditto

    My kind of player.
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    All my others disappeared

    That is why I was surprised to find one in my inventory today on a character.

    Hopefully, everyone will get one again once they fix whatever was wrong in the first place.
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    Yes, it is safe

    On Saturday, February 23, 2013, I had a birthday box in my inventory. I suppose I opened it on the first day and it is still there, Since I had all +3 tomes already, I probably decided to deal with...
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    Maybe your thread was started three hours after...

    Maybe your thread was started three hours after this one. Hard for anyone to like your thread when it did not exist.

    Keep up the good work and be thankful for a functioning U17 and a functioning...
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    Hopefully, you have the gear to go with the new...

    Hopefully, you have the gear to go with the new level. Otherwise, be prepared to be woefully undergeared. Just hide out in the back of the group and buff. :)
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    I bet you can't get mail either

    Usually the AH and mail fail together.

    Luckily, there is a reboot tomorrow so all is well.
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    as sson as the DDO store was re-opened

    You could get Otto's Irresistible Box.

    Also, if you enjoy stoneskin, the free gift this week is Box of Chocolates, code is VDAY13.

    DDOSTORE -->> Healing & Buffs -->> Buffs -->> General Buffs...
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    my 0.02 worth

    The 400 is the next threshold. 46/400 is your total favor you have earned to the next threshold.

    At 400 favor you will get the Drow Elf opened up to you. At that time the next threshold will...
  25. F2P won't get the 250 TP

    Only premium and VIP.

    Plus, Turbine/Time Warner worked Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, just about non-stop to get the games up. I think they deserve some rest.

    There are still some problems in...
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