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  1. Please extend downtime to 7 PM Eastern

    Hey Team,

    I will need you to go ahead and add an hour to the extended down time. Yesterday my guildies and I made a bet on what the actual downtime would be and I bet on plus 3 hours!!
  2. Same

    Been getting this problem the last few days. ANd lots of server disconnects. every 20 to 40 minutes I get dropped.
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    Problem back again

    I have had the same problem the last couple days. However doesn't seem to be as bad this time around. A few months ago when it was going on I gave up after 30 or 40 tries. This time I can usually...
  4. Thread: Server Full?

    by Tesla5000

    I have had this same problem the last two days. ...

    I have had this same problem the last two days. Yesterday I eventually got in but I can't get on today.

    30 plus tries - giving up now.
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    Getting the same error the last two days

    Game Error: Connection Failed Server Full

    Been getting this error the last two days as well. Can't log in now to play.
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    Same Here

    Yep, started rubberbanding in Orchard, recalled out, got stuck on a load screen getting back in. Restarted the client and now can't log in. Haha first time I have played in a month. Oh well, was...
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    Same Here

    Had an hour to play this morning, logged in buffed, cleared out my bank visited the harbor to check mail then was off to house P and lost connection while zoning in.. Now I can't get back in the...
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    Fuzzy Bunny Streamer

    So I finally got to 28, couldn't see any useful feats in the list so decided to try out hellball despite the bad things I had heard. I haven't used my +20 heart yet so I was not too worried if I...
  9. Down as well

    Was playing up until 30 or 40 minutes ago then got booted. Can't get back in now.

    Add Utah to the list.
  10. Just got kicked out

    Well I guess I got lucky. I was playing all afternoon and just barely got kicked out about 20 minutes ago or so. Was talking to the destiny npc and it DCed. Now I can't log back in. No wonder...
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    Bugged Chests in the Supply Line quest

    First just let me say I have been having a lot of fun running around the Storm Horn area. I ran into the Supply Line quest tonight. I don't remember it's official name. Anyway, I just ran it on...
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    They are just not as fun now.

    I usually run an earth savant. I loved my rocky arm.
    People would ask "What's that thing on your arm for?" and I would say "For back-handing people who ask stupid questions." And we would all...
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    Me too. Sits right on top of my focus orb now.

    As if anyone really needed to know on the fly how many astral shards they have. Please let us take it off, it is annoying.
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    Thanks for the help guys, I will try your suggestions.
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    Trouble with rare encounters

    I have two rare encounters that I can't seem to get to work. Don't know if they are bugs or if I am just doing them wrong.

    1. Kings Forest When you find the lost villager. I run them all the way...
  16. Portals have reflexes?

    It always cracks me up when inanimate objects or held mobs make reflex saves . . . did that portal just jump out of the way?
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    Rare Encounter Problems

    I have two rare encounters that I can't seem to get to work. Don't know if they are bugs are I am just doing them wrong.

    1. Kings Forest When you find the lost villager. I run them all the...
  18. Lets see 16-20 next

    One more vote for 16-20 stones. 8-16 is fun and quick for me so I won't bother with these boxes. Its the 18-20 that I usually get bogged down in.
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    How is Lama looking?

    I get stuck pretty much every time I play now and I am working on a Sorc life and never swing unless I am breaking a box or barrel. It seems to happen when I jump with mobs around. I have also...
  20. Well I am a sorc and only have 1 deathward...

    Well I am a sorc and only have 1 deathward clicky. And like I said it gets debuffed almosted immediately so I can't keep it up. I made it through, need to grab a hire with deathward next time will...
  21. That's a nasty combo


    Don't remember ever having this trouble before. Being able to debuff you and stat damage you to death is a nasty combo. Especially since Ray of Enfeeblement is also being spammed. ...
  22. Since when does Ray of Enfeeblement = instakill?

    Not sure when this started but twice today I have been killed by Ray of Enfeeblement. Full HP, no helpless state, just dead. I am running in Necro 2. Combat log shows this:

    (Combat): You hit...
  23. Spawn rates still reduced

    So mabar is back, but no mention of the fact that it isn't fixed? Spawn rates in epic still are almost nihil. I thought the whole idea was to take it down and fix it. Should have just left it up,...
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    Tolero replied

    Tolero replied to one of the other threads talking about this problem, so at least they are aware now and working on it. Just an FYI
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    I thought I would try logging onto a different toon to see if he could move. Stuck on load for a while with the message (cleaning up old connection). After about 10 minutes I got an error message...
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