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  1. Looking for build guide for 18Lock/2 Paladin (for beginner)

    I've been extremely impressed with the Warlocks with a splash of paladin. Their ability to out-tank and out-dps is astonishing. I've never played a caster before, but I want to do so now. Can...
  2. Failed to read authentication response [err: unexpected end of file][line: 1][col: 1

    I have not been able to log in since the patch this morning. I performed a complete reinstall after other tests failed. Not sure why the Downtime notice has not been updated, but if others are...
  3. Unable to log into a specific realm

    A complete reinstall fixed the problem. Weird, but was able to log in to Orien this morning.
  4. Having an odd issue after the patch. I can log...

    Having an odd issue after the patch. I can log into any realm, EXCEPT Orien, which times out with the error "The Connection to the Server has been Lost." Windows firewall is turned off and...
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    Fighter / Paladin / Monk (8/6/6)

    I've been planning to respec my lvl 27 fighter and am interested in a Fighter/Paladin/Monk build for greater survivability. I've seen this build in action and wanted to see what others thought, and...
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    Gear Prior to TR

    Is there a list of essentials PRIOR to TR'ing?

    I've been told these are essentials:
    1) Complete 20 Shroud runs
    2) Obtain T3 GS weapon and at least 1 T3 GS item

    I've been farming the...
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    Greensteel Item for Kensai Fighter

    My Warforged TWF Kensai fighter will soon be finishing his second Min II weapon. I haven't spent much time researching the other GS items due to the number of large mattes required up to this point....
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