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  1. We don't always test, but when we do, we do it in production.

    Turbine, invest in some DevOps, testing and rollback procedures. Most people would have been happy with delaying the release a week rather than miss play time. Is the deployment process that jacked...
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    Guild of One

    I started John's guild. It is a guild of one player, myself. I am as powerful as the next guild. The game si not about guild play to begin with, it's about players. The is the ultimate vote in of...
  3. Fixed?

    I guess the old Microsoft reboot solution has failed. Load screen of death on Cannith
  4. Simple Server Status on the Web Site

    Please put some thought into creating a status on the site that shows when servers are up and down. We should not need to log in to the client to figure out if a server is up. Even when the site was...
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