View Full Version : Release Notes - April 19th

04-19-2007, 11:04 AM
Fixed an issue that was periodically causing game crashes for some users.
Players greater than level 12 can now enter arenas!
By popular demand – we have lowered the duration of the aftereffect of Symbol of Pain. The difficulty of removing the effect has resulted in the spell being more debilitating to players than intended, so the duration of the "-4 to everything" will now last 30 seconds + 12 seconds per caster level instead of one minute per caster level. The effect will also be removed after resting.
Spell critical chance enhancements now properly give you 3, 6, and 9% increases for each level.
The Stormreaver Raid now has a 3 day timer. Cydonie will now allow you to repeat the raid quest once the timer is up.
Prison of the Planes: The minibosses in the various planar prison cells have been given the ability to detect stealthed characters who are trying to circumvent the battles with persistent cloud effects. Some of the weaker minibosses have also had their hp increased by a moderate amount. Hard and elite versions have been upgraded as well.