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04-04-2007, 12:39 PM
I thought I would start a thread about desert looting. Being a Ranger I am quite at home in the desert. In my opinion few classes are versitile enough to solo stuff. Though my ranger has little issues(esp since he has healing spells which most rangers don't seem to have).

I think the whole concept of the desert is grand. But the token thing is insane. I do the desert looting when I am board or don't have time for quests. Having no clue what the heck I can get with all the tokens. Also if you talk to the NPC you end up turning them and getting screwed over.

I wanted one day after a month and half of running the desert to see what type of stuff I could get and asked the NPC to see what armor you can get for like 500 tokens. Well not only was the stuff usless junk that a lvl 1-3 toon would laugh at, he took my coins for just looking at the stuff. A month and half down the tube. I just wanted to warn people about this. The guy is full of stuff but nobody seems to know what. After kicking and punching the NPC for 5 min I logged a bug and left(nothing ever coming of the bug).

Why does anyone know what this guy has? After a month 1/2 I coulg get like +1 armor from him. Anybody Have clue what he has? Or is he just a big joke?

Also as a side note I have pulled almost all the named items out of the chests. I have only ever kept one Item the vakooum spire (wiz3 item with other stuff on it). The bow of the elements(which you would think would be a ranger item) is a joke to me. It is missing the one thing every ranger dreams for, another bow past the silverbow with a natural 19-20 crit range. The +2 dex is funny, if that dex stacked with items, maybe it would be cool.

Another fustrating thing about this type of looting is the fact I can see the tokens laying on the ground and cannot pick them up. Its like a crewl developer joke. The tokens should not be hard to pick up and NOT disappear. Gnolls die but I cant double click on them in time to get the tokens.

In the end what I am tring to say is I am addicted to looting the desert but I feel it is poorly thought out in some senses and the named loot is for looks not use. Thoughts and experiences welcome :-). I will put up a ranger post soon check it out ;-o.

04-04-2007, 12:43 PM
THis isnt new.....

The Token turn in bug is a major slap in the face.....

The Token pick up thing... Backspace and hit "U" to pickup the tokens....

04-04-2007, 12:56 PM
Basically the tokens are not meant to be farmed, because doing so would be a waste of time. Even high level turn-ins that have been reported were **** compared to the time/money invested in getting the tokens.

08-21-2007, 07:54 PM
i agree i went and spent tons of time trying to get enough toens to actually see if i could turn them in for somthing nice. But ooooh no you go back out into the desert and collect me about 500 more of those tokens and then we will even start to talk about getting a piece of junk wepon but oh whatevr im jst ranting so im gunna stop here

08-21-2007, 08:34 PM
If you want to see what he has to offer, mail tokens or bank em then go have a look...