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03-27-2007, 11:33 PM
i love to just set back and buff and heal my cleric is now lvl 6 soon to be lvl 7 but im a bit lost on what feats and whare to spend my points... im looking to max out spell points and lots of heals my wiz is at 18+4 and my chr is at 14
anyone have any advice

03-28-2007, 05:55 AM
Your best bet is to probably look at Maldini's support cleric build.

Without more specifics, advice is hard to give. And Maldini laid it out better than we could anyway. :)

03-28-2007, 11:48 AM
You can't go wrong with putting all extra stat points into wisdom and picking mental toughness / improved mental toughness.

03-28-2007, 12:01 PM
There are 5 Feats that the Typical Heal Bot Cleric use

Extra Turning: Nice to have for DV Useage... Most healer focused Clerics have a good amount of DV to provide to other Casters in the party

Empowered Healing: One of the best bang for the bucks in the game. 1.5 Times the Healing Power for 1.5 Times the cost. THeres no reason not to take this feat.

Mental Toughness/Improved Mental Toughness: 10 Extra Spell Points a Level.. They add up.

Extend Spell: Doubles the lenght of Buffs for 1.5 Times the cost of the spell.. Resists, Bless, Prayer, Self Buffs... THis Feat can be a Life Saver in long quests.

If your not into DV's, Obviously The extra Turning feat becomes a Freebie....

I took Maximize Spell for my 6th Feat..... A Maximized Enhanced Blade Barrier is pretty awesome when the going gets rough.. But eats up a lot of spell points.

03-28-2007, 03:56 PM
im also a Elf reading forms it sounds like the elf is not good at this do i need to re roll a new cleric with a race better for the job?
also it seems like i use a lot of gold in wands as well to get the job done.... when it comes to wands shod i be useing then for the party or not healing with SP after combat. and let pc's heal them selfs with wands it just seems i'm always runing out of mana. healing everyone up all the time and 1 more thing some of the pugs i have been in latly just tank throw traps............
and then i have to waste SP or wands to heal them back up it would be nice if thay would let the rogue do his job insted up just runing and takeing the dam from the traps then exspeting me to heal them back up after. dose anyone have any advice on how to handel that im sorry for beeing a nob her this is my 1st toon just comeing off 2 years playing world of warcraft. whare mana is not all of a big deal like this game im happy i quit WoW and i love DDO im just trying to understand it a bit more. thats all thanks for all of your help

03-28-2007, 04:16 PM
THe concensus is that Humans and Dwarfs make the best cleric.... But elves are not unreasonable..... Humans for the extra feat and Racial Wisdom bonus, and Dwarves for Clerics who want the extra CON/HP's for some melee capabilities.

Wisdom is your Prime Attribute... No Race in DDO grants a initial bonus to WIsdom and the extra +1 you can get from being Human can be overcome with Items curently... The extra feat is nice.. But not a game breaker.

ANd elf cleric can be nice as long as you put some points into CON.. A Squishy cleric can be a dead cleric.. a Dead cleric is not very helpful.

03-29-2007, 05:42 PM
i love to just set back and buff and heal my cleric is now lvl 6 soon to be lvl 7 but im a bit lost on what feats and whare to spend my points... im looking to max out spell points and lots of heals my wiz is at 18+4 and my chr is at 14
anyone have any advice

Check out my build in this very forum. Not to copy, but to get some ideas. I based my build primarily on pure heal power and healing efficiency as well as DV capability. Because of the healing focus, I lost a few DV's with the new enhancement system, but that's okay.

08-03-2007, 11:51 AM
I am not to terribly fond of maldinis build in one aspect. Why not put the points into dex rather than str? Str points do nothing for a cleric(unless you intend to be a battle cleric)... Dex on the other hand increase not only armor class but also reflex saves(ever been knocked down for 15 secs while watching your brethren lose the red bars?). I have a 14 cleric that put points into str but he is gimp comparativley speaking as i compare him to other cleric builds from my past. Biggest mistake I ever made was to delete my first cleric build, Xenios. She was not the best cleric in the world by any means. With refinement, her sister, Teresi, is bound to become a great in her new homeland, Khyber. I do not have everything in writing or use some program to show her build from start to finish but i can list her current enhancements and her build up to now(lvl 8). If anyone is interested in hearing about Teresi, I will copy everything over to a new post shortly.

08-03-2007, 12:35 PM
Wow, another "holy thread necro" moment! :eek:

Hooray for the forum disaster of 2007!

Oh, and BTW, STR is better for a healbot than DEX. Getting smacked with ROE or some other spell than can encumber you stinks. Clerics also tend to loot lots of heavy gear and need to carry it around. A cleric at level 14 has a base reflex save of 4, which is pretty crappy. My level 14 cleric has a 12 base DEX and with a +4 resistance cloak she's at an unbuffed reflex save of 9. I could/should have put those points into STR since it would only make my save an 8, whereas the STR means increased carrying load and not being as badly effected by Enfeeblement/Exhaustion type spells.