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03-22-2007, 11:06 AM
Greetings! A new guild, “Intrepid Adventurers Guild”, has been formed on Argonnessen. We are recruiting additional regular evening, reliable, intelligent, cooperative team players to join our humble group.

My vision for the guild is that we have a cohesive group of team-players, where we work together to dungeon crawl elite level or new quests using strategy, participate in a raid/week (cycle them), engage in occasional faced paced loot run, and otherwise enjoy all facets of the game where each player has a role to play and makes a contribution. Having enough guild members so that a group can be formed on any given night.

My guildies and I are cerebral players. We enjoy playing to each other’s strengths. My expectations for guild play include:

Rogues are expected to scout ahead, find/disable traps and open doors/chests, identify expected encounters, and offer flanking high damage (but no main tanking).
Fighter/Paladin/Barbarians are expected to boldly draw mob aggression, stand in the trenches, give/take punishment, and accrue the most kills.
Rangers are expected to range attack focusing their high DPS on enemy casters and bosses. Back-up melee in a pinch.
Arcane, Bard, and Divine Caster’s are expected super-buff our Rogue/Fighter/Paladin/Barbarian/Ranger party members and create defensive positions (CC spells and effects + physical or stat damaging spells) within which our melee-types can draw mob aggression into --- to play to our advantage and minimize the healing spell point drain and amount of wand usage our healers need to do.
Arcane Casters (Sorcerer/Wizard) are expected to stand a medium distance away from the front-line melee-types and offer ranged damage generally - and to quickly immobilize or take down selected targets (i.e., other casters, bosses).
Bard and Divine Casters are expected to keep a close watch on health bars and heal up or raise dead as needed. Bard and Divine Casters should expect to generally stay near the Arcane casters to help protect them, but may need to offer back-up melee if needed in a pinch.

At this time, we are welcoming guild members of any race, class, and level - as we hope to have a diverse group of players with whom to form a reliable and good group on any given night. Current high-level guild members are planning on re-rolling up some new low-level characters to occasionally play in an effort to enjoy the new content/classes/races and complete quests with the new lower-level guild members.

If after reading this and it sounds like a something you are interested in participating, then either reply to this post or look me up on the Argonnessen server. We can go from there.

Regards, -Taraton

03-31-2007, 09:02 AM
Sounds interesting. I'll look you up on the server.

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06-05-2007, 03:16 PM
You mentioned "regular evening players". I just started running on Argo with a new character, usually on Fernia with my main. I play during the day... no love for daytime players?

06-05-2007, 03:37 PM
You are welcome to come on board. It seems at present that most of our guild membership tends to play in the eve's, thats all.

06-22-2007, 03:17 PM
this guild sounds intresting i might just roll up a guy on that world just so i could join u guys in that guild even though my main is on a diffrent world i will probbly roll up the same guy on that world he will be a sorc and i will be happ to fight but healing worforges i dont really do i am more of a fighting hast type of guy so if u guys dont mind i probbly will join u guys just send me a tell on Iwillsaveu on lazzhar and then tell me if u would like me to adn maybe we could start this guild up on every world on the game that way we could get then everywhere and then they could tell their friends and so on and so forth.