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03-20-2007, 12:29 AM
Here is a build I have leveled because I want to have a little fun with the new enhancement system while exercising some thought in building around tomes or gear that is not excruciatingly difficult to acquire. The aim of this build is a two-weapon fighting offense that does not disregard AC or saving throws. Additionally, this character will have the ability to raise dead in a pinch and hotswap any weapon/article of clothing available regardless of race or alignment requirement. Unfortunately, my old Human TWF Ranger just doesn't have quite the same appeal that he used to since a few changes were made, but I am optimistic that my third ranger hybrid will be just as enjoyable. Constructive criticism/feedback (math error and typo correction especially) would be greatly appreciated.

Name: Cerciv Uzuaki Alignment: Lawful Good Profession: 1 Rogue / 2 Paladin / 11 Ranger

Stats at Creation: 32 pt. build

Str: 17
Dex: 15
Con: 13
Int: 8
Wis: 10
Cha: 12

Final Stats:

Str: 24 (+7) [+4 Stat item, +3 From Level Ability Points]
Dex: 22 (+6) [+4 Stat item, +3 From Enhancement Ranger's Dex III]
Con: 18 (+4) [+4 Stat item, +1 From Enhancement Dwarven Con I]
Int: 8 (-1) [Ok, he will remain really stupid. RP away]
Wis: 14 (+2) [+4 Stat item]
Cha: 16 (+3) [+3Stat item, +1 from Paladin's Charisma]

Final Skill Ranks: UMD: 17 Balance: 14 Jump: 14 Tumble: 4 Concentration: 2 Spot: 4 Haggle: 4
-Basically, max out UMD every level and then prioritize Balance and Jump with remaining skill points. The 2 levels of paladin will put you behind until the skill points from Ranger levels kick in.


Racial- Dwarven Axe Proficiency
1- Quick Draw
3- Skill Focus: UMD
6- Power Attack
9- Improved Critical Slash
12- Weapon Focus: Slash
Class Feats: Two Weapon Fighting, Improved Two Weapon Fighting, Greater Two Weapon Fighting, Evasion, Precise Shot, Improved Precise Shot, Heavy Armor Proficiency, Martial Weapons

Favored Enemies

Evil Outsiders

Dwarven Armor Mastery III
Dwarven Spell Defense III
Ranger's Dexterity III
Dwarven Axe Attack II
Dwarven Giant Dodger II
Energy of the Wilds II
Dwarven Axe Damage I
Dwarven Constitution I
Ranger Sprint Boost I
Paladin Charisma I
Rogue Sneak Attack Damage I

Possible Gear

Weapon: +5 Dwarven Axe
Offhand Weapon: +5 Handaxe
Armor: +3 Mithral Fullplate or +5 Fullplate (same AC)
Shield: +5 Heavy Steel
Bracers: Iron Manacles (Delera's Reward: +4 Deflection Bonus to AC)
Goggles: Spectacular Optics (Threnal Reward: +4 Reflex Save)
Trinket: Pearl of Power VII or higher
Necklace: Nightforge Gorget (BAM ore reward, Heavy Fort.)
Cloak: +3 Resistance Cloak
Helmet: +4 Wisdom Helm
Boots: +4 Dexterity Boots / Featherfall Boots
Gloves: Rabbit Gloves (Threnal Reward: +1 Saves and Skillchecks
Ring 1: +3 Cha Ring
Ring 2: +4 Str Ring
-Note: Swapping the rabbit gloves for +4 Strength gloves might be a better option for some if rings are an issue. Furthermore, most of the +stat stuff is easily interchangeable.

To-hit Bonus:
BAB: +13
Str Bonus: +7
+5 Axe: +7
WF Slash: +1
Divine Power Click: +3
Greater Heroism: +4
To Hit Total: +35/+35/+40/+45, Important Note: This is a situational to-hit that is in part reflective of my gear and playstyle. This build's high UMD coupled with the availability of items on the auction hall makes acquiring divine power "clickies" extremely cost-effective if you are willing to take the time and search through 20 pages of random stuff to acquire them. Also, not everyone has access to a planar gird but a good deal of arcanes carrry greater heroism around and clickies of regular heroism are also not very difficult to acquire through the auction hall or perhaps running Threnal (WF only can be a real steal:-) ).
Regardless, it's important to be wary of when Power Attack is working for you and when it is hurting you. Two weapon Fighting puts you at -2 throughout the attack progression so you will have a to-hit of +33/+33/+38/+43 without power attack on. In addition, destruction weapons are a dime a dozen at this point in the game and are great for the initial hit on higher AC mobs because you will increase the DPS of your party substantially in addition to your own.

Armor Class:

Base: +10
Dex Bonus: +6
Armor Bonus: +11
+5 Heavy Steel Shield: +7
Barkskin: +4
Deflection: +4
Paladin Aura: +1
Total Armor Class: 43
- Once again, a note. This build primarily employs Two Weapon Fighting so the AC will usually hover at 40 through the use of shield clickys (ridiculously easy to get ahold of en massee) or even shield scrolls if so desired. If you find yourself without your shield clicky up (due to dispel or perhaps surprised) I would strongly advise using your shield. The build's dex is meant to maximize the dex bonus of mithral fullplate, but regular +5 fullplate from the vendor will fulfill the same AC listed above. A suit of +3 mithral fullplate seems reasonably obtainable at this time.

Evasion Change: With the pending change to evasion I have been carrying a suit of heavy/medium armor for maximum attainable AC and also a suit of light armor (mithral breastplate) for spots like the wildmen arcane hallway in DQ Elite. Armor swapping is inconvenient, but easily doable depending on if you feel the need for additional AC or feel the evasion will mitigate more potential damage. If you are running something like madstone crater on elite and are going to get hit anyway sport evasion to insure the ogre mages don't drop you with chain lightning.

Saving Throws Breakdown

Ranger Base Lev 11: Fort +7 / Reflex +7 / Will +3
Rogue Base Lev 1: Fort +0 / Reflex +2 / Will +0
Paladin Base Lev 2: Fort +3 / Reflex +0 / Will +0
Paladin Base Aura: Fort +1 / Reflex +1 / Will +1
Paladin Divine Grace: Fort +3 / Reflex +3 / Will +3
Dwarven Spell Def. : Fort +5 / Reflex +5 / Will +5
Stat Bonuses: Fort +4 / Reflex +6 / Will +2
+3 Resistance Item: Fort +3 / other / Will +3
Spectacular Optics: Fort +0 / Reflex +4 / Will +0
Rabbit Gloves: Fort +1 / Reflex +1 / Will +1

Saves Against Spells: Fort +27 / Reflex +29 / Will +18
Saves against others: Fort +21/ Reflex +23 / Will +12
UMD w/ Golden Cartouche from Delera's (swap before Rezzing): 28

03-23-2007, 04:15 PM
Are you taking the feats in that order?

If not the umd feat at lvl 3 will give you nothing worth maybe at 6, and weapon focus il take at 1-3 went most hits count.

Also the aberation and evil outsiders are cool but with the new content giants(giants,trolls,ogres) will be plenty more to kill. Also maybe look in to mounstrous humanoid(orcs,wildman,minotaurs) there plenty of game here also. Just pointing this are a greater quantity of enemys that aberations and evil outsiders.

03-23-2007, 07:00 PM
Wonderful feedback Kraanon,

With the feats in mind, the reason weapon focus is dead last on the list is because it is somewhat of a "Dump" feat in my mind. My personal version of this build differs from what is posted here because of gear that might not be very accessible to a more casual player; a really cool collection of khopeshes (a +3 Greater Giant Bane among them). Although a +1 to-hit bonus is nice, I don't think it is nearly as integral to this build as a feat like power attack is and the quickdraw to facilitate swapping between destruction and DPS.

Furthermore, the UMD at level 3 is pretty useful to me because a level 1 scroll of shield can be used somewhat more reliably with this and some low level charisma gear. I have been using a two handed weapon to level this build because the feats for Two Weapon Fighting are much later to come and I like DPS :-) Ideally, shield clickys are the way to go always because there is no arcane or UMD failure, but I just did not collect more than two low level ones.

As far as favored enemies are concerned you could be very right about the overall utility that "favored enemy: Giant" might net. I would be very wary to drop favored enemy abberation though because beholders are a non-paladin's natural enemy and a hybrid paladin's headache. Additionally, drow scorpions are not really trash mobs and elite clerics are best to deal with before the blade barrier falls. Dropping evil outsider for giant might be a great way to go in a few weeks because I do not seem to fight them as often in post mod-3 as Threnals and invaders seem to be run less. I really like undead as a favored enemy because they can make for long fights due to the crit immunity, DR, and high hitpoints.
In counterpoint, I haven't found giants all that difficult to deal with. Low AC in conjunction with lousy saving throws seems to make giants a DDO punching bag for lots of good groups. Although, the Cloud giants along with others that new content are introducing might change that. My build had some extra Action points so I threw Giant Dodger in there for the new content and to make the already huge Dwarf AC bonus even more insane :-)

I don't have a PnP Monster's Manual around, but are orc's really monstrous humanoids? I was guessing they would end up like gnolls where they will have their own favored category and greater bane weapon type.

08-19-2007, 02:03 AM
u should list ur build as it is, not as u envsion it for noobs. Just ends up confusing to them.

Wep focus is a dumb feat, put in khopesh like u got it setup.

08-19-2007, 05:12 AM
I don't have a PnP Monster's Manual around, but are orc's really monstrous humanoids? I was guessing they would end up like gnolls where they will have their own favored category and greater bane weapon type.

Orc's do indeed have their own greater bane weapon type.

Monstrous humanoids in this game are minotaurs, wildmen, and gargoyles.

01-08-2008, 02:06 AM
somethig...wrong with a dwarf being a ranger.

"Blast it! I be savin' nature unde' the rocks only!"

(Shudders at what he just channeled.)

01-31-2008, 02:21 PM
u should list ur build as it is, not as u envsion it for noobs. Just ends up confusing to them.

Wep focus is a dumb feat, put in khopesh like u got it setup.

Well, I think our opinions on this one differ a little bit. If I were brand new to this game I would be more confused by someone listing a bunch of high-end raid items with strange names and even stranger effects/stat descriptions. This is a really boiled-down version of what I was using before taking a long break that I think won't mislead with overinflated numbers and buffs that are not always readily available. I absoloutely love the khopesh feat, but right now it is doing me very little good since I gave away all my l33t gear to pals and guildmates before taking off. Weapon focus is way more attractive to me at this point from a gear standpoint and being a non-raged barb means I generally need to roll higher than a 2 to hit some elite stuff :)