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01-19-2007, 04:21 PM
We want to take a moment to update everyone on our continuing efforts to investigate and ban subscriptions associated with the following activities:

Advertising the sale of in-game content for real-world currency
Actively farming in-game content to sell for real-world currency
Purchasing in-game content for real-world currency
Using 3rd party programs to assist in power-leveling or in automating the farming of gold or in-game content

Turbine in no way condones, supplies, or otherwise supports any individual or website that claims to provide services intended to promote the above activities. Any player that chooses to participate in such an activity with a non-Turbine provider does so at the risk of becoming a victim of unscrupulous individuals, and of course, permanently losing their account. To be extremely clear, no action of this type is considered official or sanctioned.

As always, we aggressively work with various auction sites to shut down auctions that are in violation of Turbine's Code of Conduct. This has resulted in accounts being permanently banned for participating in these types of activities.

We are also actively working to close down activities associated with power-leveling characters for a fee. It is a violation of the Code of Conduct to share your login/password with anyone. Please take note that we will not mediate in ownership disputes if someone loses their character or account by disclosing their login/password to anyone. If we find that an account has used exploits, which includes turning over an account for power-leveling services or giving login/password information to others, we will not reverse the ban for any reason. In short, if we discover power-leveling activity the account will be irrevocably banned.

Your tips continue to play a major help in all of these efforts, and we encourage you to keep them coming! Should you need to report a violation of this nature, simply send a help request with all the details. This can be done from your Help menu.

If you haven't already done so, you can review more information about our Code of Conduct and End User License Agreement at the following link:


We thank you for your continued support in these efforts - have fun in Stormreach!

If you'd like to comment, please post in the In-game Customer Service Forum: