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12-05-2006, 12:22 AM
My current character progression :

1 : Fighter
2 : Fighter
3 : Paladin
4 : Paladin
5 : Rogue
6 : Rogue
7 : Fighter

UMD is at 13.5 (+4 bonus from charisma), I get 2 skill points per fighter level until level 12. Which gives me a potential of 18.5 UMD by level 12.

I've read about carefully planning multiclassing (which I have for the most part), unfortunatly I realize now my UMD could have reached 19...1 rogue point can't be used on a X.5 number, so during one my rogue level I wasn't able to cap it, when fighter levels hit again it started from an uncapped UMD, which led to 18.5 max.

Questions :

Does +2 tomes affect skill bonus? If they do, a +2 charisma tome would cap my UMD at 20 correct? (that is, after I reroll my character and plan a 19 UMD by level 12).

Also, if I was to use a tome that would make one my stat meet the requirement of a feat I wasn't able to take before (i.e. 11 dex -> 13 dex, dodge). Would I be able to take it (or respec for it)? Or are tomes effect excluded from feat requirements?

Last question...does a tome affect your saving throw? i.e. you had 8 wisdom, you gain +2 from a tome and you are now at 10, saving throws per level (depending on your class) are recalculated based on 10 instead of 8.

Sorry if the above questions have been asked before, I've tried to research it some but haven't found solid information.

12-05-2006, 06:24 AM
You should take your rogue level first.

At first level, your skill points are multiplied by four. Since rogues get more skill points per level, then you would get more skill points by taking your rogue level first.

Seriously, if anyone is going to take a level of rogue, it should be the first level they take.

12-05-2006, 08:31 AM
UMD is about the only skill I'd like to see at 20 by level 12. A pure rogue would always do better on a DC 50 lock, trap, etc.

The fighter's extra feat is more interesting to me. I didn't give all details about my multiclass build but I favor DPS, AC, saves, HP. 1 extra toughness is the equivalent of putting 2 pts into constitution for the hp bonus. I'd rather have that, than so-so uncapped skills.