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I wrote this several months ago shortly after the Titan was released. Its not 100% but it should be enough to get you through if you've never run it before. Consiquently, I wrote it from memory while in the hospital waiting on surgery. :p

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I've done this puzzle 6 times now, so I'm sure I'm 90% accurate. My order maybe a little wonky, but in general I should be ok from memory.

1st the diagram (Its a little rudimentary.)

Green Hallway

L = Ladder
D = Door
P = Platform
| - = Platform or Bridge Connector

There are two levels of this puzzle, Top and Bottom. For each door, there are two doors and I'll reffer to them as TD1 (Top Door 1) and BD3 (Bottom Door 3) etc...

When you first enter the puzzle from the green side, there is a quick battle with 2 or 3 constructs on the first platform. Kill them, then take cover behind the bridge that it up, from the constructs on the 2nd platform who throw spears.

Have one person featherfall down to BD1. Throw the one puzzle piece sending power up. Then have everyone go into TD1. The person at the bottom will have to use the ladder (and truthfully, the entire group will probably use it multiple times!)

WARNING: From now on, everytime you change a puzzle piece behind a door for the 1st time, you will get attacked by two constructs. All it takes is flipping one piece in the room, so be ready. Generally two fighters and a caster can handle the situation, and Greater Command and Hightened Web are your friends!

Once you get into TD1, fight the constructs, then open the door and have everyone but 1 person leave. This person will then send power "up" closing their door and sending power to TD2. Everyone else into TD2 - fight the constructs. TD2 is a VERY important puzzle piece, and someone will have to remain in the room for most of the puzzle. Using TD2 you should be able to lower TD1's door and get him out, without him changing anything.... then ship power DOWN to BD2. Have everyone (except TD2) featherfall down to BD2.

NEW CONEPT: Dimensioning Door Out! Once you have "completed the puzzle" in some of the rooms, a simple Dimension Door spell will get you out. Manytimes it is the ONLY WAY OUT. The easiest way to tell if it is safe to DD is if everything in the room is lit up, that is, all runes and all ways are powered up, then it is safe. Two things to consider: There are special "door open" runes that have no "rune symbol" on them. They look like a little circle incide a circle. There can be left powered down (to use the power in the rest of the puzzle or other runes) when you DD out. Make sure they are the only thing powered down before you DD. If you DD out at the wrong time you can RUIN THE PUZZLE. This requires a COMPLETE RAID RESTART, and the purple side will hate your guts!

In BD2, kill the constructs with the entire group, setup the puzzle to power left and the rune, then DD out. This is a perfect example of everything is powered up except the open door rune. DD saves you a LOT of time, and keeps the party together!

Head to BD4, you should still have 1 person in TD2. BD4 is the most complex puzzle, and you will also have to DD out later. For now, kill the constructs, then get everyone out and leave someone who is not the caster w/ DD out. You have to DD out of another door before this one. Have the person left behind send power "down-right" which opens BD3.

Kill everything in BD3, to complete the puzzle do two things. 1 - Complete the circle at the bottom thru the rune (this closes the door.) Then fix the puzzle coming "in" from the right. You are going to DD out of this room WITHOUT the puzzle being fully powered. Fear not. You will eventually get power IN from the right, just make sure when you get power it can light the rune. DD out.

BD3 should now find that if he sends power down-right, he gets it back from down-left and can route it strait up completing his puzzle! Have him open his door, get the caster inside, finish the puzzle 100% and DD out.

At this point you should have 1 person still in TD2, and 5 members together. Have TD2 power both runes, in an upside-down "T" configuration. That will lower the 2nd bridge giving you access to Platform #2. Run across and kill the constructs. Once everyone is on Platform #2, and the constructs are dead, have TD2 send power to the right and down. (Maybe left/down?) This will open TD4.

My memory is a little shakey from here, but basically,

TD4 Power left to TD6 (Leave 1 in TD4 for now.)
TD6 Power down to BD6
BD6 Power down to BD5
BD5 Power Left to BD3 and up to TD5
TD5 - have someone wait here.
Power the rune, which lowers the bridge to TD7. Once you get into TD7, "fix" the puzzle without power (no fight) then have TD5 shoot power to the right. That will lower the blue force field and let you get the "purple/blue" team for the fight in TD3.

I'll try and clean this up later. Sorry I can't be there tonight guys!


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07-15-2007, 08:18 PM
You'll need the DD caster to DD from TD6 & BD5 once those parts of the puzzle are set and ready to go.

07-16-2007, 02:29 AM
Depending on the number of players in Twilight Forge, you can stop working on the green puzzle at multiple stages of completeness.

That is, getting the puzzle to 50% done opens the yellow hallway (UD3), and getting it 100% done also opens the blue hallway (D7). You have 3 tokens allowing passage through the yellow hall, so if you have 3 or fewer players in the green room, you can just stop at that point and go through there. (The fact that the objective is left incomplete will not some you from getting XP and favor for completing the overall mission)

Whether or not you need to finish the green puzzle depends on a few other factors, depending on what characters you need to move where. But in general, if you have 3+ players in the purple side and 1-3 in the green side, then everyone in green can go straight to yellow without

07-16-2007, 02:10 PM
But if you have at least 4 people on the Green side, you'll need to complete the whole puzzle, and I think that's waht this whole thread is about, is it not?