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11-20-2006, 02:12 PM
The weary Pallidin looked across the wave tossed cove. The ship creaked and groaned as it made headway into the crack in the forbidding stone cliffs. The small wharf was surrouned by walls, with a single opening leading to even more walls.
Ferricgnome gathered his meager possesion into his backpack, shouldered it, and armed himself as he stepped off the ship. Approaching the first person he saw, a man at a desk like table atop a few barrels, He hailed the man. "I'm much to busy to talk to the likes of you" as he turned away from the immobile countenance of the WarForged.
Others around the plaza looked at him with scorn and perhaps a little fear in their eyes. With a sigh, he moved towards the door of a tavern, realizing the the prejudice against his kind that existed on the islands carried even to the town of Stormreach.
In the tavern he encountered a few others of his kind. He was welcomed and bade to sit and share some oil. He quickly learned, that officially at least, here he was in fact equal and allowed to do or go as he pleased. However, the ingrained prejudice against the WarForged still existed in individuals, especailly among the clerics of the church. Those robed and cowled dispensors of the GODS graces openely refused to assist and offer healing when needed. So what if it took a little longer to heal the construct, the construct did not need healing as often, and are always loyal to those who befriend them. Perhaps it is the old animosity from the the last war. The church tried to get control of the Warforged minions and make them permament servants of the church. However the King and the council of Ebberon granted them their freedom in exchange for the service rendered to all races during the war.
He learned that other classes such as the socerers and Bards welcomed the accomplished Warforged in their midst and shared equally the treasures to be found on the many quests. So it was with a renewed sense of hope that he struck out to seek his fortune in the harbor.....................

11-22-2006, 09:08 AM
After putting the fiishing touches on the bitter edge of his short sword, Ferricgnome, heaved his bulky adamatium body from the table. Striding purposfully towrds the door, he gave a brief ****e to the innkeeper. Emerging into the daylight, his metalic feet rang against the cobbles of the harbor square. He approached the man standing at the makeshift desk and growled out a question "Do you have any work?"
The man began to sneer, and then choked back his sarcastic remark upon seeing the warning red glow of the Warforged's eyes.

"Um oh well ah that is...I do need someone to retreive a cask of healing elixer for me.. it's just a triffle really, but you see it has been stashed below ground and is guarded by one of your kind.. he will release it to you but the path to him is ah hmm a little tricky"

the fighter nodded his head and said "i'll retrieve you cask, but I expect to paid for my services"

Following the hastily supplied direction the fighter moved off across the harbor, content that at last he was earning his own way in the world, no longer subject to the viscious whims of those who oce held him in thrall.

11-27-2006, 02:11 PM
After several hours of running minor chores for one Goodblade, the Warforged mounted the long sloping ramp towards the inner city. As he entered the square he sought out the advice of a pallidin trainer, his expereinces so far allowed him to easily absorb the training. With his newly honed skills the Mighty warforged looked about for work. His quest lead him to one Verigan who explained that the miller had hidden himself and the goods that belonged to the coin lords somewhere in his vast estate.
After a thorough searching, the only unexplored part of the mansion was the basement below. Stepping onto the curved ramp leading deep below ground, he was confronted by a huge stack of wooden crates. Carefully tuned senses detected a trap among the crates, so the pallidin moved nimbly to the smaller and darker access to the side of the cellar. A growling and clanking put the living construct on guard. Bounding down the corridor were two large metal covered creatures, these creatures resembled wolves in general outline, but moved slower and without the grace of a living creature. Even though the iron defenders spat slippery oil and attacked with metal fangs, the warforged quickly dispatched them.
As he moved deeper into the basement he came upon an area that was darker and more sinister, turing into and alcove he found the miller coweering in fear. After brief questioning the man had told that the goods were just beyond the next door, and hurried off.
Opening the final door, Ferricgnome was attacked by a much larger iron defender. A few quick blows with his mighty heavy mace, reduced the metal monster to quickly cooling scrap metal. the Warforged moved across the floor and ascened a short ladder in the alcove were the "goods".
Returning quickly to the surface he again contacted the man who gave him the job.
Payment was quickly made, all in all a very business like transaction. No mention made of his origins just payment rendered for service provided.
The Warforged began to hope that at last he had found a home.

Before he could even begin to look for new employment, he sought out a weapons dealer to have some much needed repairs taken care of. While his weapons were being fixed, he was contacted by of all things a Cleric, one Pavaal, who wished to have the Pallidin accompany him along to something called "the WaterWorks"
So with the promise of even more adventure and treasure, Ferricgnome entered into a new phase of his existence.

11-30-2006, 12:05 PM
The Mighty Warforged strolled through the harbor, and took a turn down the long flight of rickety wooden steps that lead to and obvious entrance to a set of manmade underground tunnels. He was meet and enthusatically welcomed by the group who had summoned him. First was the cleric, unlike other clerics that Ferricgnome had meet, this one was clean shaven with a full head of hair, broad shoulderd and trim of wist. Pavall also carried a well used but strong looking mace to match the sheild and armor he aslo carried. BEside him way a doughty looking Dwarf weel equiped with implement of mayhem and excelent armour.Pirate also carried a small crossbow of cruios design. Standing abit apart from the other two Ellona that long limbed she elf, wore robes with mystic sygils around the hem and ptent runes picked out in silver along the sleeves. Her staff of hardwood had a softly glowing gem inset at its top, and girt about her waist was a silver chased belt with many pouches obiviously containing the necessary materails for her magics.
WE spoke briefly to the Guard, and were given some detail of were to procede inorder to get futhre instruction. The party entered throguht the large steel door and began its decent in to the mysterious waterworks.

12-06-2006, 02:09 PM
The large blue tinted construct sat at a table in the corner of the Wayward Lobster. Before him was a large tankard, containing a shimmering liquid, this mixture was mostly mineral oil liberaly dosed with mineral salts. The crowd was subdued that evening, very little activity in the fighting areana, few folks going in or out the door. A few regulars sat about in their accustomed chairs, bent low and discussing the days events.
A rather furtive man sat with an associate in the very center of the tavern, this man kept glanceing towards the warforged sitting in the corner. Ferricgnome stood up and strolled unconcernedly towards the man, his faintly glowing sword held easliy in his massive right hand.
"What do you need?" he said in a deep booning voice.
"I was wondering if ah...em.. that is...are you lloking for work?" Lepto answered.
"could be what do you have in mind"
"well I have this little problem...I have some gems stored in a warhouse near here that I really need to pay off a debt. It seems that the warhouse has been overrun by some Kolbold ruffians and I can't get my stones back"
"If i'm paid well I could retrieve your property" rumbled Ferricgnome.
"Oh of course sir I will make it worth your while to perform this small service for me" he simpered.

After getting the location of the warehouse, Ferricgnome swept the tavern with his faintly glowing eyes. He spotted a human rougue and an elvish caster sitting together, his scruntiy was returned with a barely perceptible nod on the part of the rougue. The three left the tavern and gathered in the cobbled street, the human procalimed himself to be one Lightfingers and his companion was know as Ellonia. While leading the way the Warforged outlined to the others, the job and promised and equal division of the spoils.
Prying open the door, the three crossed the partially emptied warehouse, to find a door leading to a lower level, beyound which the could here the guttural dog like yipping of Kobolds. The warforged settled his sheild on his left arm, the rouge began to move into a crouch as he approached the door, the elf cast a breif spell that surrounded the adventures in a breifly glowing nimbus, murmuring to the others about now being blessed.