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11-20-2006, 02:12 AM
Quite a few people asked me to repost this. So don't read any further if you don't want spoiler information.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<SPOILER CONTAINED BELOW>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I think everyone hates this place. To start with the multiple ramps and platforms is enough to get you jumbled, tryign to guess which way to go next. Then on top of that there are the puzzles that leave you... well... puzzled. Hopefully the information herein will be enough to take that painful edge off doing the quest.

Preparation is the key. Some of the more useful spells to have are Jump, and one of your casters with Resist Energy. Fire, Electricity and Acid are the key ones you’ll need throughout. Also everyone should have a feather fall item. Missing a jump while in the two central areas is deadly without it. Charm monster can also be quite helpful to keep the fire elementals at bay while you are throwing the switches.

To start off with when you zone in open your map up. The first thing to do is get your overall bearings. There is a large "square’ish" area with 2 circular pillars in the northwest and southeast of it. From here on out I'll refer to these as the North Pillar (NP) and South Pillar (SP).

Starting with the North Pillar it has 3 levels on the bottom of NP on it's north side there Main Control room is located there, along with a shrine. Moving up to the middle level of NP on the west side of it is the Bilge Control Room. And finally top of NP there are 2 rooms. On the east is the intake control room and on teh south is the security room.

The South Pillar (SP) only has 3 passages off of it. On the bottom East side are the 3 furnace rooms. On the middle South side of the SP is the Main Breaker Room. At the top of the SP on the north side of it is the Back up Generator.

The layout looks something like this.


A (Bottom Level) Main Control Room and Shrine
B (Middle Level) Bilge Control Room
C (Top Level) Intake Control Room
D (Top Level) Security Conrol Room
E (Top Level) Back up Generator
F (Bottom Level) Furnaces (Three total)
G (Middle Level) Main Breaker Control Room

Step One – Back up Generator
The First place you need to go is to the Back up Generator Room. To do this when you come in the entrance drop down to the platform right beneath you. Then follow it up. Careful as there is an acid trap at the top of this. A simple valve between the two jets turns it off. Once wind all the way up to the top of the South Pillar and enter into the room, there are various slimes and trogs for you to fight. Dispatch those. You then find a very complicated puzzle that you need to solve. There are 9 squares on the wall and 9 levers to pull. Each lever turns on designated squares to their opposite status.


The X’s represent the levers in the room. Flip the 4 corners and the center lever. This should turn on all the lights.

Step 2 - Furnace Junction
Make your way down to the bottom east side of the South Pillar. This is the furnace area. Follow down the passage a short distance and it comes to a junction with 3 bridges. At this point the left bridge will be down. When you enter the left bridge room, it opens up with several trogs to fight. Pre-buffing with fire and acid resist as well as jump on whoever is going to go for the switch is helpful. The warlocks cast Melf’s and fireball. The fire elementals also cast fireball. Note: It’s not worth killing the fire elementals as they almost instantly respawn. Once you have killed the spawns at the bottom, there are several more up the ramps as you proceed. Also there are several valves that will turn off the acid and force traps. Make your way up to the top and flip the elemental control valve. This will put the elemental inside a protective force-field preventing him from casting on you and also completing the stage. There is a blue gem’d lever at the bottom, don’t turn that until you get to the secret are up top and open the shrine down below. Make sure you activate the blue gem’d wheel before you leave the area. You need these to get your muckdoom later!

Step 3 – Security System
Make you way back up to the top of the North Pillar. The security Center has a number of Trogs inside it as well. Kill these off and then procced to the wheels. Since everyone has a slightly different interpretation of how to read the symbols, I’ll try to describe them as best I can. No two wheels can have the same symbol, and there are only 6 that need to be set whith each wheel only having 6 symbols. There are also various placards on the wall with a coloured gem showing which coloured wheel is to be placed to which symbol in case my descriptions don’t quite work for you.

Bottom – Yellow Wheel “looks like a letter C with 2 horizontal lines through it”
Middle lower – Purple Wheel “looks like a letter E with a long horizontal line through it”
Middle upper – Blue Wheel “looks like and upside down “U” with a long vertical line through it”
Middle upper – Orange Wheel “Looks like a letter “H”
Middle upper – Green “Looks like the letters “AE” blended together
Top – Red Wheel “looks somewhat like a backwards “F”

Once you have all the wheels set to the appropriate symbols, throw the lever on the middle lower level by the purple wheel.

Once you complete this step all the force traps through out the middle area will no be armed and going off. There’s not much you can do other than stick together, use haste to get to your next location. Make sure you know where you are going and try to jump them as you go along.

Step 4 – Furnace Junction
Back to the furnace junction. This time it will be the straight ahead bridge to cross. Charming the fire elementals is quite helpful in order to keep them at bay while you are throwing the switches. Again, clear out the lower level of trogs, then have one person make their way to the top and throw the elemental control valve. Don’t forget to turn the blue gem’d wheel for your muckdoom later!

Step 5 – Main Breaker Room
Move to the middle level on the south side of the South Pillar. Having someone with evasion do this makes it a whole lot easier. Make sure they have lightning resist before they enter the room. Everyone else can wait outside and range kill any mobs that spawn in the room. Whoever is inside has to go and pull all the levers on all the columns to the down position. Once this is done they can pull the main lever at the back of the room. Have your cleric keep them healed as necessary. There is a treasure chest off to the left of this room, with a force trap triggered upon opening the chest. You can bypass the trap by moving to the side of the chest and edging forward until you can access the chest.

Step 6 – Main Control Room
Time to power up the main control room. Move to the north top of the North Pillar. Inside this room slimes like to chain spawn. There are 4 floor puzzles that need to be completed. These are fairly straight-forward puzzles to solve. Make sure you have a couple of tanks with muckbanes on slime kill duty while you are turning completing the puzzles. Once the puzzles are complete time to move on.

Step 7 – Re-start the bilge pumps
Make your way to the middle west side of the North Pillar. Access the bilge control room. There is a hidden room along here with a shrine in it. This part will feel very painless compared to everything else. At the end of this tunnel is one lever, give it a pull and you’re done.

Step 8 – Furnace Junction
Here we are back again at the furnaces. This time from the junction you want to take the right path. Inside here you need to split your party. Mobs will re-spawn on the bottom, so you want to leave at least a couple of people behind. Hopefully one is ranger or paladin with the ability to heal with wands. The rest of your party you want to send up top. Use the valves to catapult our party up. From there follow it around. Once you are almost to the top, one person will again have to stay behind on one of the wooden platforms to use the valve to send up the rest of your party. Once you flip the switch for the elemental control valve, if you go around that column and look across, you will see another small platform with a valve. Up inside there are 2 chests, but be aware 3 mobs spawn when you open those chests up. At best you can send up 2 people, so perhaps you want to drop a cloudkill then send someone to run up open the chest and drop back down while cloudkill does it’s work. I usually bypass these chests, it’s a real pain to get everyone up to them with all the control valves and mobs constantly re-spawning below. Don’t forget to turn the blue gem’d wheel for your muckdoom later!

Step 9 – Intake Control Room
Phew! You are almost done. You want to go to the top of the north pillar, and then across the wood bridge to the far side of it on the east side of the North Pillar. The easiest way to do this is have your wizard/Sorc cast cloudkill on the upper platforms before you trigger the room. I like to fight at the top of the steps with solid fog and cloudkill on the steps. As soon as you enter the middle of the room, it triggers part of the room to spawn. Send one person in, trigger it and move back to the top of the steps. Once both sides platforms are dead and the room, I like to trigger the switches on either side one at time. As you approach the switches it will trigger spawns. Move back to the steps and kill them. Once you have killed both sides, pull the switches one at a time. Pulling them also triggers spawns. Having done both switches move to the wheel and activate. This will complete the quest. Once everyone loots the chests, don’t finish out, you still might be able to grab yourself a muckdoom!

Step 10 – Muckdoom!
Make sure everyone has fire resist up. Drop down to the very bottom of the pit. The gated area should be open for you now. Kill off ay slimes here, then enter into the gated area. As you approach, the avatar will spawn. Kill him and loot his chest. If you are lucky you’ll get yourself a muckdoom.

Hope this guide helps!
Special thanks to Peewee and Revenance for helping me run it one extra time so I could nail down the final details for this guide.


Rendaline Darkheart (Wizard of Mabar)
AKA Neilliam Lightblade (Cleric everywhere)

11-22-2006, 05:37 AM
nice guide

any idea where this new chest is?

you know the one where you can find the robe of acid

11-26-2006, 11:41 AM
If I had to guess I would say it's in the third furnace room (This is the room where you need party members to turn valves to blast you up into the air).

There is the hidden room as I mentioned in the guide, although depending on how good people are at their super mario bro's skills this can add anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour or longer if people are missing jumps and constantly falling back to the bottom.

11-27-2006, 10:55 PM
I got my Robe of Acid from the final room, one of the 2 chests there.

11-27-2006, 11:51 PM
You forgot to mention the chest in Furnace Room 2... like both other furnace rooms, there is a reward for those who climb all the way to the top.

The chest is in a little alcove directly above the entrance to Furnace Room 2, all the way at the top.

11-28-2006, 08:40 AM
Nice guide, thanks:)

12-01-2006, 02:30 PM
If you were on riedra server I would tip you!

12-06-2006, 03:38 PM
Very nicely done. Great job!

12-09-2006, 11:28 PM
On the very last switch that completes the quest, it also spawns 3 mages and a warlord. Found out the hard way.

02-26-2007, 10:55 PM
Whoever designed this quest definitely is twisted. This runthrough, though, was a tremendous help, not only in getting through, but also for relieving the frustration factor. Thank you!!

02-27-2007, 08:43 AM
Final room:
There are no spawns for throwing the switches (now at leaste) I think they changed that recently. There are 4 spawn points in the last room:
1) Bottom of stairs
2) Left switch in the waterfall
3) Right switch in the waterfall
4) when you step on the platform for the final valve

Send a person with haste and Jump and good Maro skills to bounce around to avoid the spell and get back up the stairs.

09-08-2007, 09:49 PM
The Pit is my favorite quest.



09-08-2007, 09:56 PM
I was xp capped on this quest due to extreme repetition before I hit level 11.

My sig links to my guild site. If you scroll down the main page, just above the video there, you will see a link for walkthroughs. That section has an illustrated guide for the pit, as well as a video walkthrough.

02-26-2008, 08:39 PM
It's cool. Thank you.

01-27-2009, 10:02 PM
90 day post

12-03-2009, 07:21 PM
Not 100% sure if I'm fooling myself on multiple Pit runs, but I've been spinning the first turnbuckle in the first furnace room prior to the top turnbuckle and haven't been getting locked out of....

A. The Shrine
B. Completion
C. Muckdoom Chest

.: DDO Urban Legend?

12-03-2009, 07:26 PM
Or an actually better map (best one i found)


Still, hate that quest with a passion.

12-03-2009, 07:50 PM

Maybe DDO Cast should feature some updated questing guide links in one of the upcoming Pod Casts. I had no idea Alex had that.

But, in the words of Borat, "Very Nice...Very Nice! How Much?"

12-05-2009, 02:12 AM
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