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11-17-2006, 09:21 AM
Hello everyone, i was wondering if some kind players would be willing to share their stategy to defeat Queen Lailat in the final Raid. We went there last night for the first time and got wipe a couple of times. Here some observations we found:

-Do not melee her, unless you don't mind losing massive XP :D
-Keep the clerics at the bottom of the platform with 2 fighters to protect them from the Efeetis
-Try to use range weapons only on her
-Try to cast dispel magic on her as much as possible she's casting a lot of buffs (Shield Pro/resist Fire, Acid, Frost)
-Charm Gnoll Archers, it removes some agro off the casters.
-Send the character with the highest reflex saves to pick the soul gems on the platform
-Casters on the platform should cast one spell and jump down right away in the lava. Re-use the gate to reappear in the center of the room.

Using this technique we only manage to remove 30% of her health, we ran out of mana and had massive XP loss.

Is there a "safe" spot on the platform?

Don't forget that since the last hotfix she can't fall anymore from the platform.

Looking forwards to hear your insights on this great Battle!

11-17-2006, 12:24 PM
You can easily melee her. She drops quickly that way. Making her miss with her attacks on you will help greatly. Your clerics can come up from the portal with the rest of the team. Just make sure to keep one at the bottom for when she drops to 20% or so health.

And taking a moment to regroup at the bottom and gain control of the raid is always a benefitial thing.

11-17-2006, 12:39 PM
It's difficult to melee her with all the blades moving around on the top of the platform, are you sure you're referring to the final Raid Battle?
Have you tried it after the hotfix?

11-17-2006, 01:44 PM
Killed her twice since the update. The last run we had less than 14 deaths total in the whole 21 minutes it took us. Most at the end when she caught us a bit off guard with the perm blades. She disappated like a normal blade but brought in the perms.

The intermittent blades are not an issue obviously since she goes away at the same time.

When the blades are up permanently the best advice I can give is zoom out and use some situational awareness, good communication and judicious use of hit and drops. Having a Paladin around helps a great deal for both the lay on hands and the save bonuses.

11-20-2006, 07:46 AM
I wouldnt say meleeing her is easy, although possible. Your average player wouldnt be able to do it. And your average player is going to have problems dodging all the blades too.

- If you're running out of SP, you should look into buying some scrolls. Charms cost alot of SP and can break easily or get resisted. There are alternative spells that last much longer, and can lower the accuracy of the archers.
- You can run the Efreeti's around, you dont need to kill it. So less people are needed at the bottom. Ressing cleric and runner.
- There seems to be no safe spots on the platform, the blades move you have to adjust.
- Have someone with high reflex but also evasion. Rogues or rangers pretty much take no damage from the blades.

11-20-2006, 09:26 AM
Searing Light Wands.

11-26-2006, 09:54 PM
I found it very easy to manage the Efreets - gain aggro on all 6 of them and run in a circle clockwise around the island at the bottom. Once you are sure you have all of them, jump on the ledge on the bottom west side of the island (may need a jump boost). They will continue to cast fireball but stop moving and with a few small adjustments to positioning on the top of the little ledge, they will stop having any affect on you (ie no die rolls) but continue to be aggroed and wont change as long as no one else takes the aggro. Be sure to have fire resist 20 of some kind of course.

11-29-2006, 05:41 PM
Crowd control works great for the efreetis as well. Who would have thought that a bard could manage 95 minutes of pure elite crowd control with out a single break?

11-30-2006, 11:41 AM
My guild has not yet tried the Marilith together so I can't give much information about how to defeat her. I have gone in there several times by myself to explore, however, and I'm happy to share what I've learned.

Initial Corridor:
When you initially enter you are presented with a short corridor barred by a series of gates. These are opened by killing the efreeti in front of them which spawn in pairs initially then groups of 3. They cast Fire Shield: Fire and Protection from Cold on themselves, and have pretty high Will Saves. Their fort saves are low, however, and a caster can solo through pretty easily just using Flesh to Stone and a puncturing pick. Once you get through the corridor there's a portal that takes you into a small room with a shrine and another portal. After you use the second portal you get transported to the main chamber with the Demon Queen.

You start on a raised circular platform extremely similar to the second fight in Against the Demon Queen and Lailat is sitting there waiting for you to talk to her to begin the fight. The chamber is much larger than the platform and the edges are open. You can fall down off the platform to a circle of lava surrounding it far below and several efreeti guards patrol around the lava. At the north edge of the circle below there is a portal that you can enter to warp you back up to the top of the circular platform in the middle.

There are also half a dozen pillars around the edge of the center platform. Gnoll Archers continually respawn on these during the fight and do around 15 damage per shot.

Finally, there are four additional ledges on the edges of the large chamber in each cardinal direction a little higher than the circular platform.

Initial Fight:
After talking to Lailat, three things happen. The first is that she teleports to one of the side platforms. Secondly, Gnoll Archers spawn on the pillars and begin sniping at you. Finally, six of the old-style blade barriers spawn and begin moving systematically back and forth across the chamber at slightly different speeds. If you get hit by one they appear to do 60 damage or so - which can be reflex saved for 30 damage or evaded for 0 damage.

One wrinkle I have noticed is that you cannot fall down off the central platform while you are a ghost. Instead you walk out into space on an invisible floor and I presume this was added to keep people from dropping down for a rez.

The farthest I've gotten solo is hypnotizing the gnoll archers, then dodging the blade barriers for a while waiting for the queen to teleport back. Eventually I get hit by a spell called Marilith's Wrack which blinds, holds and trips me at the same time and then blade barriers finish me off. I haven't been able to notice what save I'm rolling against it if I'm rolling one at all, but it's definitely bad news for players trying to solo it.

As far as I can tell, the best strategy seems to be keeping a cleric with rez safe on the bottom then sending a character with evasion on soul stone runs to gather up stones, drop them next to the cleric, and go back up and collect more. It should definitely be easy to keep clerics alive with this method and it seems like the only reason you would really fail this raid would be to run out of resources.

I hope to finally get a guild run of it tomorrow night, so tonight I'm going to experiment a little more and see if I can figure out how to get her to return to the main platform, how viable DD is, and what the restrictions on re-entry are. I'm also going to test various CC options on the gnoll archers. A single caster putting extended acid fog at the top of each pillar then remaining on the floor protecting the clerics seems viable if the gnoll archers stay trained on that caster irregardless of range and LOS like most other archers. Extended Hypno was fairly effective but I also want to try Extended Flesh to Stone. Finally, stat damaging their offensive capabilities down to 0 with ranged weakeners and bone breakers sounds promising.