View Full Version : What are the best working races for alchemist?

05-04-2021, 08:57 PM
Also, what 'spells' are best for general use?

05-14-2021, 11:51 AM
Also, what 'spells' are best for general use?

If you have lots of racial PLs Dragonborn is very nice for an Alchemist but then a load of free racial points is nice on any character.

Gnome used to be the go-to race for Color Spray but Feydark Illusionist also has it and other nice things as an alternative. Gnome still has the +Int though which is nice.

I think human is a genuine contender as Alchies can be feat-hungry even with their extras and, especially at low levels, its very nice to have Maximise, Empower and Empower Healing by 3rd level.

Spell-wise Alchemists have a few great spells and a whole host of good ones.

The bomb spells (Glue and Smoke) are truly game-changing. Glue bomb works on some named mobs and is very reliable. Smoke Bomb (take extend) will keep you alive in really tough fights and is a great get-out-of-jail card. Frog is also very good.

As discussed in the other thread, the inflict admixtures are amazing damage when they work and Multivial is still strong despite being downgraded slightly.

I really like the Boost Spells - especially Sprint and Double depending on your build but they're not the fastest or most cost efficient to cast so best used quickened while in Pyrite reaction for the cost reduction (which is, in itself, not always easy to manage).

The trick with Alchemists is to lean into the play-style. Throwing flasks is very different to cast spells and it can be frustrating at first. However I think its actually better for solo-ing as the range is amazing and you can have 3 flasks in the air at the same time if you have the space (outside). In dungeons its more difficult but still not bad. As the flasks are homing you can throw one and then another knowing the mob will still be hit even when moving and, with good timing, you can use this when pulling to get a group of mobs even when spread out as they bunch together as they run to you.

The reactions can be a pain to manage but the upside is great and you get used to it after a while. It's impossible to keep in reaction all the time but it works well enough to make a noticeable difference especially if you remember to go Orchidium when you really need it (PRR/MRR).

When in groups offensive casting can be more tricky especially when zerging - you need to be close to guarantee you'll hit quickly enough to compete with direct spellcasters but you still have good aoe options. I usually revert to off-healing when I group (when I'm usually in r2+ even with very few past-lives and mediocre kit) and I think theres an argument for Alchemists being the premier healers prior to 12th in heroic.