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03-21-2021, 03:40 PM
Kil Glory
Gnome neutral
Str 10 4
Dex 8
Con 17 11
Int 20 16 +7
Wis 8
Cha 13 5
+8 tome
+2 complete

1 alch pbs (spec conjure)
2 alch insightful reflexes
3 alch rapid reload (completionist)
4 alch battalion brew (pyrite +1) check heighten yes.
5 alch
6 alch maximize
7 alch
8 alch empower
9 alch quicken
10 alch
11 alch
12 alch evasion
Feat accelerate
13 alch
14 alch
15 alch magical training
16 alch heighten or pyrite+1
17 alch
18 alch imp magical train
19 alch
20 alch liquid courage

21 wellspring
24 master of multivial
26 sp acid
27 embolden
28 elusive tgt
29 arcane pulse
30 scion of earth? Fire?
Burst of glacial wrath.

Inquisi until 12. Test out that tree.
Have a ml2 keen light. Test that out. Have a vorpal at 7. Nothing on the auction. Will look loot rewards. No rat catcher, didn’t drop last life.
Dex is a dump stat. Learned that.
Just con and int. That’s almost too much stacking. Man, how many ways they break this to build it.
At 12. One or two button aoe trash kill. Without maximize.
Seriously, melee is underserv3d.
Ya, this game is dead. There aren’t enough ppl in lvl range to run more than a team, and half of them aren’t running or solo. Then there’s the unlisted ppl, and they almost never run lfm.
So very dead.
Tho the treadmill seems alive. But I rarely get more than 1 or 2 to join. Rarely.
I hate solo. I hate run by myself. As I’ve said, my enjoyment from the game is truly watching others play.
I tried the guild thing.
But it’s always a gossip and snark game. Wasn’t looking that so much. Ya I expect bravado in high performing teams, but the blowback on being out of fotm was too much.
Seems I’m not quite up to speed, so I doing some old coursework.
Got my completionist back.
Don’t have a horse. That’s a serious issue.
Everyone blazing trails through wilderness creating red alerts. Then you’re running behind and have to deal with piled up mobs. It’s another ****ing mess. Talk about lag.
Horses create lag. Gonna farm when I hit epics.
HC starts first of April. So for 3 months I’ll be doing racials. Going to 30, and reroll epics once.see what I can get out of it.

Farmin keep. No loot dropped when I was 20. But running them all at 20 r1. Ha. My hp like 550 normal, but 1000 reaper. What you think I’m gonna run? And I’m still in 10 gear.
Ya. The month for the monk. And now I’m reroll and realizing there’s lot more loot sets been introduced. Some nice at 5 and Sharn at 15. Then some light keep at 21. I have cannith at 21. Those are 10 stats. So I’m finding I’m suddenly farming for 3 gear sets, not including cap, when I get there.
Getting my feet back in the game, and enjoying purple damage on a alchy. Blowing stuff up. Lots of explosions.
And lots of spells.30, in a 5x6. More buttons than I know what do with. But I’m practicing. Took wellspring at 21. Seems I’m going nukage route. Should be good thru r4. I can gear, sans raid, but I don’t do LGS. I have the comps. Could prob do a 4 pc set. But I’ve never trusted that crafting system. Somebody coded it wrong. Because if that stuff is still relevant in today’s game, they broke it handing out the candy.

A horsey story
Getting back in the saddle
So I’m farming kil for the keep at epic.
Lfm r1, cuz I’d rather reaper than full heal myself. And btw the heal splash is a good reaper self heal, about half r1.
And I get adds and a full team, cuz I’m running silent with a Chinese lead, and go public
So a full team running all the quests,
And my luck as an alchemist, is to get blanked at 20. But horseshoes were dropping.
Picked up two fast horseshoes. Don’t know how they worked, yet.
Fast forward,
I’m rolling vish again. For raids. And for fey gear.
Everybody loves a cleric. But he’s a sword fighter, so they don’t expect it till he shows up and melees. Going for the wicked blade, since he’s a khopesh fighter. Was going calamity, but that’s an old story.
So I ran vish last nite dnd hard, it’s so easy now. I had a treasure Hunter and a discovery running. And even blessed the chest, but got blanked. Runes tho.
So today another comes up and I’m join and have to but bypass timer. Should have got them on sale. But idc.
And we run it and I’m still on discovery timer. Bam. Pull an black unicorn!
Nice, now I’m mounted, just what I was looking for.
That’s first chest.
Then second. Bam
Pull another unicorn.
Was gonna trade it,
But this was a named group, they had it all. Hoping for the twist.
I do keep blessing chests.
So I kept the second.
Nice, bound to account.
Now kil has a ride.
Two horseshoes,
Two horsies

03-24-2021, 08:46 AM
Epic notes
Got an epic voice. That’ll be nice for the reroll in epics.
Big farm list for alchy gear. Gonna learn a few more fey quests.
Got to 30 in like 3 days. Running all the low level epics for first. Then some gh at 24, then somewhere a r1 shroud for 500k. Ya, pick all the arcs I didn’t level thru. So huge first time bonuses.didn’t bother the explorer. Those will be 2nd tr. also did some legendary raids. Decent big spot if you never did them.
Got to 29. With bags full of loot. No gear on except 3 21 cc and some misc low level stuff. Decided to try a r1 sharn. Nope, couldnt land anything, everything saving. Stopped there.
Hopped a RL c1 and c2 with friends and got carried to 30.
Major sort and search of loot.
This will be a longer process of sorting gear and mules
Have. A couple low level now, getting gear put there. Have a couple teens for the 15 loot, and need to level a couple 20s to 30 for their loot hold. I have one of each class except artificer and favored soul.
Anyways. I looked over my loots looked mules I have 3pc beacon from rl. I have items from fey from monk farming. Missing the fey helm but have the fey orb.need to sentient xp level the autumn strap.
After gear set up, yay mantle of Escher, I was able to r6
A very poor tetris, but has all the spell dc adds, from like spinneret and onyx
Still too much melee oriented, I jump around in combat a lot, oh and I love the flyby from draconic. I’m liking the build, looking to see how it improves.
Think I’ll etr immediately and keep half of fey for first time. Back to farming keep for a few items. Oh and the bonus is RL can be put on at 28. Enough for easy carry to 30.
Now I’ve got the general gist, will refine.

Gear list 15

Bracers aetherband
Spellpen3 Ispellpen2 mageff5 shield8 green esoteric initiate

Goggles dusk lenses
Potency60 Ipotency30 effmeta empower2 effmeta maximize1 yellow esoteric initiate

Outfit Orders garb
Fort94 prr19 excUSP8 exc USL3 blue esoteric initiate

Boots stone shoes
Icorr47 Qcorr23 weighty assets parry3 sink like a brick earth grab guard yellow

Gear list 30

Autumn winter

Belt strap of autumn leaves artifact autumn winter
INT22 mrr59 natarmor22 mageff10%

Clothing leg garb of autumn winds autumn
Prr54 parry10 EUSP20% EUSL10%

Neck amber pendant autumn

Ring1 leg duskbone autumn
Vertigo23 ghostly profane lifeforce72 hardened exterior2

Ring2 leg falls decay autumn
CORR214 CORRlore31

Gloves dead ringers autumn
ProfaneSFM2 spellpen9 WIZ440 IWIZ220

Helm crown of snow winter
SFM7 ISFM4 cold shield paragon wave

ORB heart of the prince winter
CON21 ghostly energy siphon lifeblood of the undead prince

Boots windriders autumn
FOM speed30 dodge21 whirlwind ward

Boots deep snow winter
FOM ICON10 QCON5 fortsave17

Bracers green dragonscale autumn
IRES8 vitality72 poisonres81 power store

Bracers cold iron winter
Prot17 vitality72 Qfalselife20 ghostly

Cloak of autumn autumn
ICON10 acidabsorb50 wind thru the trees lesser displacement

Cloak of winter winter
Falselife81 lifesealed coldaborb50 leg ice barrier

Helm faeriefire lights autumn feytwisted
QWIZ 110 mageff10 illusory death faery fire curse

Missing goggles, trinket

Goggles Collective sight

Trinket slavers

03-26-2021, 10:13 AM
Epic TR
Took arcanealacrity1
Not sure if cooldown is better than crits. Want to see.
I figure I’ll be doing some alchy lives to 30 once I have a gear set. Got most of it farmed. Need 3-4 more items. But I’ll roll the 3 áa and 3 ancient.
Might have found guys to roll racials with.
Need to plan it out better. Now after seeing heroic twice, and now epic twice with a tr, some consideration to planning what to roll and what not, and if I can do this with others better.
This morn went 20 to 24. Did some necro slayer in 30 min for max. Oh ran sands and adq. That was first time on the raid xp. And necro got me to 24. Did a few gh, but had to break for store run.
Once I find our time slots I’ll roll.
And then there’s being carried by others. Sometime I like to pike, but not really. Oh also did c1 citw this morn. Need to relook quest lists. I know, oh like Fens, haven’t touched that yet, or druids. I’ll figure it out.
Getting back into guild and discord. Getting names and voices down. Hardest is when things don’t match, but running with them got it figured out.
24 ran a pug dnd. Some I knew, so friendly talkers. I guess my mic is loud. But I was joking them about pulling unicorns, and told the lead I’d pass it too him, since he took me at 24. It was a kinda mixed fight, we had a few deaths and even danced and danced during the end fight. I was playing safe but still died 3 times, and had to pull to center to backup heal. But we got it done. Lo, I pulled a unicorn. And lo, in the second chest frozen storm, the cold raid trinket. Exactly what I need on a cold alchy. And I passed the unicorn. Job well done. Burned a timer but it was worth it!
Ya, fens, druids, and mines. And c3 ravenloft, and parts of Sharn.
Guild to 80
Reaper to 71

Vish ran a PN and pulled the caster goggles.
Yester also, ran c3 citw. And fens.
This morning. Druids and catacombs. Have wheloon 3bc and epic orchard. Some of these like for citw and mod I should flag first etr to get raids in.
Yes, vish. Enough runes to buy dnd. So maybe bow again, boat is still the Jokers Wild.
And a reroll fvs? He’s done his cleric lives. He has +6 tomes. My starter char/alt.
Will look gearsets him. He’s mostly just for raids. Did a VOD too, but that raid is horrible. Too dark, and too much flashy **** in epics. Couldn’t see a goddamn thing and it’s like epilepsy. Better to just stone thru it almost. Ya we almost had a wipe, but super fvs Q kept us going. So much easier with melee than ranged.
Ya state of the game. 5 ranged and 1 melee in group, and melee is usually pally, second by barb. Barbs stills squishy. That makes decent for questing, but pug raid it’s worthless. Do see fair amount of divines tho. So the trinity is strong, just not always served.
Thing on the beg question list,
What is your main, do you role play.
And, add MP TO ITEMS.

Trinket bottled rainstorm autumn
Insightful Power of the Frozen Storm +109
Quality Power of the Frozen Storm +54
Fire Resistance +83
Empty Blue Augment Slot
Empty Green Augment Slot
Eminence of Autumn

03-27-2021, 01:45 AM
Cold 870
Cold crit 50
Spell crit 62

Pos 595

Acid 682
Electric 820
Fire 692
Universal 240

Boost to 1000
With wellspring, reaper profane, draconic fury

Resting r1
Cold 817
Electric 767
Positive 590

Cold 50
Electric 50
Pos 25

All crit 60

Saves are all around 94
Breath 104
Can boost 9 for 30 sec, insight and reaper potency

Gear. The Prince of Paradox
Or the Jigsaw Juicer

Mantle of Escher
Esoteric set

Acolytes lenses
Cc21 neck devotion115 false life30 also con10 icon4
Bottled rainstorm
City champ cloak
Cc21 bracer shelter25 fort115 str10 prot6
Ring1 spinnerette
Ring2 shattered onyx
Wind rider boots
Heart of the prince
Princes sceptre

Con 67

No sentient
No artifact
Missing 11 phillies

20d6+80 x3 times above

I am 3 button r1 legendary

Another mini project
Needs bladeforged, level to 30
Can u change race?
Only on reroll or with a 20 heart
Only class?
Never used one
He’s 15/1 pally for pdk
Maybe 5 ftr? Should have been 6
Pdk for knights training
Maybe good enough don’t need fey
Could pike Sharn.
Long term, but everybody loves scoob
Just needs gear.
A tank?
That would stable the trinity.

Need a cha item for swap with diplo or and bluff.

Oh raid notes.
Then new tank, and we did it same team.
LH. The first was a mess for some reason,
No one would do the laser. I’m dps heals.
But I guess they were looking me or I felt I should,
But I never had yet...
Anyways I did try it and got it into place relative immediate,
Buttons are only 4 direction and a red one
But, staying alive, and getting the look angle and holding the tgt there
And not accidentally killing it and doing it three times and nobody still has a clue
I not done the batter rooms? Ele rooms?
Or know what the puzzles are for.
I’m sure this needs to be a teaching raid.
I’m not there yet...
Anyways second everyone had a clue. The leader was good, he had ppl assigned to cover it
But again, no voice, so keyboard isn’t fast enough or commanding...
But if you can run it silent,
That’s part of spec ops

03-29-2021, 12:30 AM
Exploding unicorn head
Got a heroic quiver of alacrity and upgraded it
Now prepped for all future tr
Running this morning,farming.
Was running Sameish folk last few days, got pulled and rolled in a compete over the necklace, but I was passing too. Got 2 items 3 quests. Enough to start doing tetris.
Using orb and wild frost. Took the 100k furious, legendary!, off scraps and put it in the sickle. Put on the belt, had it max 3k ez.
Put in 5 ottos and 5 nystuls. All rare.
Tetris tetris who cares, 5pc autumn 4pc winter. 2k hp and 6k pool
101? Int. I’m looking augments now.
124ac 27 dodge 160prr 110 mrr.
Next run I’ll take light armor and go that route. On the etr I put pyrite at 4, but can’t undo 1 conjunct spec. Want to see higher mrr? By 60, so 160 mrr cap? 22 dodge tho.
Saves 70-80
Took some hit cold to 750. Still can 1k burst.

Wow just got passed a dire wolf belt. By a former monk friend. And a summer fey neck with spell pen. Landed and no one else wanted
Nice now to luck the faery helm.
Finished a Sharn saga. First roll it gives me the wis artifact ring. So I took a second, and am keeping for swaps.

Last nite. Looked my Tetris. Found 6 pc autumn by crown with profanne. Crafted onyx to +10, and found I didn’t need goggles less some wizardry. So I found duskbone on a reroll after three runs.

And a wicked blade. On a low roll of 3. And I have calamity...

110 int saves to 100.
So a spell that adds +4 and melt lock, and evasion, and reflex and wis to int.

Dusk lenses
Crown of leaves a
Amber pendant a
Bottled rainstorm a
Autumn winds a
Cloak of winter w
Green dragonscale a
Strap of autumn a w
Shattered onyx
Deep snow boots w
Crumbling gloves
Wild frost
Heart of the prince w

Holding out on swaps of the helm, bracers and gloves

Only augments atm,
Heavy fort and ff in robe, festive int in strap (yellow)

Decide on light armor 165 prr 160 mrr 22 dodge 130ac not proficient
Took off the 2 in robe, put them in belt
Have a -15ASF blue in lt armor

Gloryborne gloves feytwist autumn
SacredSF2 Silverflame214 Qresist4 temperance of spirit

This is a dps main heals secondary.
It like the crown of summer, devotion, would go great with this build, but it summer, so I’m wearing acc deadly for no reason. Perhaps good if I splashed vile alchemist. It more melee.
The gloryborne are the 7 th pc autumn, tho I’m enjoying the QINT4 from the crumbling gloves. It wouldn’t slot anywhere else, but the gloryborne are way worth it. 2sf and devotion.
And, and I changed my name to glory
Not knowing those would be the gloves I’d end up chasing.

The build. Decent defenses. Strong nukage. Ez r1, prob solo r4, and contributes depending li through r10.
I’m enjoying it. Old school artillery
It artiller battery
Lobbing 3 rounds. Like grenade thrower
Mostly I like the curves they had weird angles sometimes
It’s cold spec tears up fire, has 108 fire resist.
I have the lotus mail and crown and they are orange, or gold
But this life I took more orageish hair so it’s a great match
Tho I like the garb outfit for the pants look
May glamor it
Crown is actually ugly, but it’s a good ensemble
Doesn’t look cold, even tho sporting 4 pc winter
2500 hp 6200 spell pool
Run maximized everything on, all the time
Will have to break down ap
And twists, and destiny

I will run this again to 30 for 3 arcane alacrity, then start on ancient history, and to pick up third gnome life and racial +1. Also get a +1 int out of this life for next.

Have to name it something
The cold heart of the prince

03-31-2021, 09:28 AM
R1 PN AND DND with Chinese
They get it done

Learn bring curse pots to pn

This morning, vish
Dnd and KT
pulled 2 more unicorns of vish
This time got a white one
Also got a feareater
I have runes for either blade and bow
Leaning half elf aa bowyer with falconry
Will build into horizon walker
Maybe need new gear set.
Can farm Sharn and fey and raids while I reroll kil

Created new toon. Shaggi
Wf artificer
Will put rune arms and docents on him
And crossbows
Have a strinatis

Played scoob. He’s pdk tank
Rewrote block button
And now to gear him. He’s 16
Will put armors and shields on him
And give him a black unicorn.
Not sure if I should 15/5 him.
I just put shield feats on him. No swf
15/1 /2 1 18 1 19 /4 1
Could swf. He’s got max +2 tomes. I epic and pally past life. 2 rxp.
But gear make the man.
Take him to 30 reroll in bladeforged.
Could thf? And change enh. Hmm.

Also, vish is playing fine. He just needs a regear too.

Clearing kil to reroll
Will reroll hardcore start. Farming rxp and items. Still need a few.
Gotten compliments on how ugly the armor is.
From a soulstone
Believe in light armor

Just pulled the dead ringers gloves. 7pc autumn.
Looking the autumn cloak to swap winter bracers.
Ransack reset. Had a monk with a statuette for shrine, but I took the aggro and the other two beat the boss. Happy and ready to tr.

Ya, got the endear setup. The gloves move the build to 2500hp 7000 pool.

04-03-2021, 10:33 PM
Kil Glory
Gnome neutral
Str 10 4
Dex 8
Con 16 10
Int 20 16 +7
Wis 8
Cha 14 6
+8 tome
+2 complete

1 alch pbs (eschew or lt armor)
2 alch insightful reflexes
3 alch rapid reload (completionist)
4 alch battalion brew (heighten)
5 alch
6 alch maximize
7 alch
8 alch empower
9 alch quicken
10 alch
11 alch
12 alch evasion
Feat accelerate
13 alch
14 alch
15 alch magical training
16 alch imp magical train
17 alch
18 alch heighten
19 alch
20 alch liquid courage

21 wellspring
24 master of multivial
26 sp cold
27 embolden
28 elusive tgt
29 deific warding
30 scion of fire
Arcane insight

Lvl 7-8
Pull reaper stat COB

Iron mines pulled Mithral armor

9. Better to run solo than carry newbs.
They cost scrolls and time, don’t heal, and can’t dps.
Found a sweet power band between 5-9 with new gear.
Keeps rolling, 5, 8, 10, 12,13,15
I keep thinking I have meld
At 9 4th lvl spells but not spelling yet, just heals

Super stoked over the reaper cob
That’s on every build pretty much from now on
10mp and +2stats
Surprised the legendary isn’t 30mp. That would make it bis

Going slower this time at my pace. I can solo, so I can pick the quest.

Did a hardcore. Monk, 28 pt build. Hard to stat it. At least I could be aasimar.
Ya 15 dex 14 con 12 int 16 wis, because no tomes
Will have to +1 int at 4 to get CE
MADE IT TO 3 elite Korthos.
Going to borderlands next.
Main server isn’t dead, but korthos harcore is super live
More low levels than I’ve seen at one time...
Mimics are killing em
Did harbor made it to 4
Then ran some more and was in garrison
Lag death to electric trap
It was lagging anyways and I was thinking of logging
Couple hours. I’m done.
No way I’m wasting time permadeath with lag
And trying melee. Sorry ddo. You lose.

04-08-2021, 08:43 AM
Been diversifying. Playing some low level for bag and fey loot.
Ya, hardcore changed my attitude
Feel like need to break
Not in a hurry to level, but can solo
But sad state no lfm
Not enough ppl in level range to fill a group
Lucky to duo
Except during prime time. Then some action
But more dead now that hardcore
But I need time live. Not chasing cosmetic
Been working and looking over toons
Gear list for vish and scoob
Been playing alts to work on them as well
13 switched over to alchy nuker. T5 inq wasn’t cutting it. Aoe rules.

Vish.rand a normal dnd. Got a fey chest. Pulled the throwing dagger. I will never make a throwing dagger build. So gave it to the rogue hosting the raid.
I think guild leaders get more loot. A perk?

Lot of arms about changes
One of the things about dnd
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Keep repackaging and selling same game new rules
This is business. Sell your creative work
Ddo is a living thing
Changes always coming
But when you change editions,
You should pronounce it as such
That what this feels like
And hardcore is a gimmick
Because everyone’s bored on live
Everyone has wings and triple completionist
Only action is the month after an update drops
Changing the rules
Making everything simpler
There was lot of nuance written into the original game
But that is all being replace by cool downs
And avg damage to the middle
Dumbed down game
Already it’s three buttons on an alchemist
No way I play that way melee
I left because my monk was triple nerfed
I came back to see how things were
2 expansions, 3 really
All geared so they don’t work together
Still going on about codex pages
Op casters
I know, free dps in raids is required
My monk is awesome actually,
But not as awesome as my alchemist
I still got time to serve
I have 15 racials to do
I’ll take the easy button
But that’s always what it is
And the next easy button will be bow
Why, because it’s the new thing to sell
Ya I see lot of vitriol on forums
Resentment of obvious business practice
But it gets tiring playing and gearing for fotm
Why ppl play same build for years
And perfect it tho it may not be OP
and then rules change,build get wrecked
The issue is sustaining different builds in gear
After years of investment
To see it destroyed
That ****s ppl up
A lot
Ya, how much your invested
And ppl are invested 15 years
Not so many anymore
Too much frustration over changes
And changes that don’t come back
Maybe in 5 year cycles
Who plays a game every 5 years?
So there’s nothing really keeping me here
Haven’t found any regulars to run with
Most vets don’t play much that I knew
Raiding community is better
Because of discord
Couple years off the tread wheel
It’s still here
I could long term triple
And I’m close to wings
And my endgame was just going be exploring builds
But with the reduction to simple,
You lose the complex
That was the nuance I spoke of
Like EIN used to be charged,
By stunning fistx1 and quivering palmx3
So it was skill? And a dance of melee to prep ein
Now ein on a cooldown
Stupid button
Well, you could say it makes it better for Henshin and ninja,
Who couldn’t sunning fist unless wraps,
And it makes it better for any in gmof Ed, since it’s just a button
And don’t require no monking
But the play for it’s gone
Just like the play for finishers is gone
Because auto attack is better
So when they get caster ranged and melee down to the same damage,
And we have just one button to click,
Ie the attack button
That will be the game

Because when we get it down to one button
Then we will have a base to build on
As it is
Magesty is so op compared to melee
That they are different games
And ranged is in there too,
But from the third perspective, of never melee
Even tho they have melee stats and hp
Some things are way out of balance
But, that’s pay to win
One button

04-18-2021, 06:00 PM
Didn’t play a week. Overplayed my hand, injured it so been resting.
Easy lighter play.
Rolled a 100 on the weekly. Got a dark beast heavy armor with clawed Paldrons. Cosmetic. Excellent. It’s a good as hardcore armor. I had lost my 15 cloak. It just disappeared. So I switched to my old reaper red armor. But this armor is plate too, and all black, and has a big skull on the chest. Silver highlights. So I’m wearing it now. Got a 15k and a lesser discovery too.
Ya, now I got a big screen hi res to see the game, and cosmetics can be seen clearly. Still, the graphics ain’t much, and it’s not how you look how you perform, so cosmetics have never been a thing for me. Put on the reaper red and cloak and go to town. So hardcore presents nothing to me, I get my bragging rights off rolling 100s.
16-17 been running Sharn. Pulled an orders garb. Have the other 2 for 3 pc. So now have the three pc 15 Sharn caster set. Also pulled the gloves for wallwatch. And the garb for bowyer, since horizon coming out will want the archer set too.
Tho I have plans to reroll vish back into archer, I may roll kil as one too. Since he’s really the build test. At least I could gear it and test it. Kil has all the bows as does vish. Both would need Aeriana. But I’ve been running dnd regularly. So will likely have the runes. Or it may drop or pass, had one try at it on vish.
Ok got a couple epic lives. For x3arcanealacrity, then x1 ancient.
At 20, 600hp and 3000 pool. Had to set twists and set draconic. I take flyby and dragon breath and draconic hunger and +6 int. 1100 hp in reaper. Now to farm keep.

Wow. Just found my 15 cloak in the tr cache. So was I wearing it? I swear. It was when I was swapping to a cannith cloak. Had a phasecloak on, but had the cosmetic over it. Then suddenly I notice it wasn’t showing my cloak. And now I get it back, magically.

Ya, that pay button.
I was joking a friend how I spent 2000as on rerolls and stuff, and he said he spent 16k. So ppl put money into this game to get items. In this case we were talking reaper stat helms.
But it’s the same way with xp pots. That’s a well worn groove. But at $7.50 a piece, I never bought them. Still won’t, there’s plenty xp in the game, and I enjoy running builds and running content.
But I can see myself spending money on ddo points, for more AS. Tho I’m on racial track now, and that’s about 500pts per life. But stuff like ottos are $50 and other items are $35. For a item transfer. I would never pay that. That’s ripping off the poor ppl that don’t raid enough. Sure it’s providing a service, but how often it gets bought? You could sell that for $10 and make lots ppl happy and more ppl transfer to alts. I guess the rewrite code on btc is expensive.
But as I’ve talked more players, it’s obvious they spend money on the game. $200 bucks a month avg? I wouldn’t doubt it. Internet alone is 75. So you spend 20 hours a week playing but only spend 10 bucks a month. Lolz more time than money. Now it’s more money than time, so I can spot some fast track.

Some benchmarks
With fox 83 int
50 con 1341 hp
3900 spell pool
Cold 380 electric 344 pos 310
Ac85 dodge 23/27 prr49 mrr68
Saves on spells at 70

Orders garb dusk lenses aetherband ml15 esoteric initiate
Reaper COB
CC21 con14 devotion115 falselife30 neck
Epic voice, 1 slot
Cc21 cloak int10 dodge10
Belt of wicked insanity iint4 qint2
Ring of wicked insanity int10 profane
Ring2 celestial topaz wiz154
Black feather boots
Blur finger gloves lesser displace quick draw
Epic sceptre of magnetism mag111 imag55 iwiz97
Has new blackrazor in it
Orb of frost cold115 icold57 icelore17

Ok ran some keep and got a little loot haul. Enough to tetris I thought, but the esoteric set is pretty decent. Missing dc adds tho. But good cc con item, and the cloak is part done, was gonna insightful int, but it’s on ring, using it for dodge. Maybe remake as a spell resist dodge cloak. Could find a better cloak. Pulled the boots, wearing them now. Epic voice 1 slot open, prob int. And, put the soulrazor in the sceptre. Brand new. So I’m gonna level it. I will build a razor eventually. And I haven’t heard it. Keeping the 8s in duality and wild frost. So plan to level this with the build. Because all the spare loot I got in heroic wasn’t worth crunching it. I was filling the spare ring, and it barely moved it. So I won’t do that anymore. Won’t take garbage low level loot.
Ya, went to the keep and bout a electric sceptre. So cold main electric second. Cuz I was looking a 21 sentient.
Got the belt and ring, and the topaz for wiz and the sceptre has iwiz.
Gloves could be replaced. I looked, 35% conceal standing, 50% with displacement. So I don’t always spell displace, just before combats, because it doesn’t last 2min.
Reaper to 73? Split between int and con, where most of dodge comes from, I am short there most.
Ap split is 50 bomb 24 healer 4 in fey for sp. 9 in gnome free.
Twists are meld, arcane 2+3 and 10%spell pool
At 21 took wellspring.

04-21-2021, 08:44 AM
Put +1 int Otto in voice, put 10usp Otto in sceptre.
Had a general plan for leveling, but grouping isn’t much so kinda haphazard. What it means is I have more xp on the reroll. But I won’t get sagas. And I was kinda wanting to see that turn. But you really got to hit it once you reroll 20. Lot of quests in 20-24 range. But even posting lfm for like c1 web r1 doesn’t get hits. So much depends on your playtime. There just isn’t server pop.
But like this morning, early am. 3 lfm for r10 and raids. Prime time Chinese. You don’t get that any other time. Americans only roll r4-6.
That’s why I’m up early morning. I run with them pretty regularly. I will drop into the r10s perhaps when I’m back to cap. Should be next few days.
Wed. U49. Proc change rate. We’ll see. No way to test changes to monk. Will hear I guess. Nothing on my alchemist procs much, so I won’t notice anything. We’ll see what is reported. Theory crafting and real time are different games.
A new storyline? And still no more set pieces. Needed a fey add. Maybe next one? Next is horizon walker. That will be some bows and bow items. Then 51. Salt marsh? Mini expansion. And ED. SO PROB NO ADDS. The fey feels incomplete. They really need new ideas for legendary loot. Or just make **** that goes together.
Case in point. Doing some ranger build gears. I had one for cleric ranger, it was 7pc spring, 3pc summer. And other builder showed a 3pc Sharn, with all else individual pieces. But it was like maxed out. And that’s from a 2 year old set. Better than the newer 7pc, why, because flexibility. And too many needed holes not filled. I mean my set was elegant in the sense it covered basics, slotted the3pc summer for devotion, and got 7 and 3 set bonuses, which added up better than the individual piece set. But lost out on all the insight and quality fillers. I guess that’s the choice. The fey set was one expansion farmable. So there’s that. Go backwards and deeper into the game to get better. But from coming past to forward, it feels lacking. Except the winter 4pc. +20% legendary hp is awesome for melee. I would say required. That’s what’s needed in legendary. More hp buffage. I said like feats, 500hp. Stuff like that. When you add a % mod, that’s huge stacking. And it’s already in 29 gear.
Coming back to cap. Basic farmage for some stuff. Gloryborne gloves. I think only some stuff drops in certain fey chests. I’ve seen a lot of same stuff in chests I’ve seen. Maybe 8 by now? Maybe some stuff rarer? Or that I didn’t know what I was looking for to begin. That’s always the fresh perspective. The surprise of seeing something new. Now it’s posted before it’s downloaded. So you know almost immediately what you’re looking at and where to find it. But what? Testing? Couldn’t hide the loot could you? They did that with the fey chests. But that’s all known now. Better farmers than I.
Ya. That was one of my best loot experiences. It the money pit know as mtg. Opening packs and pulling rares. Cards you’ve never seen before. Because you know, that was before the time of card lists. The internet was still new.
So you either get this elation or this letdown. Yay, there’s loot in the next update or boo, there’s nothing I want. I mean, most just farm it and store it anyway. I only keep the mythic and reaper stuff. Because it’s too much muleling as it is. Tho I’ve now considered leveling my 20s to 30. Should be relatively easy just take a while. Got lot of legacy loot on them and they could use a tr. but I’d rather cap them and put gear on them. Archetype wise. Then I could really be set. An army of first lifers with max gear in raid cycle. Lolz. Some do. Many. Ha. 132 reaper point achieved! Ya, I missed out 2 years.
And what you do with 132? I told em needed couple new trees. And rewards. It’s four? Years old. Ppl not interested in playing. But it’s there for entertainment. You won ddo! 10 bucks a month easy maintenance for some fun in game. And so many connected. But so many leave together too.
Well, now that Jeff flopped the lotro newness, maybe someone can sell him on ddo2?
There’s that vision thing.

04-23-2021, 10:17 AM
24 took embolden.
26 cold
27 master of vials. Works on caustic, vial and concentrates. I had to look this over. The wiki shows old info about for caustic and multivial. But I sla caustic and vial, so that’s 2 out of three. So I took out invis at 3 and put in a cold concentrate to test. I saw damage go up on vial, but caustic didn’t seem much improved but that’s a mcl20, concentrate goes to 30, but is single tgt. So need to test. I figured since I use them in rotation, it’s still useful.
Oh ya, the comment mcl 30 multivial. Lolz 33 % nerf. Or 100% buff. Well they sold enough of that class.
Otherwise I would go arcane insight for the dc adds.
Was 26. Did gh. Some orchard, slayer to 7500, and still need flesh maker. Did wheloon, high road and storm horns, all first time so on r1, and somehow I was 29. So put on all my 29 gear. It’s nice having a complete set waiting for ya. Only need 300k to 30.
Yesterday. Or wed. Ha.
Patched in under a min. Fast connect fast computer and ssg got the downloader fixed.
Logged in. Select kil. Try to load in. Hangs up on loading screen. Altf4
Take a 5 min smoke break.
Fire up launcher. Log in. Hangs up on failed to que. close launcher.
Was talking on discord. Joking musical chairs. One logged off. I tried again.
Waited just a couple mins. Logged in.
This time I got in world.
Everything lagged at screen and quest. Got into quest eventually and it ran smooth. But all else borked.
Ran 1 quest and realized it was broken, and logged.
It was my guess that it was a world flag. Heartbeat. So the game had a ****ing heart attack. Arrhythmia. And it passed in the night.
To be reborn the next morning. The Phoenix of update 49?
Ya, the QC. What can be said. It’s expected. Good intentions and all that. Well just change this to 5 minutes, so it refreshes more and thus even less lag. Live server. Ha, mail is storage. Fail. No mail on lam, on live, it’s like tr cache. Lolz. Rollback. Or roll forward.
All seems to be smooth the next morning.
Like placid water.
Now we wait for the testing to roll in. Then we change it some more.
The encore was worth the stooges comedy.
Today, looking r4 saga runs. Need 3 quests to 30.
Tonite, the new material.

04-27-2021, 10:57 AM
Ran soul survivor first time. Really cool quest. Liked the underwater vibe and graphics. Met Vulcana. Now I’m seeing some char for these items.
Dnd. Pulled the flame blade and shortsword same raid. Kept them both.
Ran new content last nite and this morn. Pulled the 2 new artifacts and some other cool stuff. Too bad it doesn’t go with any sets. More separate pieces.
The new quests are cool, but I need a few more times. Mostly new stuff I just follow around and loot. Eventually I get to learn it, but I never worry it. Makes for learning it the fast way, and usually the best way.
Group pulled a fey at ice rare. Gloves and faery helm were in chest, and I got a Titania which I guess is looked for. But no trades went down so I kept what I pulled.
Overall pretty good loot haul.
Been running r6 and some r10 end game quests. Getting lot of full first time, 6 7k rxp. Pushing 74.
At 28 elusive, 29 deific, 30 fire and arcane insight. Still have 4 to swap out. I may take eschew just for QOL. OR ON THE EPIC REROLL.
added twist imperceptible casting.
Raid mon. Pulled an omniscience, and got low roll on aeriania. So all my runes will go to vish, since I have about everything I want from this raid on kil. It was a d555, rolled a 45. The game is alive! I thought it was high, as was deflated, or laughing at my luck, then they said, no it was low roll and you got it. Haha.
Switched back to loot all and sell to build plat back up. It was resetting reaper costs so much.
As to lag and performance. Mostly no lag, as normal for me. I rarely experience lag. But last nite in raid, we were lagging at times. Rain 4 raids, r1 shroud, went smooth, lh vod, went smooth as I could tell, tho others were reporting lag, lh lob, here there was lotta 2-3 sec lag spots, but still went smooth, and a lh dnd and no real lag there, fast finish with even some puzzle training. Had a good raid leader. But if any I would chalk up to, is the switching of alts and star within the same group. I think that leads to instance instability, and there was even some talk of resetting instance. Which would be a recall disband and regroup. To fully reset the situation. Because I think a lot ques off stars stability. Anyway I’ll bring that up tonite. We were having good build discussion. As usual I was drink and smoke and pike. ;)

04-30-2021, 01:34 PM
Been raiding nightly.
75 reaper wings
Rolled some r6 yesterday, did wpm and then new content. Had 1k to go on last quest but had to break. So later in day ran a knight windmill looking for the cloak, and rolled 75. So from 62, about 4 points a month. A couple heroic rerolls couple three epics and cap rxp runs. I run casual up to r6 so I don’t worry where I get it, tho I do save first time cap stuff for at least r4. So got wings, but decided long time ago, I’ll never wear them. Back couple years ago it was bragging rights, not so much anymore. I made comment about how now everyone has wings, and of course the reply was not everyone. Well, after 4 years you should have wings. I took couple years off. And of course all I run with have wings. If you run elites then woman up. Reaper gets easier as you get more reaper points. It’s like any other add system in ddo. How could you not play reaper. You get left behind, and arguing mediocre fallacy.
Gloryborne Gloves.
Was lounging some r1 fey loot runs, had a full group. I was looking couple things. Cloak of autumn and some stuff for vish. We got done thru icemount. I was having decent luck pulling items. Some rings and fair number crystal stuff. A mythic4 shield dropped for me and someone asked for it. I don’t run shields, maybe on scoob, but I have named shields, so I passed it. Then group lead said bedtime, so we broke. I recall, and saw there was lfm up for fey chest. Then it dropped, then it came back. So I joined. Some ppl do rounds in fey looking chests. I did one this morning then figured I’d just trust my luck. So this guy had several other rares pop too. I don’t usually get that lucky. But we had a 5 group for the fey chest. Someone clicked on group then dropped saying they misclicked. Lol miss out ona fey? So we opened. I said I was looking faery helm and glory gloves. I pulled the reconstruction bracers. But the gloves were in the chest. And to the same guy I passed the shield. Oh ya, the group that suddenly dropped showed back up in the fey chest go figure. So I asked for a trade. And reminded him of the shield, and he hooked me up. So thanks Zyla. Now I’ve got my named gloves.

The obvious change off the build was -1k sp. down to 6k. But I add +2 sacred dc, and my pos was at 630. So good for healing awesomely. Maybe saves went up didn’t check. Should post some stats. Went around and collected favor rewards. That pushed me over 2000 hp non reaper. The spell pool loss shouldn’t be much. I have great spell cost reduction, and normally I run everything turned on and use half my spell bar between shrines. Sometimes the higher reaper uses more due to more cycles having to be used. But I’ve never ran out of mana. And usually am at half bar when shrining. So I’ll see if it’s necessay. Also, lose spell pen. That may? Be a prob. I have no spell pen on the build. But that’s for instakills?

05-08-2021, 05:58 AM
Noticed 1 sec lag, delay, frozen, while casting imperceptible casting. They said this would be fixed in patch. I was on the run cast it and froze.
Short man a r1 doj. Ran short mana had to drink 2 pots. So maybe swap out gloves for short man excursions with no shrines. I could also turn off maximize...
Put a 261wiz in the gloryborne. To make up the loss of wiz from dead ringers. Sp to 6300.
Also pulled a super heroism augment. Ml28 +4 adds. Maybe put it in the trinket.
Bank up to 1.3m need to reset reaper to reflex save. Have fort now, not sure why. Reflex will boost will, and fort has a +17 on it.
Double points. Maybe $35. I don’t need anything atm, maybe more shards. Since I still chance reroll high reaper.
Been raiding. Pn on Tuesday weds. Want to keep that up. So thurs prob epic tr for the weekend. I’ve met more that would carry me now, so I’ll test that luck. And I’ve been feeding the echo, up to 4 slots. Trying to get that 21 gear set maxed. That’s the shiznitz til 29 and full death star outfit. Easy to run reaper epics now too. Back to that comment that everyone has wings.

New content and story
Morgrave university. 13 eyes. Hidden hand.
Hand of vecna
Eye of vecna
Vecna mysterious stranger?

Epic reroll. 4 take eschew. 30 bogw instead of arcane insight. I find I rarely push that button. So I need another cc. The flash freeze isn’t reliable.
I know this build has more to work with. I know there are spikes to learn maybe. But so far up to r10 pure nukage as beer and pretzels has worked. The only thing I work into rotation are buffs. Draconic hunger, wellspring, and reaper usp boost. Everything else is just pure nuke cycling.
Like the comment on the boards. Curb stomping before and curb stomping afterward.
Tho I do play grab aggro and meld. The melee in me is hard to put down. I also tank from time to time. I mean it’s all in learning what you can handle. I have decent defense for a caster.
And the racial lives. Not in a hurry. I play fine as is. Those are just as time flows goals. Good to have something to work for to keep it fresh. Like upgrading an echo of black razor. Still don’t think I have the stuff for it.
For the alchemy. I find I’m as good a cleric as a cleric. Aoe splash heals are as good as mass. And with super spell pool, I can lounge on casting heals all day. And aloota time, I’m not seeing other alchy healing. Sometimes. But it’s half my build. And starting as a cleric I find it the best part of the build. Because in a pinch I can self heal reaper. And I can boss dps. Yea melee does it better, but the meta just ain’t there. For quests, range rules. Now when raids roll, the dps comes out. But in normal runs it’s mostly ranged.
I can say I’m prob very happy with a spell pool.
And on a premium caster.

A night of fey chests
Bought $35 ddo point. Spent 1k on 200 as, for reroll s. Also cancelled my sub. Been paying $15 mo last 3 so now I will let it expire and resub 30 3 mo.
Ran soul survivor again. Was looking the devotion qwis5 orb, since fey seemed unlikely to find soon. Ran it on r6. Did 3 reroll sand still got no loot. With a treasure pot running.
So in the evening, ran a wake me up. Joined team thinking it was reaper. But chat was down, and was hoping they would switch to reap. They were in on EE. So I stayed thinking chat would return. But then I saw there was 3 lower 20s. Oh power leveling. Well I knew him, but wasn’t looking that train Friday nite. So they wanted to do all opts, so I ran in and started nuke clearing everything. So we got it all done pretty quick and had 3 chests at the end and the middle one was fey. Nice, on EE. I pulled the snow light armor, and the helm was in the chest. But party chat was fubar, and we had to try and send tells to talk trades. Anyways there was a roll, and I lost out. Oh well, I thanked them and left group. I still got the armor which I don’t think I had. Winter light.
Then ran some raids r1 MOD learned to stay cardinals kept my mana pool and healed the party. On r1 dps is still pretty good so I didn’t have to move at all.
Then ran a dnd an normal and found I could frog instakill the middle. Will have to test that on LH. AND MAYBE R1. Had weird bug at end I got stuck between walls on the last teleport. Was just in the right spot. It released when quest finished. Ppl told me to tumble out of it, but I don’t have tumble mapped. Remapped shift to jump. I’ll have to experiment.
So, later in the nite, I was running some Chinese fey r6, and quest was frosty. So I was riding thru wilderness and saw there was a fey at the woodwoad. So I told them to recall and come get it. They missed it riding by I guess. We had 4 in party and they told me to open, so I did. I pulled stormscale, but orb was in chest. So I offered trade, and we worked it around, in Chinese and English. 3 way deal, but I got the orb for vish.
Then we ran an immortality. Then the wanted to run a r10 tempest. We got a team for it got all the way to boss, got boss to 10% then had a wipe and it bugged and reset. So that was a fail.
Then I ran some more after a break. They were farming frost reception. We did that then after asked what else to do and we ran icemount which I needed the bracers. Ran icemount and I got the bracers on second reroll. Nice another item for vish.
Then I lead them to needle. But on the way another fey chest came up at the giant. So third fey chest that nite. That was another set of stormscale, they just grabbed and ran back to quest. So we did needle. That kinda went messy. But we got it done. And on first reroll I got the neck. So I’ve got all I need for the newer vish set for archery.
I may need another set of winter boots. But the orb was for vish as a melee.

05-17-2021, 01:41 PM
Reaper to 77
Epic reroll to 20. Took arcane alacrity3
Can’t get in game hour later. Pinging at .01 to 1. Instead of 5-7. 4 tries. This happens once a while. Wait an hour or so... waited an hour got in.
Yesterday. Ran a few misc I can’t recall but mostly took time to rearrange spells. Such a task to put it all back together after a reroll.
This morn? Ran von1-6. Shortmanned it did it r1 up to 25. Got it done.
Then I took sagas. Cogs, sharn and fey. I didn’t finish RL, so maybe do that earlier and take it. And haven’t done any the eveningstar stuff or really looked them. Tho I did most favor epic this last life. Got up to 22, 23.
Took a break, logged back about noon lfm for fey chest was up. Got on that an got an insignia. The only thing I’m really looking now is the faerie helm. I also saw autumn armor dead leaves drop, but not sure of it use yet. Has usp on it. Mmm, warlock armor. Med.
Then lfm up for grim disturbance. I’ve heard of this but never seen it. It’s for level range to 25 so I join up and get there inside king forest. This was by the third quest with the stairs and a shrine outside. There was a portal spawned right by shrine and there was a few there, a sorc blasting waves as they came out. So I popped a major pot. Was in there for an hour and a half, but got 7500 king forest and some drow slayer. The lfm stayed up and Star changed out a few times. Wasn’t expecting it but tedious but rare I guess.
That got me half way to 24.
Only slayer left is thunder Holme and maybe fey. Or ravenloft. Still need to roll ES C1-9. I can solo them r1 so I’ll do that tonite.

That grim disturbance was up 4 hours later...

3 day weekend, started Friday, lvl30 Monday morning. Only have mines left for first time xp.
Now to clear inventory, clear bank, and spend next week or so raiding. Maybe couple weeks. I’ve been making a reaper point a week. Vish needs some of that r6 love.
But if I reroll I’ll spend all my time on kil. I was gonna do racials, but found the raid scene. Or I can go into reroll. Vish is in good spot.
This life will be memory1 and gnome racial pt. Left is dwarf for 1pt. Wanted a barb, but really don’t want to play melee. And barbs are squishy. Was thinking a dwarf alchy, don’t see those too much.
Ahh, one note. Was running rl dinner last nite, and was on the stairs and got booted from world. Wondered, server was up, so I waited and relog and it was because my sub ran out. Kicked me into select chars screen. Kil is a alchy and I haven’t bought that, so I couldn’t select him and get in and continue the quest. But vish is aasimar cleric and he’s ftp, since I bought ravenloft. So I logged him in, sent a tell to Star letting him know my sit, then resub for 3 months. It just sucks that you can’t change your sub renew unless you cancel it and let it run out. And no warning when it does if your in world. When I got back in after a 5 min wait, they had finished. Oh well. Saved $5 a month. Lolz.
Or I can just keep rolling gnome alchy and do the wish. I’ve got half elf tie fling and shifter x3 left.
No real builds to try out other than caster divine.

05-21-2021, 12:44 PM
Ran raids. Did KT, pulled a staff of shadow. Once upon a time that was a to have staff for melee, or at least I remember I wanted it from over 2 years ago. Now it’s the staff of the mournlands. From lob. Lots of stuff lob and vod to get. Good raid items. Will prob nom the staff, just like I did null.
Also, ran mines on r8, pulled about 7k a quest, and got to 78 reaper points.
Running r10... learning deeper aspects of sp maint. 2 free 10 sec cycles from wellspring and insight from ottos. Also draconic and reaper boost for 1k bursts. Also learning froggy is my friend. Testing out what that works on. It’s great for single tgt. Using max off for the trash and on for boss fights. Also off for no shrine fights. There is also the dead ringer gloves for maybe 700 sp more. For raids again with no shrine, like PN OR VOD. Still testing as is.
Need to post updated gear and some stat. Didn’t change from reroll. Numbers are pretty much exact, which is why I write stuff down, to check for my measure of the build.
Starting to clear inventory from tr. I pretty much only keep btc items. Everything else goes into shared. Cleared about 40 items from shared to mules to make room. Cleared most of vish and kil loose inventory of newer loot.
Checked tetris. I put on autumn cloak and winter bracer. I lose 60hp, but gain 17 ac to 147. Overall better approach, will test it out. Just that my hp drops below 2k. But in reaper there’s no diff, and the ac is more my style of play. Will have to click deathward. Have a necklace.
Oh yes. Eschew is the best QOL on a caster. No more every worry buy or run out. I will respec this immed at lvl 12 again. It is just so much less thing to every worry.
Finished RL saga this morn, guild to 82
My old alma mater, the 82nd
Time for reroll

05-25-2021, 11:11 AM
Like many people here these days I'm in a different league really. I only have a handful of lives on my main and I don't play at Cap. I love the game but I don't have time to grind like that for TR or items.

I am however thoroughly enjoying playing an Alchemist. I really, really want to make an Apothecary work but I can see some major potential issues. I'm sticking with it though - see where I get to.

I'm at 12th currently and finding mobs that are negative immune - most of the time there's a work-around but sometimes its pretty inconvenient and being in Apothecary makes undead problematic. However the damage, when it does hit, is pretty spectacular - even on Reaper it clears groups of non-immune mobs in one hit and, given the number of SLAs Apothecary has, its very sp efficient.

I *think* you're Bombadier right? Do you have any idea of whether the cause Admixtures will work in Epic or are too many mobs deathwarded?


05-25-2021, 11:29 AM
Like many people here these days I'm in a different league really. I only have a handful of lives on my main and I don't play at Cap. I love the game but I don't have time to grind like that for TR or items.

I am however thoroughly enjoying playing an Alchemist. I really, really want to make an Apothecary work but I can see some major potential issues. I'm sticking with it though - see where I get to.

I'm at 12th currently and finding mobs that are negative immune - most of the time there's a work-around but sometimes its pretty inconvenient and being in Apothecary makes undead problematic. However the damage, when it does hit, is pretty spectacular - even on Reaper it clears groups of non-immune mobs in one hit and, given the number of SLAs Apothecary has, its very sp efficient.

I *think* you're Bombadier right? Do you have any idea of whether the cause Admixtures will work in Epic or are too many mobs deathwarded?


Apothecary remarks.
Ya I met an alchy once said he was running apothecary. I don’t see where the dps comes from. I just use it for the csw sla, and for the heal spell. Seriously, that heal spell is broke, it’s aoe, and faster than mass heal from cleric. And at cap I have like 750 pos, which is way higher than my cleric, so effectively I’m a much better healer, with a 6k spell pool. But really heals is just because I almost always play a build with heals. And alchy really fits that slot, almost too well. Oh well premium class.
Ya I run nuker, 52 ap, with like 24 in apothecary? Enough for the x2 int.
That alchy running apothecary, I couldn’t really tell what damage he was doing, but he had great heals.
One other note, the nullification. Ya I found that poison is a nullification boost. So like some kinda pale master plus vile alchemist? I don’t think I’m going to test it. Poison only affects fleshies?
Ya, good luck on apothecary. Ppl think nuker when alch joins the group. Don’t think I’ve seen an melee alch.

05-25-2021, 11:37 AM
Harbor, stk, Sharn market, 3bc, , lots of all the heroic misc, like tangleroot and sorrowdusk. Made it to 7;in one day. Did 3s, 4s, and 5s. Saving fey and gatekeepers and keep catacombs and some stuff for cap rxp. But doing all the little side quests. I find I can Zerg them r1 faster than even groupin, but I put up a tr train lfm and just roll.
No gear to 5. Then fey stuff and some rng. My rng is good, but some fey items op. Put on the reaper cob, ahhhh.
Looking more closely as I level where the favor coming from. Last life I had 4100. Did all epic but missed a lot of heroic. Prob the 19 stuff, and some others. I generally don’t like the twelve quests. Oh ya there are those too. So much skipped. But I’m looking them now since I can solo r1. I don’t do much else r3, maybe sorrowdusk. I just don’t find it worth the time diff.
Only note, couldn’t find my ghostbane light crossbow. Wasn’t in tr, wasn’t in shared. Found it in an officer chest. I need to keep that on me for reroll I guess. Most important thing after lvl2 and reaper is a ghostly item. I thought I had nuggets from keep, but don’t. I never farmed low level keep, after I got unicorns.
8. Swap out few Pcs slave lords gears. Rings bracer and trinket. Adds hp and fort and stats.
Mostly inquisitive, enough in healer for cure serious sla.
6 max 8 empower 9 quicken. Looking my spells as I level. Nothing good till 3 for killing. Then 4s get tasty. No way I could level this as caster alchy. It couldn’t kill fast enough. But gnome inquisitor is super good, vorpal at 7, with a red slot for ghostbane. But now I’ve got 800 sp and gonna start casting some spells see how they manage at low level.
I was gonna go dwarf for kicks, but there’s too much int for gnome, and for inquisitive. It’ll be a wish for racial point.
10. More reaper points. Hmm, barovian gear. Another tetris.
11. Green steel goggles. Ran threnal. Actually good xp if you know the quests, good rxp if grouped. Second run as alchy, pulled the ratcatcher. But really, from 7 on I use a vorpal feeding with ghostbane. I roll 20s and get a fair number of vorps. For real, only need it 7-12.
Also, nuke wise, vein freeze for cc, and fiery combustion fireball, but it takes fair amount of sp, and can only run maybe 10 cycles of it. So I’m mostly just tossing a vein freeze for cc and shoot the rest. Tho going aoe is definitely the faster kill. I have the 10 RL STICKS as a alt swap, been testing it a bit, for like end fights. Turn on maximize too, tho it really costs.

05-25-2021, 11:51 AM
Apothecary remarks.
Ya I met an alchy once said he was running apothecary. I don’t see where the dps comes from. I just use it for the csw sla, and for the heal spell. Seriously, that heal spell is broke, it’s aoe, and faster than mass heal from cleric. And at cap I have like 750 pos, which is way higher than my cleric, so effectively I’m a much better healer, with a 6k spell pool. But really heals is just because I almost always play a build with heals. And alchy really fits that slot, almost too well. Oh well premium class.
Ya I run nuker, 52 ap, with like 24 in apothecary? Enough for the x2 int.
That alchy running apothecary, I couldn’t really tell what damage he was doing, but he had great heals.
One other note, the nullification. Ya I found that poison is a nullification boost. So like some kinda pale master plus vile alchemist? I don’t think I’m going to test it. Poison only affects fleshies?
Ya, good luck on apothecary. Ppl think nuker when alch joins the group. Don’t think I’ve seen an melee alch.

Yes the healing is good. When I'm in groups and there are other dps kings I revert to off-healing, sometimes primary. I ran a 17/3 alch/wiz PM last life and, whilst I don't think its that necessary as pure alcs have such good healing it is nice to be able to cure yourself AND dps with one button :)

At 12, with no real kit to speak of and a standing SP in neg of around 200 I'm doing 1500 damage on a normal hit with Cause Crit and and about 1100 and 500 respectively with Cause Serious/Light and around 4500 on a Crit crit when color-sprayed which feels really nice on an aoe. I can still pull out a meta'ed Multivial if I need to as the SLAs use so little sp but the gameplay is more about what mobs I'm fighting. Non-immune mobs and I breeze through the content, immune mobs obviously not so much (although its rarely a show-stopper).

I'm just not sure this will carry through to Epic but I'd like some Reaper Points so I'll probably try to get to cap this time.


05-25-2021, 12:09 PM
Yes the healing is good. When I'm in groups and there are other dps kings I revert to off-healing, sometimes primary. I ran a 17/3 alch/wiz PM last life and, whilst I don't think its that necessary as pure alcs have such good healing it is nice to be able to cure yourself AND dps with one button :)

At 12, with no real kit to speak of and a standing SP in neg of around 200 I'm doing 1500 damage on a normal hit with Cause Crit and and about 1100 and 500 respectively with Cause Serious/Light. I can still pull out a meta'ed Multivial if I need to as the SLAs use so little sp but the gameplay is more about what mobs I'm fighting. Non-immune mobs and I breeze through the content, immune mobs obviously not so much (although its rarely a show-stopper).

I'm just not sure this will carry through to Epic but I'd like some Reaper Points so I'll probably try to get to cap this time.


Only suggest would be get a nullification sceptre from keep at 20. Then sentient it and slot it.
I run an electric sceptre, with orb of frost, and with reaper wings, roll r1 all thru epic.

Oh I looked, there’s a nullification orb, dark sphere.
Then grab a devotion caster stick and sentient that.
That and the ring and belt with int u should be set.
Maybe the ml15 caster set from Sharn. That’s what most ppl do until 29 gear.
But if you want to make it easy you have to farm items and epic lives.

05-25-2021, 01:09 PM
Only suggest would be get a nullification sceptre from keep at 20. Then sentient it and slot it.
I run an electric sceptre, with orb of frost, and with reaper wings, roll r1 all thru epic.

Oh I looked, there’s a nullification orb, dark sphere.
Then grab a devotion caster stick and sentient that.
That and the ring and belt with int u should be set.
Maybe the ml15 caster set from Sharn. That’s what most ppl do until 29 gear.
But if you want to make it easy you have to farm items and epic lives.

Thanks - that orb looks pretty nice.

Yeah, I'm farming - just very very slowly :)


05-26-2021, 12:42 PM
The more accurate and updated build list

Kil Glory
Gnome neutral good
Str 10 4
Dex 8
Con 16 10
Int 20 16 +7
Wis 8
Cha 14 6
+8 tome
+2 complete

1 alch pbs (sf conjuration)
2 alch insightful reflexes
3 alch rapid reload (completionist)
4 alch battalion brew (eschew)
5 alch
6 alch maximize
7 alch
8 alch empower
9 alch quicken
10 alch
11 alch
12 alch evasion
Feat accelerate
13 alch
14 alch
15 alch magical training
16 alch imp magical train
17 alch
18 alch heighten
19 alch
20 alch liquid courage

21 wellspring
24 master of multivial
26 sp cold
27 embolden
28 elusive tgt
29 deific warding
30 scion of fire
Arcane insight

06-01-2021, 10:31 AM
12 switched to bombardier. Had electric orb and potency club. Switched to electric.
Ran elec 2 levels to test it out. Seems same as cold, elec is my second anyway. Just was using sparks multivial.
14. Wild frost. Switch to cold main, elec second.
15.add sharn3pc set. Forgot cc13 gear, a cloak and neck, int and con. Also at 15 a ring, using nightfall and phase cloak. Had 59 int in reap at16. Pulled the litany out.
I’m clearing all the non epic favor best I can. Did all sands. Did all ravenloft. Did all gh. Running mostly 2 levels over. Ran assault on stormreach chain this morn at 16. Now I have eveningstar and missing chain, most all the rest 14s can save for juicy rxp at cap.
Been running r3 mostly. If no adds I just solo r1.
Also feats. I do the free quest, then pay for the other 2. I did complete at 3, eschew at 4, but for some reason I couldn’t sf conjure at 1? So I took magical training. At 15, I could take sf. Then at 16 I took imp magic sp. on my epic reroll s I’ve been able to take sf conjure at 1st level. Not sure what happened ther. Maybe Fred is a juker.
Also, been looking the Siberys dragonshards. For swap and pay. I see genecia gives those as gh reward, so I’ll start taking those instead of portable holes. I have 20 in the bank.
Also, almost back to 3 mil doing loot all and sell. Even with some reaper reset.
I’m doing some dreaming of a more select run with 50% pots. Because now I’m 16 holding 17, I did Sharn c1 this morn, I find there is easy non epic xp to leave almost everything. Which could mean an extra epic reroll with like slayer areas thrown in. Just looking heroic, there is lot of 18-19 stuff never gets run.
For heroic runs, I see some easy and fast progression. Most cap out with Sharn. Hmm maybe next time double points. And I see so pots are on sale? I’ll look a 3pack.
Oh one other point, I found a pair of boots labeled “convalescent boots of feather falling”. I laughed at the name. They have heal amp 21 on them. My normal rng is ml10 ff speed30 insightful dodge1 boots. Well I have quiver for speed. So I put them on. Like old folk slippers with feather falling so you don’t fall down. Lolz.
16-20 ran the old IQ STUFF, and did some vale. Didn’t do any further saga parts. Left them all for epic

Friday made 20.so about a week doing flower sniffing to 20. Had over 3000 favor and still had mostly all 16-20 quests to run. So I had a good look at the off main quest so looked like. Many were still good space, just don’t get run. Don’t need to when you’re 50% pot and just hitting major so runs. I’ll think that over if I want to push just some 1-20 trs. But I think it’s way better to 30 and get Buku rxp.
So, sat-mon, made it to 29 in time for raid nite. Ran citw stuff catacombs Delera s was massive xp von1-6. Pretty much everything for first time epic completion, most quests were all over 100k. Some 150. Played pretty heavy sat and Sunday. All reap epic. Saved pretty much all explorer.
On Sunday ran into the gang doing a r10 tempest. We did that and I got 13k rxp. Wow.
Then ran some more Monday, lod and storm horns, what goes up is like 250k. Then Monday nite. We had 4 raids , r1 shroud, 500k and half a bubble, then lh vod, lob and dnd, and I was capped.
This morning got into r10 runs first time grim chain and fey, pulling 7-10k a quest. Made it to 80 reaper points.
Run raids this week, epic tr on weekend. Prep saga and explorer, I have 5 arcane epic pl to do, was gonna roll them 1 ata a time, because I want to do alchy lives through racials. But we’ll see. Those shifter lives ain’t gonna be fun. The trifling I may sorc, and the half elve I may archer.
And I may epic tr vish, now that kil is back to 30. Wow 1-30 in 3 days? My head would spin, it used to take me about a month to 1-30 maybe two weeks heroic and a week or so epics.

06-06-2021, 10:40 PM
Week of raiding, and r10 rxp. Been pushing a point a week, or more with first time. Approaching 82.
This ones for friends. Was on a search for the band of insightful commands. On kil, it’s for my monk regear, that puts on a reaper cob. And for vish, it was another ring in his new ranger cleric build. So I needed 2. So one night I was running another player advertising r10. So I checked out the situation. Well posting for r10 is one thing, and running r10 pug is another. You need prob 4 solid players r10, and usual some form of a good group, either casters with no fail holds or a tank with serious intim. Well, rogues leading r10 is rare, so short of it he was posting for black and blue. So I joined and told him I’d run it r6 just to test mettle. Then he asked if I had any friend s to join, I looked. Most were raid or in group, but one was free, and he joined a sorc. So we filled a group and rolled r6 pretty good. The sorc died a lot, but I think he’s just getting his timing back after vacation. So we rolled the quest, and at the end my sorc friend pulls the ring and passes it to me, since I made it known I was looking it. My thanks storm.
Then tonite, Sunday raids, we ran after raids a group r6, because I like speed and the items don’t get much better draws. And again I was passed a ring, mythic1 this time. It’s good to have friends. My thanks rand.
But the thing was, I was dreading farming this ring, the bnb is tricky with a real dragon fight, and it’s not always easy pug. But rand had a tank and made it easy. We talked about higher r, but for the most 6 is fast and fine, and I got my item.
Summary for this week, kil running raids, needs to flag for MOD, run necro at high reaper. Vish needs back half of Sharn for saga and cogs, and scoob is rolling thru epics.

06-17-2021, 02:55 PM
Lam report
For first time I dl lam. Need to sticky choose customize, so you can make new folder
Dl went fine, character copy went fine, got into lam
Only issue I’m having. When switching back to live servers, it keeps giving me accept contract agreement again
On lam. Checked it out. Guess it’s a normal server with dojo. Dojo is kinda small, a few extra rooms with portals for loot and dps. Couple corners of dps kobolds and a couple corners of trainers.
So this is where the infamous dps tests take place. It’s an open area pvp, or pve but you can nuke. I was nuking during the dev chat.
So this is my understanding.
They went from a 6x4 to a 5x5. Ok you’ve seen the five before. Heroic.
So, they taken away the epic moments, aka tier6, and sold u tier5, and sell u back tier6 in legendary.
So this is a huge ****ing nerf. They are taking epic moments away. Chopping off the top and selling back low hanging fruit.
I had 55 of 59 on kil. More than I expected.
They taking away the 12 life investment for full destiny at 20, with increase in twist points, so you go from one to three, but only have three to choose now, where before u could at least access them all.
Flip side again is they are going from deep to wide, again lose the top for the bottom.
The word that kept coming to my mind was LCD. lowest common denominator. So you lose your good stuff to get back more mediocre stuff, that supposed adds up, but we know what happen then, nerf. So they design it to be crappy,, because they don’t know how it goes together. Or instead of giving us archetypes detail to class, and depth, they give us bunch of side adds that makes us feel good, yay look at all my points, but adds up to little.
Really I opened with I was expecting a 15 point star map.
Asked about legendary, don’t have plans.
So how the **** do you know what you’re redesigning now if you don’t know what you’ve got coming? Any vision work? Any forward planning? I swear they need a vision quest.
I think too much is bleeding over from lotro.
So, the whole time the dev chat was going on I was looking over the trees. Because on paper is one thing seeing them in tree another, and clicking them. Ya, clickbait.
And I kept getting this dismay and dread. Mostly I just looked the t5. What are they doing what are they selling me how they expect me to play, because that what that represents. What they put there is gonna be meta.
And they changing the whole epic and end game around.
I’m thinking I’m super on the rest of my epic lives, then I’m out.
It just feels like they’re losing the defining difference. Homogenization. Going wide they just put same thing in other trees all watered down
Oh and charges. I thought we were going away from charges. Guess not. Now there’s charge builders in your routine. And someone said they orbit you. So 8 put the primal avatar stuff on my hot bar, it said it prob for cold and electric, and that’s me, while the chat was live, and I tested it, and I saw no counters. Anyways. Something else to manage. I guess I’m supposed to be excited by that? Some ppl were saying ya more buttons. Ya more bottoms that don’t do anything. I know that especially well as monk.
Oh and level gating. So investment or veteran or no more good **** til 30. Obviously they are sadistic. Or, like the 20 capstone that u never use in heroic, the t5 will be the stuff you never use in epic. Save it for the legendary levels. So that’s a backpedal but an ode to what you just accomplished. Yes of course if your staying 30 u get to play it. But before, 12 spheres of investment got u full tree at 20, and thus you were epic as soon as you started epic. Now your only epic at 30. Nice . Nice. Yep gonna do epics on kil and never want to do them again.
For all those behind the curve, suck it.
Ya, flaberghasted and dismayed as the paladins offered micro transactions.
See, thing is, when it’s presented like this, it’s done.
Oh they may change some +1 and +2, but you ain’t getting something else.
They done chopped the head off and had a feast.

Now, I could offer the good. But at what I understood at being lost, the wind falls from my sails.
Where is the cool stuff for warlock, artificer and alchemist.
15 classes 15 anniversary.
How could they ****ing miss that?
That if your chopping out t6, gives us the three new trees as compensation.
Like that we don’t have to buy. Like look at our awesome work.
This **** is so cookie cutter I could have done it myself with no inspiration.
The first thing, revamp feats and add new feats. Everything is pigeonholed by feats. Ya instead up consolidating power into obvious class archetypes, they’ve watered it down, but, but, if it’s all cross contaminated in the lower three tiers, then it doesn’t matter the synergy. Because they’ve gone wide and not deep. So things will add but not multiply.

Idk. I asked if there was an edition change. Of course I’ve been thinking it over, ddo is so far off the rails from dnd that it’s not recognizable. So they’re changing the meta.
Expect unintended consequences, months of beta.
Ein not in gmof. ****. I’m done.
Ya in a caster tree.
Still no lore for reapers.
And it’s a reaper game…

Oh no they went from 6x5. Just looked trees. Ya I knew it was bad.

Hmm shoulda stayed with 6, 5 heroic, the goto 7 for legendary. 7x5 would be 35, right near that fourth I mentioned. Oh well

06-20-2021, 11:16 PM
Fri -sun 20-29. Took Sharn and fey for 21, only thing hadnt been done was c3 citw, and high road. Did grim slayer in forest, did some slayer, and some quests. About 26 I started running r1 30 quests with others. Can hang about half damages unless they’re saving, then none, but still contributed, better than some 30s…
Raid sun. Lob, pulled staff of the mournlands. There u go baby, Henshin staff. I got yelled at because I took down the pillars before we marked him 3 times, but I thought we were going to wipe, and it wasn’t just my fault. Anyway, I got the staff from one chest, so I’m happy, and better understand lob, even if a wipe. Which we didn’t because we completed. Not 2 chests, but I didn’t get booted. They know me.
Ya, going back to monk. Shintao, then Henshin. Have 3 martial to do 3 divine. Knocking out epics atm. This life will bring ancient memories from martial and pl dwarf from wish for 11 racial points.
Then I’ll test drive monk for one last time. And maybe give some feedback. Testdrive for one last time as in ED change is gonna make me a new toon. And it may not be monk. I like alchemist, maybe EIN FOR ALCHY.
Reaper to 83
Guild 83

07-22-2021, 10:26 AM
realize i ddnt end this thread, jjust jumped over to monk
ran henshin, ran shintao, puled a faerie helm
melee is so underserved as opposed to casters
and now that ive found out crit dps from thf barb pally edition, like 4 times higher than my highest crit
which mean i thought i had dps, but the analogy of chopping wood still holds
so why would i want to chop more wood?
i guess the tree is cut down for me

i hear casters are getting nerfed hard too
ya a giant reaper nerf, but what u expect with 125 avg
just gian nerfage

alchy is comparative dps, dont get hit and pushes way less buttons and doesnt have to manuever for its life
oh i love tanking doom reapers on monk, but id rather be killing them than micro attacks

here was a shot the old out of reaper stat and layout


if this is nerfed to hard i guess its EIN bard
maybe ill start writing poetry again

reaper to 87
guild to 84

07-23-2021, 11:14 AM
Tired of playing monk
You know what did it? Dead lfm
This game is dead
Actually I looked. Other servers have twice the lfm given daytime. Sarlona is just low pop, but actually split pop. Chinese play during our night. So it’s like a 24 hour server just fewer in general.
Ya no ppl on and no lfm. Pause. I lfm then get no adds. So it’s dead. I tired of that deadness. It’s what ppl remarked most about hardcore. Ppl playing, lots of lfm, a busy world. Sarlona feels pretty dead. I know ppl run in teams and I’m aware some and I run with some. But mostly I just like pick up game, because I never know for sure when I play.
And the Chinese run r10 and the monk can but it’s really no fun. I can contribute as an alchy.
So two weeks before u50.
I was thinking deep gnome but figured I’d help a buddy who just reroll too. And I could use the points now. I thought I needed racial tome for kil, so I bought one. And ate it, but it said I had it already. And I don’t know where to look it. So I guess vish gets one.
So I reroll gnome. Took wish for halfling. Was thinking running halfling alchy, but no…it may be just a heroic life. And maybe wish this gnome a shifter.
2-4 reload at 3. I was misfiring lots at 2. Like clicking too fast caused a delay. If you click as slow as it shots, then it likely lands. So button spamming auto attack seems to lag it. At 3 it seemed to improve. With better fire rate. Then 4 battalion brew super dupe dps mode rearrange ap, put in reaper points go to town r1. Ya, ate gems to 2. Then caught friend in harbor.
Ya I like cap play but you gotta have an agenda or a raid nite going. Just sitting on lfm is hit and miss. But ppl have said as much. Will it change? I really doubt it. Maybe with a movie ??

07-25-2021, 07:16 PM
Again having issue with Xbow not firing. Getting kinda frustrating. Usually the auto tgt on ranged is pretty good. Dying because of loss of dps. I guess they borked ranged in general with the bow nerfs. Maybe there’s something in HW. But I’ll wait for it live. Not looking forward to doing any more early levels as inq. Tho I didn’t put gear on til 6. Grabbed fey stuff. And got to 8. Put on couple pieces slavers. And vorpal xbow. That seems to be working good. Just cruising speed. Did fey and 3bc. Will just keep highlighting so far I’ve been carried in groups. Oh ya, heroic lfm s are all ways going good. So you can always find groups heroics. But it’s epics that’s sparse. Aiming for quick 12 and rearrange to bombardier.
Now spells not going off. The heal spells vials click and nothing. Slow click most the time. I realize these work best at distance, but I’ve never really had a prob self tgt and healing. How broken is this game. How can you tell it’s wai? Tooltips are wrong, observed effects are wrong, lag… haven’t really had much lag. In spots, at times, but certainly not a factor. More clicks effects.
12 refeat
Took freebie for sf conjunct at 1. This time it allowed me. Took completionist at3 and eschew at4. Took 2 shards for exchange. It took one, still have one. So not sure there either. Pretty sure I didn’t have an extra in inv. ESP since it pulled from a stack of 2. Thing is somewhere there I got a 20 stack of them. So as long as I refeat at 12 I have big stash.
Time on getting to 12 seemed pretty quick. I know you can do it faster, but felt like I got on a lot of Zerg trains. If only I ever ran 50% pots. Did some fey and 3bc hit all the 7 8 9 20k+ quests, pike the last minute on quite a few it seemed. You know step in and completion. You gotta watch the time in quest and hit the lfm and be there. Zerged c1 c2 of ravenloft and now I respec. Switched over to t5 bombardier and go nuking.

07-27-2021, 10:44 PM
12 13

Also. I was looking eschew. Wasn’t there. So I checked. Went back to Fred. Oh what it was, you can only do feat rebuy ever 2.5 days? What. So it didn’t feat eschew. It gave me message but I thought it was completion. So I had to pay shards.
Ya what with misfiring from clicks… hmm. I’m wearing ml5 light armor. Maybe spell failure issue. I never thought that but it might be 5% or more. I didn’t switch to ravenloft caster set, was just gonna wait 15 gear. Ok I’ll check. I swapped out to test. Still saw it happen. I put on garments of equilibrium I had in inv.
Edit. Ok I’m stupid. 10% arcane sf. From the ml5 leaf mail. I shoulda known. I use that as my cap armor. But I have a -15 gem in it. Doh. I have -10 gem. Have to look what ml it is..
Put on gear for 15 Sharn. Grabbed wild frost, had on pan Sophia, learning to be alch again.
Ya switching back and forth. One time I went to epic trainer.lol. But just rolling r1. Back to 1,2,3 button clean. So very different when you have aoe dps. So, so much less effort. I don’t mind easy, or actually I kind of like it. I mean it’s boring, but when leveling for the 50th time it hardly matters.
Some raid nite tonite. Well I rerolled Friday. So back by end of week. The 15% VIP is nice. Ya soloed POP. which I’ve never done and never solo, but I put up lfm and was finished and no one joined. That seems to be the game…

08-01-2021, 10:36 PM
Did some vale to cap. 20 alchy. Do borderlands. Rotation from upper heroics to lower epics is like double rotation to achieve same effect. And then some a little.
Got to 21 put on 21 gear. That brought it back up some.
21-24. Ran misc lot stuff overlvel.
Trying to play some last few days. Sparse lfm.
26 dnd raid was passed the shuriken +2 mythic. This must be dead week before drop…
Found reaper mythic1 deep snow boots and a reaper cloak.
Was running r in high content after 26. Only Sharn screws dc. Everything else is half damage, but still better than some 30.
Problem. Spinnerette not working?? I sure I had 75 crit chance. Now it’s 60… the 15 from spinner does not add in… I have another, on vish. I’ll check. We’re these more nerfs? This is why I write stuff down. But I didn’t shot all stats and now I can picture. It does affect spell pen and it adds quality dc. But I swear I was looking at 75. And the gear hasn’t changed.
Ya it adds to crit chance not multiplier. Seems to be working and adding.
Ok will sit here for salt marsh and item nerf.




08-02-2021, 10:18 AM
getting back in the saddle
running r10
getting my chops, and rxp

group is 5 casters and 1 tank ususal
evn without tank its faster than r6 with non meta plyrs

still dying alot, ive been 30 a DAY..
cant tank doom reapers, but its a blast


i really should buy some 50% pots

08-03-2021, 04:32 PM
30 raid nite
Pulled a fang of xggy a +7INT tome and alchemical buckler. Still thinking future bard… had a roll on hyrayms fiddle and even won it but it was already passed. Oh well looking a mythic one, ha. Ya ran all r10 and got nothing, and now first time lh and free loot.
Reaper to 89 this morning running r10s. That fills up 2 trees. So next 40 is for melee. Then by 120 I’ll run hybrid with nerfs and u51. So a build that maxes all three trees will be meta. I’m guessing. Like vish, me raid cleric, would benefit from all three trees. As he is kinda hybrid. Could turn out a better spell caster with u51.
U50 drops tomorrow. I am expecting hotfixes crashes and a general week of cluster****.
How can it be an exploit if you don’t know it’s WAI?