View Full Version : Astral Mistake, looking to make a recovery

03-08-2021, 10:02 AM
I recently made a big oof when purchasing astral shards...was buying the 1k bundle so my guild could get a better airship but when I was farming the favor for points on Cannith my brain stopped working and I bought them there lol.
Looking to set up an auction swap from Cannith to Thelanis. I'll purchase whatever on the SE in Cannith for an equal purchase from you on Thelanis. If anyone has 1k shards they are willing to swap with me please send a pm or reach out to me in game on Thelanis via the toon Rhyldrin.

03-31-2021, 03:27 PM
Just in case, reach out to customer service to see if they might be able to switch your purchase to a different server. It doesn't hurt to ask, and if you get nothing, well, you're no worse off than you were. If not, I hope you find someone who can swap you!