View Full Version : Query re Feydark Illusionist and Knight's Transformation

12-31-2020, 01:25 PM
Currently doing racial TRs for Warforged, and this life I am doing Feydark Illusionist Sorcerer/Fighter/Bard 13/4/3 (or it will be at level 20, currently at level 12 6/3/3) using swashbuckling, SWF with shortsword.

The question is whether to take EK up as far as Knight's Transformation. Obviously this would improve melee damage, but what happens to the range of Shadowblade and Fan of Shadowblades?

Obviously I can test this out for myself eventually, but if anyone knows already, it would be useful to know. Thanks.

If Knight's Transformation will nerf my Shadowblade spells then I might only put a few more than 6 AP into EK, and put the rest of the spare AP into Warforged racial tree, where there is various nice stuff, including both ranks of "Memories of the Last War".