View Full Version : Vistani Knife Fighter c6 Haste bonus bugged?

08-12-2020, 09:45 AM
16 Bard, 2 Fighter, 2 Rogue

- Vistani Knife Fighter (41 ap)
- Warchanter (31 ap)
- Harper Agent (8 ap)

Epic Destiny:

I'm not receiving any +5% attack speed when using two daggers. Currently, I have 18% attack speed due to Bladesongs +3% competence attack speed. Should Knife Master stack or at least give me 20% (with Blinding speed or Haste)?

I have tried switching out of Fatesinger into another tree and it still does not grant any 5% attack speed. Is this not meant to stack with Haste/Blinding speed?

Vistani Core 6 of states:
Knife Master: You gain +2 to all ability scores. You gain +5% attack speed when using two daggers or throwing knives. You gain 20 Melee Power and 20 Ranged Power.

Fatesinger Tier5 Bladesong states:
Bladesong: Your Melee and Missile attacks deal an additional 2d6 Sonic damage on hit, scaling with Sonic Spell Power. +3% Competence Bonus to Melee Attack Speed. You have +1 Critical Multiplier on rolls of 19-20. A verse from the Song of Heroes, whose harmonious notes sweep away the strain of concentration.