View Full Version : Viable to do throwing with frog?

03-05-2020, 08:45 PM
The build idea is throwing heal pots and doing frog kills.

Also avoiding aggro I cannot drop, and backing up with half decent throwing.

I have never done Alchemist dc casting yet.

I am good on stat tomes, have completionist, some ok gear.

Feel free to answer any, some or none of these question.

Is epic spell pen a must if I have the wiz lives?

Guessing at least transmutation focus is needed to access destiny dc's.

Need at the very least the throwing speed feats.

Or I could sacrifice throwing to the back burner, but is that a fail by definition?

Really want/maybe need at least one of quicken/accelerate.

Is that enough? Is this even doable?

Should I try to squeeze in Completionist and Arcane Initiate or more throwing feats?

What are some key loot tetris items for transmutation and spell pen and poison and ranged benefits?

Seems like armor set and filigrees need to enhance the spell casting for frog to work, not viable to boost throwing much.

What other transmutation spells are working out?

Thinking this could be a DEX dump no IPS affair given feat constraints, especially if I get full spell pen line.

03-06-2020, 03:14 PM
There's no Frog-related need for Spell Pen feats: it's "No" for SR.

Sure, take Accelerate. Not sure Quicken will do a lot for you, I haven't noticed the animation being particularly slow. The bigger issue is that Frog has a 5 second cooldown- arcane alacrity EPLs can knock a half-second off that. It'll take you a while to work through a group using just Frog. So the "is it doable" question is more a question of what you're going to be doing while Frog is in the cooler.

The various CC spells (Flash freeze, glue bombs, and Mass Gold) are also transmutation, so you might cast some of those.

Heroic Twisthallow cloak is equippable around the time you get Frog and Mass Gold. Otherwise, gear the same popular spell focus mastery items as you'd put on a wiz; likely either Nightmothers, or the esoteric set goggles most likely. I think Legendary Twisthallow might be the only source of quality transmutation, but there's a dozen QSFM +2 items to choose from out there.

03-06-2020, 07:30 PM
Thank you. I'm currently a thrower and I have frog but don't use it. It says Spell Resistance: Yes. Is that wrong?

03-07-2020, 09:09 AM
Oops, the compendium says its a No, but on live, tooltip says Yes.

I don't recall seeing blue shields, and certainly we've had some alchemist stuff not working as described, but it's very likely yes. Sorry for the misinformation.