View Full Version : Bottled Boost: Double or Bottled Boost: Haste

02-27-2020, 10:20 AM
As an alchemist thrower, since they share a cooldown, which is better, Bottled Boost: Double or Bottled Boost: Haste?

Bottled Double adds a flat 30 to your Doubleshot.

If Bottled Haste stacks with Equipment Alacrity/Haste - which it presumably should do as an Action Boost - then it might be better.

This is because you will already have fairly substantial Doubleshot from other sources, particularly Simple Thrown Expertise. e.g. At level 16 my Doubleshot is 69%

So in theory, Bottled Double will raise my Doubleshot to 99%, meaning I throw 199 daggers in X amount of time.

But Bottled Haste should, if it really did increase my attack speed by 30%, effectively increase the number of daggers I throw in X amount of time to (1.3 * 169) = 219.

As even these optimal figures only show a 10% increase in daggers thrown for Bottled Haste, it seems quite likely that if there are any confounding factors (i.e. Bottled Haste does not really increase your rate of throwing by 30%) then Bottled: Double is probably better in most circumstances.

Anyone have any thoughts, or actual numbers?

02-27-2020, 10:48 AM
Supposedly throwing speed animation is capped at ~30% alacrity boost. Haste naturally gives 22%. So if you haste already the gains from haste boost are tiny. I would stick with doubleshot.