View Full Version : How are Bombardier CC DCs?

02-25-2020, 08:58 AM
I rolled a pretty decent Alchemist using all CON and INT, no IPS no Combat Archery. I used the freed up feats to cover quicken, accelerate and arcane initiate. The single-target throwing combined with tactical and nukey flask grenades was really fun, even if only good for R4 tops and that is with a decent group. Could probably solo R1 but the healing speed is sketchy for self healing. At end game this build seems weaker, as having a compromised version of spell casting is pretty much useless now. Mid-to-low damage output from flasks and nearly zero effective crowd control anymore. My DCs are in the 60s, just not good enough. So great and fun build for leveling, not so much for endgame/reaper farming. The throwing effectiveness is surprisingly good for missing out on IPS and Combat Archery. I lean toward a more focused throwing build in the future but also wonder about Bombardier.

How is Bombardier CC DC casting? Can you throw freeze and glue flasks and get results? The nukes doing the job? How essential is getting the Alchemist state changing mechanic right for being effective at DCs? Is that process hard? Asking for a friend.

03-04-2020, 08:32 AM
With around 108 DC's, I land about 50-60% of the time on the Sharn stuff. Almost no fail on older content. Damage is pretty bad with multivial. I don't know if today's patch is going to reduce it or improve it, as master of spellvials is supposed to be "fixed"

For reference, my multivial does about the same damage as a single click with an inquisitive (with 900ish spellpower and +30% crit damage LGS item). Granted the multivial does hit many targets at the same time.

Elemental obliteration does around the same damage as a single vial, but to multiple targets.

Elemental combination is pretty good for damage, best aside from your multivial.

If you can keep up with the DCs, alchemist crowd control is amazing. Frog is very useful too. Just keeping up with the DCs is difficult to do.