View Full Version : Testing the poison immunity bypass.

02-22-2020, 01:59 PM
so I didnt have time to test things on the test server. I rarely get enough time nowdays. this week I did get some time to test the new class. i decided to test out a bit what can be done with the ability to remove the immunity to poison and the consequenses.

I went with a 17 alchemist and 3 monk build.
i wanted to see what the potential was with ninja poison from ninja spy and combined with poisoned coating and bunch of poison spells.
To do this I decided vistani dual daggers would be the bridge to make it possible.

ninja poison does increase the damage but you only start to notice it once you hit a boss or something for a long period of time. the split 3/17 is not recommended for gameplay realy, unless you want to end up being a single target support to other alchemists. you are most likely better off pure.
Maybe the damage will go bonkers at lvl 29 when I get gear but I wouldnt count on it. it´s realy a hazzle to get matching gear this I think. vistani is strong still so I will probably be decent.

the thing I noticed was that the removal of immunity to poisons seems to be limited to the alchemists poisons. constructs, undead and demons that are immune to poisons and are hit by either poisoned attack or wave of poison, are not getting any vulnerability or damage from ninja poison. niether do the get any damage from insidius spores from primal avatar.
Edit: garos in the snitch house p does take damage from spores and ninja poison, no vulnerability though. the inevetable von 3 does not. reapers seem to get the vulnerability and take damage from spores and ninja poison.

poisoned attack and wave of poison removes immunity and resistance to poison.

Poisoned attack (melee) also works a bit funny. i like the attack. at first I thought it was a cleave, but it doesnt hit crates or barrels nearby. then I thought it was the new strikethrough, but it hits everyone in a cone it seems. it does seem to offhand and doublestrike aswell but I am not sure, it seems worth to hit that button as soon as stuff bunch up and that it does more than trying to single target hit all of it down.

just sharing a few thoughts here that might be worth knowing to someone.