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02-17-2020, 10:34 PM
Hello Everyone!

-Skip to Second Paragraph if you dont want my Melee/Caster background-

Like the title says... I have always played this game in a very "Custom" Manner, not the most viable at all hence why I usually do not mess around with Endgame just TR. Ive run builds in the past like Swashbuckler Pure, Melee Arti, Monk/Wiz Staff Melee EK, Rog/Wiz Acrobat, EK/Lich Pure, Pally/Sorc EK, basically anything under the sun so I can swing a weapon, and lay down some *SOME* spell damage. (Most of the time I add caster just for Buffs and use maybe 1-3 damaging spells for fun), Yes I know can just use pots and wands but eh.

Coming back into DDO and hearing about this class got me all excited. I immediately though of "Bar Room Brawler" a Alch Melee build based off of chuggin Pots to boost Melee Dmg/Spd and AC. Plus a good perk is can throw a couple vials of Elemental Explosion at the enemy. And since its all based off of INT WITH a Int to Hit/Dmg feat makes it that much easier. Keep a simple weapon on hand, combine with SWF line of feats, Max Poison Spell Power working up the Vile Chemist Tree and on Paper initially seems like a decent build.

Pure/Split Options:
20 Alch: Provided most Spell Slots, +4 Int, +D12 Posion Dice, +5% Dodge Cap
16 Alch/4Bard: Decent Poison Dmg, Swashbuckling and more DoubleStrike Bonuses?

This is my first time writing a long class combo discussion post here so i apologies for the sloppy formatting, but im curious on everyone's input on a Alch Melee Build with the Occasional Glue and Dmg throw?

02-18-2020, 11:01 AM
I have been trying a x/1/1 Alc/Rog/Wiz on the stream and it feels good. My trees are kinda a mess the main notes are I am currently deep in the Vile Chemist tree, enough Harper for Know the Angles, touch vistani for Rapid Slash and E knight for the cleave. Everything else is going in to the other Alc trees to try things out.

In R1 for leveling it plays like other melee wizards in the past with out the big extra damage from the spellword meaning I have to cast a clearing spell a little more often then on a melee wizard. Otherwise it is comparable in my mind.