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02-17-2020, 12:02 AM
Alchemy on the Run:

Let this work on self-only concoctions you drink as a perk, please. It makes sense.
It would be fun (and not affect dungeons and raids as far as I know) if this let you use said self-only concoctions while mounted. You can already do this with potions.
It would be great if this allowed you to drink when on the surface of water, so you could swim up to an air bubble and drink a gills potion. How cool would that be?

Poison Consistency:

Why can I smash a zombie with poison, but not a ghoul? If it's because the ghouls had poison, then why can I splash a poisonous spider with venom and kill it?
Can we make the wave of poison SLAs have some special flag to hurt poison immune enemies, perhaps at a reduced effectiveness labelled as 'toxicity'?


It would be nice if there was a buff showing the current benefit of the stable long-term reaction for clarity.
It would be nice if there was an icon in the reaction UI. Something like a first aid sign (https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/0/0e/ISO_7010_E003_-_First_aid_sign.svg/1200px-ISO_7010_E003_-_First_aid_sign.svg.png) for verudite, a biohazard sign (https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/00/Biohazard_symbol_%28black_and_yellow%29.png) for orichidium, and a radiation sign (https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/proxy/c9eb6_gcAurf485wHG9dfIeY9lEI-NNnms9NoUzK5HRV9IDQjeKjRvwcWkj-iLLbw3AomomTnD7WKbcZSP8VRfp0vznXqmtblqt2lh_30HAYhw tyoxodVvHY9vJzy31T) for pyrite.
Reactions feel like a mechanic you work around to intentionally ignore at the moment, as many enhancements only work in X reaction. You pick two primers and treat the third like it's leprosy. You could bypass this nicely with a 'traces of (primer)' buff. For example, switching out of verudite into another reaction should give you a short buff that doesn't give you the passive benefit of positive and negative spell power, but still allows things such as soothing poultices to trigger for a short time. So for example, throwing a curative admixture shortly after going into a different reaction from verudite should have the ability check for the buff 'Traces of Verudite' and if it exists, trigger the temporary hit points from soothing poultices. This way players wouldn't feel punished for not ignoring a large portion of the class, or for intermingling two of the enhancement trees fully.


The way the House of Wizardry in House Jorasco sorts alchemist scrolls for you is excellent, but it doesn't have the vial smash spells.
Some spell buffs could benefit from a minimum duration of 5 minutes, which is in line with other casters. It feels really bad to drink an alchemist spell at levels 1-4.
Spell components are missing from vendors in places such as Keep on the Borderlands. This not only is agitating for the player but stalls out questing for the whole group. A quick pass to check some vendors would be appreciated.
Knowledge: Potions feels trivial; it would be interesting and fun if it scaled faster but had a maximum caster level cap based on your alchemist level, perhaps up to a class ability at higher levels which lets you use your caster level and ability modifier for potions. Level 17 would be perfect for this; when other casters get 9th level spells you get excellent potion use. As it is, they have basically no class features for the last quarter of their levels.


Please add clarity to affect areas in general. It can be hard with some abilities to tell if something strikes at the enemy location, in a cone, or even at your feet. Often you'll play with one or two spells for a whole quest chain just to get a feel for how they work, as stairs, ramps etc still throw targeting for a loop. I've wanted for a while there to be a little UI you can hover on spells with a sort of radius indicator for AoEs. Might be tough to implement but it would make the game a lot easier to learn for new players.
Some spells, like fine dust, have ridiculously subtle VFX. I find myself looking for feedback from the cooldown indicator rather than the spell VFX on a lot of spells.
Consider adding a hotkey or a stance that causes you to smash beneficial vials at your feet. This would assist in the playstyle of an alchemist greatly. Having an enemy targeted while throwing an aggressive concoction or firing a weapon would still attack the enemy, but when you tried to use a beneficial admixture you'd smash it down. This would also reward good positioning with your party.
Vials still fly up at the ceiling for seemingly no reason.
Maybe tune the vials to curve more rather than predict movement. It's almost impossible to hit an ally who is strafing to avoid ranged attacks, for example, as the targeting will presume he is going to continue booking it to the left of right and will slam the vial into a wall.