View Full Version : Bombardier and Draconic ED Synergy

02-16-2020, 02:49 PM
With the understanding that SSG does not have the time/desire to create new EDs, I wanted to provide general feedback about Alchemist Bombardier and Draconic ED synergy. A few things to note:

*I specialized in fire damage.
*I maximized conjuration DCs, which boost damage spell DCs.

Currently, the Draconic ED is set up to favor Sorcerers and Wizards, which is the primary classes it was created for at the time they were created. For instance, the energy burst and dragon breath abilities scale based off evocations bonuses for fire, electric, and ice, and they scale off conjuration bonuses for acid. This is inherently bad for Alchemists. Alchemists use conjuration regardless of the element, which translates to lower energy burst and dragon breath DCs, unless you decide to go with acid.

Lastly, there is little/no support for poison-focused casters in the EDs. If SSG doesn't have the time to create new EDs specialized for each class, then Alchemist who choose to focus on poison damage should find support for that playstyle in Draconic.

02-17-2020, 12:14 PM
A simple, straightforward solution to address DCs is to have Draconic Incarnation abilities like Energy Burst and Dragon Breath use the higher of Evocation or Conjuration DCs.