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11-02-2019, 09:20 AM
Hello all,

So currently running 12 rogue/6 ranger/2 arti inquisitor.

I am wearing both RL set and wallwatch sets. Just got my wildwood wrists from project nemisis so trying to figure out best overall gear layout.

I have final watcher raid helm, raid xbow, wrists from Project nemisis, also have cracked core necklace (+10 ins con/+5 quality con)

Trying to determine best overall gear layout, appears RL and Wallwatch set is best overall but i am not sure.

I have access to basically everything in game, if i dont have raid item, i probably have runes to purchase, have all minor artifacts banked (currently using int necklace), guess might be easier to list what im currently wearing so people can provide feedback on what changes to make (if any), but have enough slavers ingredients, shroud ingredients, sharn compounds, etc to craft and build anything i need.

Want to keep at minimum wallwatch set but again open to suggestions

current layout
head - helm of the final watcher
neck - minor artifact +22 int, insightful accuracy 17, insightful deadly 8
trinket - echo of ravenkind (possible open slot only really getting mist set bonus from this)
cloak - legendary phasecloak
belt - bronze dragonscale belt (con, heal amp, IFS, mythic 3 reaper 3 range power)
ring1-legendary prowess
gloves - wallwatch
boots -legendary shadow footsteps (ds 12%)* or flightfoot greaves (FOM) *with new raid bracers 13% ds can replace with FOM
ring2 - legendary keylock ring (search, spot, mist set)
wrists - legendary bracers fallen hero (+9 insightful con, +12 q PRR mist set)/wildwood wrists preferred here but lose insightful con
armor - legendary wildwood vest
eyes - collective sight (+21 cha/+10 insightful int)
runearm - I prefer quarantine for freeze chance and mythic 2 reaper 3 so 5 prr and mrr, but also use beeshot, RL rune arms if needed for mist set bonus

Id like to fit in cracked core (necklace) for insightful con 10/quality con 5 but cant figure out overall best layout. I also am missing +2 profane stats and reaper +2 stat helm (as raid helm, will never see) which could be fit in maybe?

I am int based with 95 INT standing on boat, buffed at 102 i think, con 70 with current gear layout.

any thoughts, hints, recommendations fully welcomed.

I am done with this guy, racial/heroic/epic completionist -103 overall lives, just missing a few heroic triple lives (caster types), a few iconics and a few epic (mostly caster focused triple epics)

Thanks in advance