View Full Version : Ensure quality of Wine Client before making a permanent shift off Mac Client

09-04-2019, 10:22 PM
Dear DDO Devs,

I have tried the wine client recently and whilst things seem to run pretty well at the start, the graphics gets really clunky and laggy to the point where it's impossible to play.

My experience personally is things start off smoothly for the first 5-10 minutes before a unavoidable notification box pops up asking me whether to enable/disable my mic (which I have clearly already selected enable in the past). Upon that, things go downhill and the entire client starts to lag into oblivion.

I stumbled upon one of Cordovan's stream and overheard him saying that the Wine Client would eventually be the default client and the Mac client will start to be phased out. My only hope is that the Wine Client does not carry over these issues during its live implementation.

Not sure how many other Mac users share my sentiment, but this has been my experience so far so I would just like to share about it.

09-08-2019, 05:30 PM
The wine client is broken worse than the regular mac. It won't connect at all.

09-18-2019, 07:13 PM
Today there's a new post about the Wine Client, suggesting that they want it to become the new default for playing on a Mac really soon--by October.

In August I spent several hours reinstalling the game and the Wine client, and like you OP, I could *enter* the game world, but the function and display was so poor that I couldn't see myself using it going forward. I spent another couple of hours reinstalling the game again from Steam with the older launcher....it still had all the long running bugs, but it's worked for me since I began playing.

I play on a fairly up to date MacBook Pro on Mojave 10.14.6 and haven't had any issue with programs that hog a lot of resources (other games, design and photography tools, for example), with loads of free disk space and plenty of memory, so it's not an issue of a low-end machine,

At the time, there wasn't any documentation or announcement about the Wine tool, even the link to the client could only be found in a couple of remarks from company staff in passing, more or less, "if things aren't working well, try the new Wine Client."

I want to believe that this new client can work, and that the bad experience I had was just a result of an early/incomplete version. But the last six weeks have left me a bit worried.

If anyone has installed the version from the link that went up this week, and had a good experience, could you report in?

08-02-2020, 04:01 PM
I have the Wine Client version of the MacOS download of DDO up and running on Catalina OS. My Mac Mini might catch fire given how the fan runs, but it does run!

I think I somehow set it up with low resolution graphics, because it doesn't look great. I was able to play DDO for about 2 hours yesterday without issues other than the graphics. I don't use any of the social features that would require a mic or camera, so that may be why it works for me. Try running without those for better results.

I tried to use the settings pull down menu (down arrow in the login screen) to set the graphics, but I don't think anything in that panel is working. The check boxes always look white, so I cannot tell if the options are being toggled for customization or not. I don't think the settings window is doing anything. Has anyone else tried to customize the defaults?

I tried to remove and re-install three times to fix the resolution issue. However, there isn't a good uninstall script to truly get rid of all the DDO Wine Client version. I opened the contents of the container application and looked around, and a script is not available for un-installing cleanly. Just throwing the application into the trash is not sufficient to uninstall the application. So when you re-install you get a different install experience with no configuration questions (like graphics resolution), and it just installs the missing components. This is a warning to those that are considering installing the Wine Client for MacOS. SSG does not make it easy to uninstall all the **** they put on your Mac to get the windows version to run on your machine.

So it appears that you have to look for and delete all DDO install files manually, or upon re-install it will not ask you if you want to run high resolution graphics files. So I am up and running in low resolution mode and stuck.

Anyone know how to root around the launcher / updater scripts and change the resolution setting that it is launching with? I think the way it is architected, it is actually the patch updates that import either the low resolution or high resolution graphics files. So I think I want to dig into the scripts that influence the patch updates. Anyone know where to look?

I find it unacceptable that SSG STILL does not offer Mac/Linux tech support with the Wine based client. When you include Mac/Unix/Linux OS, which are basically interchangeable, I would think there would be enough install base to take this user community seriously.