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04-02-2019, 06:31 PM
Just did a fresh install on a MB Pro running Mojave, I'm able to login properly but after selecting a server a system window appears asking me to select something, I've tried multiple files but none have worked so far, I'm getting something similar to this


just with a different selected file. Any ideas how to fix/handle this? Thanks.

04-04-2019, 12:25 AM
That looks all kinds of broken. The proper game client path is:


Where did you download the game from?

04-04-2019, 11:06 AM
Downloaded it directly from the site.

Also, if I pick the file you say I get a Game Error [26789232] dialog.

04-04-2019, 04:03 PM
Downloaded it directly from the site.

Also, if I pick the file you say I get a Game Error [26789232] dialog.

There is an outside chance that if you pick this:
It might work.

However, the strArgs should not be empty in any case. There are many required arguments involved when launching the client. Nothing at all is not an option. It's either a display error or something much worse. I have a copy of Mojave on my work machine. I could try it out. For science.

04-04-2019, 08:04 PM
So my experience with it:

1) I downloaded the ddolive dmg and it opened the installer disk for me.
2) I dragged the application to the applications alias on the installer disk.
3) I ejected the installer disk
4) I double clicked the application in the Applications folder
5) It warned me that its a 32 bit app and will no longer work in macOS 10.15 due this fall. It asked me if I wanted to run the unverified app downloaded from the Internet. It asked me if I wanted the high res files. (I said yes to that). It forced me to install the Akamai file share thing.
6) It proceeded to download 12 GB of files. Progress was displayed in the Launcher as it did this.
After it finished it crashed:

Thread 0 Crashed:: Dispatch queue: com.apple.main-thread
0 patchclient.dylib 0x0f6df135 0xf651000 + 581941
1 patchclient.dylib 0x0f69197c 0xf651000 + 264572
2 patchclient.dylib 0x0f66ee7d 0xf651000 + 122493
3 patchclient.dylib 0x0f6694bf 0xf651000 + 99519
4 patchclient.dylib 0x0f67d386 0xf651000 + 181126
5 patchclient.dylib 0x0f669620 0xf651000 + 99872
6 com.turbine.dndlauncher 0x00064352 0x1000 + 406354
7 com.turbine.dndlauncher 0x000744a4 0x1000 + 472228
8 com.turbine.dndlauncher 0x00074c3a 0x1000 + 474170
9 com.turbine.dndlauncher 0x000184a6 0x1000 + 95398
10 com.turbine.dndlauncher 0x000d7e4e 0x1000 + 880206
11 QtCore 0x01f97011 QMetaObject::activate(QObject*, QMetaObject const*, int, void**) + 1715
12 QtCore 0x01fe1d5d QTimeLine::finished() + 49
13 QtCore 0x01ee4636 QTimeLinePrivate::setCurrentTime(int) + 694
14 QtCore 0x01ee5015 QTimeLine::timerEvent(QTimerEvent*) + 93
15 QtCore 0x01f962e8 QObject::event(QEvent*) + 60
16 QtGui 0x021f86ca QApplicationPrivate::notify_helper(QObject*, QEvent*) + 308
17 QtGui 0x021f897e QApplication::notify(QObject*, QEvent*) + 656
18 QtCore 0x01f81896 QCoreApplication::notifyInternal(QObject*, QEvent*) + 96
19 QtGui 0x021f7e86 qt_sendSpontaneousEvent(QObject*, QEvent*) + 54
20 QtGui 0x021af7e9 QEventDispatcherMacPrivate::activateTimer(__CFRunL oopTimer*, void*) + 201

7) However, it appears to have made enough progress to move on. After relaunching, it proceeded to download the latest Launcher patches which went quickly. About 17 MB and the Launcher relaunched then it downloaded those ridiculous splash screens.
8) Then it downloaded 7731 patch files. Maybe this was the same set of files as earlier, it took as long or longer, but the progress display in the Launcher looked different. The actual file sizes involved were illegible, but it steadily progressed.
9) After that I put in my user name and password
10) Agreed to the EULAs
11) And then I was asked to select a file. Just like you!

Well I had too much time to write all this, but I landed in the same place as you. I do note that the only thing selecting a file is doing is trying to launch it like an app. That is not accomplishing anything.

I am going to try the launcher script I use next.

04-04-2019, 08:28 PM
The launcher script works. I can't believe how hard I made it to use that though :-) I am going to clean it up.

If you want to give it a shot see the thread:


Here are the only lines you need to change:

account=account_username_here # Main account username. No spaces anywhere.
pass=account_password_here # Main account password. No spaces anywhere.
selectedServer=server_name_here # Main server name e.g. Orien. Capitalize the first letter!

If you get it all right, you can drop the file into a Terminal window and launch the game. It skips the Launcher altogether and goes straight to the character screen. Plus it skips all those annoying download screens.

Nevertheless this is a terrible problem. The Mac launcher is just flat out broken for new users in Mojave. SSG should probably look into that.

04-05-2019, 11:11 AM
So I'm not the only one with this issue, that's relatively good news, thought I'd done something dumb that messed with the install. I'll give the launcher script a shot and let you know how it goes, thanks a lot for your help :)

04-09-2019, 12:57 PM
I had the same issue until I downloaded the Steam version. Dunno what the difference is, but it runs exponentially better than SSG’s download version...even without Steam running. Also, without steam running, you don’t need to deal with the Steam store.

04-17-2019, 09:22 AM
So it took a while for me to try the launcher script but it actually worked, I did get some crashes at first but it turns out that I was missing some updates and after downloading them it all worked fine, thanks a lot for your help! :)