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03-27-2019, 03:32 AM
Howdy folks, I've been looking over my characters across the servers and updating them. A few alts stand out where I'd appreciate suggestions for LR+20s and LR+0s.

tldr version: level 20 N Human, level 20 LN WF, level 20 LN Dwarf

Relevant account options: Premium, 32 point builds, shared bank, WF, Artificer, Monk, most paid content up to 2010/11 and a few more recent packs. At some point in the future I plan to get Epic Destinies, though the Harper or Falconry enhancement trees might be a higher priority for my character spread perhaps. (a few level 20s, a few between 14-20, many between 9-13, a few between 5-8, and very many 1-4 test builds/mules)

1. 18/2 Neutral Human CLR/FTR
Currently lacks deity weapon feat and domain (keeping Sov Host seems solid, and Animal domain looks good with extra HP and rush ability). He's just happy to have Haste. Levelled up as an 'intimicleric' (levelups to Wis but squeezed in a bunch of combat feats and Intimidate). Built with turtling up and nuking/healing at tough boss fights in mind, but in many groups running around spamming cleaves and remembering to heal occasionally worked just fine. Has 1 LR+20 and 2 LR+0s to work with, and +2 tomes on a few stats, will have to double check which specifically. No BTC gear specific to being a Cleric, though a few BTC shields, weapons and armor to consider.
---Considering changing to:

*11/9 BRB/CLR
*12/7/1 or maybe 10/9/1 FTR/CLR/ART
solidify tank role and add UMD, don't think there's room for trapskills though...
*20 Bard, Barbarian, Cleric or Fighter

2. Lawful Neutral WarForged 17/3 CLR/MNK
This one was fun, running around stunning stuff with a Heal scroll equipped :) I think the main BTC items that this character possesses are a Mysterious Bauble and a few other Amrath items, maybe some rare handwraps. Would like to keep as a caster/gish of some sort. +2 tomes on most stats, 1 LR+20 and 2 LR+0s available.
---Considering changing to

*20 Artificer, Sorcerer, Wizard
already have lower level WF alts of these classes on this server admittedly. less interested for this character, but any suggestions would still be quite helpful!
*12/7/1 MNK/CLR/??? (FTR,WIZ,ART,ROG,CLR?)
random support melee/survivalist/soloist
*14/5/1 CLR/ROG/MNK
can Feral Charge be alternated with Rogue Vault?
*9/8/3 CLR/FTR/MNK
Centred Kensai Greatsword Warpriest...might be fun to try making this work, though yeah, admittedly not quite so interested in Monk combos now with all the other special attacks to consider.

3. L/N Dwarf 12/7/1 FTR/MNK/ROG
Oddly enough Kensai Monks seem to have a bit more going for them compared to when I rolled this guy up. This guy might not even need to LR. I'm guessing that Hammers can be worked into a handwraps build with the overlap in TWF and Bludgeoning feats. This guy has +2 tomes on most stats, and pretty sure this is my only character with a Greensteel item (Haste/Reflex goggles). Was lucky enough to pull some silver handwraps when they were still very rare :) On a different server than the other alts I've mentioned though, and even more neglected. 1 LR+20 and 1 LR+0 available.
---Considering change to:

*13/6/1 ROG/MNK/FTR
drop handwraps and kensai emphasis for ninja acrobat role
*12/6/2 MNK/ROG/FTR
trap puncher
*pure Rogue, Monk or Fighter

ty for your time!