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01-01-2019, 12:09 PM
I woke up this morning on the first day of 2019 and discovered that my gold and silver daily dice rolls are missing. I had purchased the shiny new limited time pass and the daily gold and silver rolls have been working perfectly.

Anyone else have this issue? FYI, I am on Argonessen, in case that is significant. I submitted a ticket in game:

It is 10:00AM PST on 1/1/2019 and I have no free Daily Dice option. I purchased the shiny new VIPSeasonPass2020 on Dec 9:

Product SKU: VIPSeasonPass2020
Product Name: DDO Season Pass
Qty Ordered: 1
Amount: $299.99
Digital Rights: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Up until now I have been receiving my daily Gold and Silver rolls as advertised. Please fix.

01-01-2019, 12:38 PM
Did you take your dice rolls later in the day yesterday? Despite saying daily it is actually a timer that starts when you take your roll.

If it's been less than 16 hours since your last roll it just hasn't reset yet.

01-02-2019, 07:39 AM
Anyone else have this issue? FYI, I am on Argonessen, in case that is significant.

Mine have been working fine on all 8 worlds.

01-02-2019, 10:59 AM
Pass holder.
My Gold & Silver were available.
I did make my roll yesterday on the server i checked.

01-02-2019, 02:55 PM
Did you take your dice rolls later in the day yesterday? Despite saying daily it is actually a timer that starts when you take your roll.

If it's been less than 16 hours since your last roll it just hasn't reset yet.

If this is what happened they are using some very strange clocks. Because of the holiday I already "lost" one day of rolls because I logged on at unusual times. I was fully aware of that. The problem was that I was on at the same time in the morning the previous several days so that should have reset the clock timers. That did not happen as I had no rolls available to me.

01-02-2019, 04:57 PM
So. I went to the Wayward Lobster and hired Inquisitive Ingaram to look into this pressing problem.

Inquisitive's Log. Eberron Date 23.37mark1234.

That crazy girl in the black catsuit showed up in the Lobster today. Said she had a problem. Gold rolls going missing. I told her I don't do gold rolls but she gave me those big blue eyes and then that b.... shrew dagger of hers threatened to kill me. I took the job. Not much to go on. The whole thing smells like a pregnant wyvern with dysentery.

Inquisitive's Log. Eberron Date 24.32mark876.

I got wind of some big spender making lots of gold rolls at The Gambler's Den. Decided to look into it. Morcort wouldn't talk so I put the squeeze on him. Told him that b.... shrew Vexa was looking for him. Told him I would rat him out. He spilled the beans. The gold roller was a kobold named Goldscuttle. He collects prayer beads, not gold rolls. This whole thing is starting to smell more fishy than a mermaid strumpet on pay day.

Inquisitive's Log. Eberron Date 24.32mark80652560. Supplemental.

I tracked down Goldscuttle and pulled his tail. Never pull a kobold's tail unless you want a Guild Buff. Learned that the hard way. It's not easy being an Inquisitive. Sometimes the job gets dirty. Real dirty. Like a kobold in a Stormreach sewer after a Phiarlan kegger when it hasn't rained in three weeks. Turns out some dame named Hesstess gave him the gold rolls. Told him to make a big splash and spread it around. I think something was spread around, all right, and it smells like a Guild Buff.

Inquisitive's Log. Eberron Date 212.19mark2.

Turns out this Hesstess dame is a medusa. Real sweet talker. Smooth. Real smooth. I buttered her up with some oil and a few mice. She likes long walks on the beach and has a fetish for secret access tunnels. Told her I know some succubi. They know all about secret access tunnels. She bought it hook, line, and forked tail. Told me the gold rolls came from some guy name Zawabi. Lives in a desert. That dame in the black catsuit better cover travel expenses. This whole thing is starting to smell like black leather tossed in a sauna after a baby oil bath.

Inquisitive's Log. Eberron Date 8,247,122mark1147.

Zawabi is a Djinni. Old one. Real old. I found an empty box of Depends behind the magic circle that binds him. He wouldn't talk at first. Denied knowing anything about gold rolls. Said he wanted to give some dame named Lailat a piece of his mind. Sure he does. I'm not buyin it. This whole thing is starting to smell like three week old aftershave on a 120 degree day in the desert at noon.

Inquisitive's Log. Eberron Date 23mark117.

Lailat is a demoness. One mean lady. Put a heavy crossbow to the head of her cat and told her to spill the beans or else. Turns out she hooked up with a gnoll named Ekkikk. Wants to move back to Sharn and settle down. Cat didn't like that. Didn't like that one bit. Heading back to Zawabi. This whole thing is starting to smell like wet dog stuffed in a sulfur vent in a troglodyte den.

Inquisitive's Log. Eberron Date 24508457024mark5. Supplemental.

Told Zawabi his old flame is moving back to Sharn with a gnoll. He got all blubbery. There's a reason I never get attached to a dame. He said he was spreading around the gold rolls to impress her. Wanted to take her back. I told him he was better off without her. He said he found the gold rolls in some blasted waste to the south. Said there was a chest full of them. Heading there in the morning. This whole thing smells like a tear soaked wet mustache after a water melon eating contest.

Inquisitive's Log. Eberron Date 22mark8.

Turns out giants live in the blasted waste. They got no sense for real estate. Met a dame named Cydonie and asked her about a chest full of gold rolls. She said she would tell me about the chest if I would help her. I said I don't work for dead lizards. Said a dragon slayer was looking for her. She became enraged and said she would trade me the chest location for the name of the dragon hunter. I pointed her at Ekkikk the gnoll. What comes around goes around. This whole thing smells like burnt magenta after a tequila sunset.

Inquisitive's Log. Eberron Date 80245804562mark9802. Supplemental.

Found the chest in the hoard of some dead dragon. Calls himself the Truthful One. Real talker. Told him the other dragons were on to his scheme. He said he wanted them to be on to his scheme. Said a Pit Fiend named Arraetrikos was looking to muscle in on his action. He said he had an elaborate plot to turn the tables on Arraetrikos and take over Shavarath and turn it into a beach resort. Said a mind flayer named Yaulthoon plans on taking over his mind. He said that was all part of his plot to take over Xoriat and build luxury apartments. This guy is sure full of himself. I said the cream cheese delivery would be late. That got him good and mad. Started jabbering on about cream cheese and torts and proper desserts. I took the chest of gold rolls and left. Smells like pay day.

Inquisitive's Log. Eberron Date 32mark2.

Gave the chest of gold rolls to the dame in the black catsuit. She kept saying Yay, clapping her hands, and bouncing around. Good times. She opened the chest. It contained a few Sun Flasks and 5 Bigby's Orange Hands. She frowned. I felt bad for the dame. She handed me the Astral Shards she owned me and left the Lobster. She left the Sun Flasks and Bigby's Orange Hands, too. Some kid at the bar asked what they were. He looked new. I handed him the box. He was excited. Dumb kid.