View Full Version : Returning after... many years, need some guidance on TR, build and more

12-31-2018, 11:46 AM
Played long, long ago when DDO first launched but quit to go to other games with friends.
Came back when Underdark came out, played for a month, went back to raiding in other games because of peer pressure(scrubs can't pnp!)

So now I'm back. I'm a first lifer - with a 28 point dwarf barb.
People zerg rushing content that I have either never seen or not seen since 2010 makes me sad and somewhat confused - it's still fresh to me and I'd like to enjoy it - so I'll be tending to solo more than party I think.

The way I remember it, first priority was ALWAYS to TR twice in order to get 36point build access - which is, I think, what I'm planning to do. I also will eventually want completionist, so my idea is to rush TR 2x in a row and then actually explore/enjoy content on 3L when the xp requirements will be stiffer anyway.

I have access to plenty of True Hearts, but I'm not rolling in dough for stat tomes.

So currently: 28pt dwarf barb - TR to 32pt horc monk is first plan - could use help with a melee soloist build for this 32pt horc, but can honestly wing it most likely, 3L is the one I'll be really working hard on - I'd like to run a melee soloist but really would like to see how rogue plays in ddo vs how i've always played one in pnp, thinking something along the lines of thief/acrobat with max trap skills, past life barb - any recommendations on a 36pt build would be very appreciated, willing to go iconic(I have shadowfell so that may be a route to go?) but would honestly wou;d rather start off at lvl4 and actually... enjoy not rushing content.