View Full Version : Druid Bear bonus change

12-17-2018, 09:33 AM
The HP increase from Ursa's Protector in bear form really needs to be made a Natural or Racial bonus rather than Competence. Epic Defensive Fighting pretty much made bear form pointless compared to the wolf (admittedly already was) and druid is already barred from HP stacking with Ascendant Bond from Aasimar and Embed Component/Paragon Body from the arti Mastermaker tree.

Would also be nice if the Nature's Protector enhancements didn't need Rage to be active like the good Barbarian equivalents are now.

I don't see any bear builds at level 30 because they are inferior at basically everything you'd want them to do. They're middling DPS, bad tanks, so-so casters because of the str/con focus. Wolves are just simply better at everything the bear can do, including tanking, while having the option to be fully wisdom focused for really strong casting/healing.

And, just to rephrase a little, I'm not suggesting bears be made into one of the super meta builds - just thinking they currently have no purpose other than flavor.