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12-09-2018, 04:41 PM

We talk about the release of Update 41 and the new Seasons Pass with Asheras then begin a new series with our guide to Killing Time with Voodu!

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Game News - 2:17
Community News - 51:18
Lightning Post - 56:27
Discussion Topic - 1:01:06

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12-12-2018, 03:09 AM
I'm really liking eldritch knight. It's taking a bit of time to get used to the short range on spells (particularly cone spells which have the full cone visual but it's effects won't reach) but the up close & personal style is a lot of fun & it's got a surprising amount of kick, though it's important to remember you're still somewhat squishy - also be aware that there's a bit of an SP tax for them since you'll probably want to always-on quicken spell for a few more things than you would for a regular ranged spellcaster.

The spell damage changes are really nice & the new level 9 spells are a welcome addition - they hit hard & are just phenomenal in high heroic content, particularly the AoE Acid Well spell, which I think of as a lesser damage but distance-targetable energy burst spell with the added advantage that since it's a fortitude save for half damage, it can't be evaded.

The season pass deal looks pretty good - and if they're able to make adventure packs available to buy while VIP subscriptions are active that's doubly good, since you can save the VIP points to buy them when there's a sale on & when the season pass runs out you'll still have access to a lot of the content.

VIP QoL benefits for premium players - call it "premium plus" and it has the open elite, XP bonus, weekly free gold roll, destiny manipulation in public areas etc. at however many points for 30 days at a time.