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12-05-2018, 10:44 AM
I will start by saying that every time I've chatted with an in-game support person, they have been extremely helpful, friendly, and downright awesome ! I love the ones I've gotten when it's my turn to be helped ! That being said : The entire in-game support system needs help. If you aren't in-game on that character when they get to your ticket, they close it and you have to start again. I had a ticket come up saying I was in que to be helped. Waited around for 6 hrs. I had to pick up my husband from work, and game logged off while I was gone. I returned to find a message saying they had come to help me, but I was offline so I needed to submit a new ticket. Arrrgh ! Submitted the new ticket, and when I got the 'in que' message I stayed online again. It took 8 hrs before they messaged me. This is not counting that when you do submit a ticket, it takes 5-8 days before they message to say you are in que for help. So you're stuck with your problem for a week before any chance of getting into the que lottery. Just 2 weeks ago, my husband sat around in front of his computer for 11 hrs waiting for in-game support because he got a message in the morning saying he was in que and had to be online on his character for help. He called out sick from work so he wouldn't miss them. 11 hrs ! An entire day wasted because you can't log off your character, and can't move from in front of your pc. Every time he had to use the bathroom, I'd have to go sit in front of his computer for him. Ridiculous ! Something needs to be done to fix this problem. The first thing I'd suggest is that they don't close your ticket if you don't happen to be logged onto that character when they get to you. This is especially helpful for if you haven't yet logged onto that toon, so you haven't yet gotten the message that you're in que for support. If you don't happen to be logged on when it's your turn, put you back in que until you are. Is it possible to maybe have people in que on a list like your friends list ? So when they are logged on, you can see that they are ? Because right now, I'm assuming they just randomly try different people until they find a person who is online, which would be a waste of their time. The other thing that confuses me abt the in-game support is that you can only have one open ticket at a time (which is silly. What if you have multiple issues ?), so there can only be a certain number of tickets out there at a given time that they need to address. I've been bored or lagging and counted online players in Khyber a few times, and it's only ever ranged from 100-350 players (350 was on a Saturday). What are the chances that there are 350 people with tickets waiting to be answered ? I know for both of us, we can go 6 mths without submitting a help ticket. So I'm going to wager a guess that there might be abt 50-150 open tickets on a server at any given time. If my numbers sound way off, feel free to correct me, or give your own guesses. If they have just 1 support person trying to deal with all of the tickets themselves, then I can understand it taking so long. But surely with all those tickets out there (assuming a ton of them since the que time is usually 5-12 hrs), they have at least 5 people working on these tickets daily. It would be crazy not to. Now we'll assume that once they contact you in chat, it takes between 2-10 mins to resolve your issue (usually takes 3 mins for mine every time). We'll go with 5 mins though for this purpose. Helping 1 person every 5 mins, 1 support person could help 12 people every hour. That's 36 people helped in 3 hrs. Times that by 5 support workers, and you've now helped 60 people/hr, and 180 ppl every 3 hrs. And this is assuming that every person with an open ticket is logged on waiting for help. I this scenario, their ticket que would be taken care of in 3 -6 hrs, because surely they dont have 200 or more new open tickets submitted by players every single day. So why does it take 5-8 days before they get to your ticket and tell you that you're in que for help, and then between 5-14 hrs of you sitting logged on before they message you in chat ? If they are that backed up, hire more tech support workers. Another suggestion would be hire some temp workers to help clear the backlog, so that the regular workers will then only have to deal with new tickets coming in, which they could possibly get to right away then. I'm a million percent sure that if the devs put out a message in forums asking if players would be willing to help clear the ticket backlog, a ton of techy players would jump at the chance, and would even be willing to do it for free. The codes are already written and there. They just have to put them on the players acct. The entire ticket list for all servers could be cleared in a day or two this way. The way things are now, I'm also wagering a guess that they have the same people working on all servers' tickets, possibly doing a different server each day. Or only 1 worker per server. If this is the case, and because of it the backlog of open tickets is that bad, then again, they need to consider hiring more workers, or even just temp ones to clear the backlog so that workers are only dealing with new tickets, which cant be that many per day on each server if players only submit one ticket every 3-12 mths. If they do have just a cpl of workers who deal with a different server each day, then at least have a message in the help area that says "Khyber support occurs on Wednesdays, between 8am and 10pm". "Orion support occurs on Fridays, between 8am and 10pm". At least that way we aren't wondering what's going on, and when we might get help. And then we will also know to be logged on that day during those hrs to receive our help, which again, should not be closed if we aren't online, but put back into que to be checked on again in say 2 hrs. People do have to work, and people are all over the world in different time zones, so it's not realistic to think everyone with an open ticket can be online from say 9am till 2pm Eastern time. 1 tech support worker per server should also be online at all times for immediate help issues. When we type for help in chat (say /support or something), they can answer and help right away, or answer and tell us it's an issue that needs a ticket to be submitted. Just some ideas from a non-techy person, so they might not be realistic, but throwing them out there anyways I'm sorry that this was so long :p

12-06-2018, 12:02 PM
I agree on their ingame support being quite frustrating.
When you get in touch with them, they are quite helpful, but getting in touch...
Easier to farm both shard and seal for ring of spell storing, and quicker.

I live in Europe so I'm rarely online during regular business hours, and it's not amusing to find your ticked closed for not being online 12 hours after you submitted it.