View Full Version : What I think Will Be, what I want, and Wishful thinkings

12-02-2018, 01:17 AM
I think there will be...... (Predictions)

1-A Tiefling Bard Iconic
2-A Kobold Sorcerer Iconic
3-Sharn Challenges (It's about time already for new challenge gear, eveningstar challenges only go up to level 24 gear, cannith only goes up to level 20, it makes sense for a level 28 challenge gear update)
4-Squirrel Cosmetic Creature companion in the DDO store for around 750 DDO points :D (A big fat one)
5-Primary/secondary character designation for experience leeching for secondary character while playing on a level capped primary character available to VIPs as a means to encourage more subscribers and more people staying at cap.
6-Cosmetic Cloak alternatives (Cosmetic Scarfs)

Wishful thinking.....

1-A race that has intelligence to hit and damage as an option in their racial enhancement tree
2-Purchasable cosmetic hairstyles for the Shadar-kai like long flowing hair for the males
3-Beastkin Races (Starting with Foxkin, Squirrelkin, Wolfkin, and Catkin)
4-A yearly event where players can gift other players BTA and BTC gear/ingredients so long as said player earned a gift box by running a Krampus themed challenge dungeon.

What I want....

1-A sentient filigree set that grants a form of vampirism that won't stack with Scion Of Shadowfell while being equally potent at the 3 piece set mark, and improved cursespewing at the 4 piece mark.

2-A way to make Clouded Dreams and Gauntlets of the Stormreaver set pieces to the adherents of the mist set via some sort of eldritch ritual kind of thingy, preferably something in a raid that takes a lot of hard work to earn.

3-A way to make Soul's Sorrow and Machination of Madness be pieces of the legendary Renegade Champion set via some sort of eldritch ritual kind of thingy, preferably something in a raid that takes a lot of hard work to earn.

4-An inherently undead player race released along side a revamp for the Pale Master tree update

5-For reaper to be rebalanced using an aura/buff system that encourages teamwork without needing to weaken item proc effects (Like vampirism, regeneration, healer's bounty, and boon of undeath) or completely kill stealth builds all the while ensuring a challenge. Seriously, the reapers should have twice the hitpoints they currently do while spawning 25% more frequently. If Diablo 3's greater rift system can pull off ensuring a challenge despite not nerfing heal on hit, heal over time, and heal on kill effects, so can DDO for the reaper system if reaper is rebalanced. While I applaud the self healing penalties via spell, SLA, and potion usage, I can not say the same for item procs and feats like Scion Of Shadowfell. Reaper needs rebalanced so that it can't be called flavor killer mode, killing flavor means killing fun for those who like said flavor and killing the fun for people in the player base when such isn't necessary for to achieve something is indeed something to avoid.

6-A Yaulthoon sentient gem, he is such an enjoyable NPC and I really want his voice to be the voice of my Soul's Sorrow Bastard sword when I finally get it!